Burks brothers and eight others make 2018 Cadet Greco World Team

By McKenzie Pavacich, USA Wrestling | June 01, 2018, 9:08 p.m. (ET)

Photo: James Burks throws his opponent in the 71 kg semifinals. Photo by Sam Janicki.

As competition wrapped up in Akron for the Greco-Roman Cadets, the 2018 UWW Cadet World Team welcomed ten newcomers Friday to don the Red, White and Blue at the Cadet World Championships this summer in Zagreb, Croatia, July 2-8.

Four of the ten weights took to a third match to determine help determine the World Team, with two brothers bouncing back from second-round losses to secure their spots representing Team USA in Zagreb.

Jakason Burks took the lead in his series with Aizayah Yacapin with a close victory in the first round. Burks then avenged his loss in the second round with a 10-8 victory in the third round to solidify his spot at the 51 kg weight class.

Riding the momentum of his brother just two matches later, James Burks picked up his second tech fall of his series with Jace Luchau. A five-point throw early in the match led to Burks’ fifth tech fall of the tournament, securing his seat at 71 kg.

Phillip Moomey took down Miles Knuckles, who had four technical falls on the day before entering the 60 kg finals, with a tech fall and a decision to join his teammates and training partners Jakason and James Burks on the Cadet World Team.

Cale Anderson swept Gabe Whisenhunt with a tech fall in the first round, followed by a 5-2 decision to seal his spot at 41-45 kilograms on the Cadet World Team.

Brenden Chaowanapibool answered a second-round loss to Kenneth Crosby with a dominant tech fall in the third round of the 48 kg finals.

Hunter Lewis answered an early deficit to returning Cadet World Team member Dylan Ragusin with a fall and a 10-0 technical fall in consecutive matches to represent the U.S. at the 55 kg weight class.

Outstanding Wrestler Dominic Damon defeated Chance McLane with back-to-back wins in the 65 kg finals. Damon scored a total of 14 unanswered points in his finals matches and was the only wrestler to make it through the finals without being scored on.

Abe Assad dominated Jonathon Fagen to secure his spot at 80 kg with two-consecutive tech falls, both culminating within the first period of his finals matches.

Jacob Kaminski faced off against Peter Christensen in the 92 kg finals, winning subsequent matches by decision and technical fall.

Closing out the lineup for Team USA in Zagreb will be Luke Luffman, who defeated Joshua Heindselman with a tech fall and a six-point decision in the 110 kg finals.

Cadet competition continues tomorrow with the men’s freestyle World Team Trials, starting at 9:30 a.m. ET live on Flowrestling.org.


at Akron, Ohio, June 1-3

Cadet Greco-Roman

41-45 kg
1st – Cale Anderson (Team Wisconsin) def. Gabe Whisenhunt (Orange Crush Wrestling Club), two matches to none
Bout one – Anderson TF Whisenhunt, 9-0
Bout two – Anderson dec. Whisenhunt, 5-2

3rd – Payton Jacobson (Team Wisconsin) dec. Joseph Couch (MSJ Titans), 7-2
5th – Laz Maldonado (Ronin) forfeit Matthew Ramos (Colt Wrestling)
7th – Abraham Hinrichsen (IRTC) dec. Brandon Baustert (MWC Wrestling Academy), 6-1

48 kg
1st – Brenden Chaowanapibool (Washington) def. Kenneth Crosby (Sons of Thunder Academy), two matches to one
Bout one – Chaowanapibool dec. Crosby, 6-4
Bout two – Crosby dec. Chaowanapibool, 6-3
Bout three – Chaowanapibool TF Crosby, 8-0

3rd – Sheldon Seymour (X Caliber) TF Christian Decatur-Luker (Backyard Wrestling Club), 8-0
5th – Sean Thompson (MWC Wrestling Academy) forfeit Kase Mauger (Delchev Trained Academy)
7th – Nate Rubino (MWC Wrestling Academy) TF Jakob Gilfoil (Lancaster Alliance Wrestling), 8-0

51 kg
1st – Jakason Burks (MWC Wrestling Academy) def. Aizayah Yacapin (FordDynasty Wrestling Club), two matches to one
Bout one – Burks dec. Yacapin, 7-6
Bout two – Yacapin TF Burks, 11-0
Bout three – Burks dec. Yacapin, 10-8

3rd – Dyson Kunz (MWC Wresting Academy) TF Garett Lautzenheiser (Parkview), 10-2
5th – Carter Young (Team BIG) forfeit Matthew Ramos (Colt Wrestling)
7th – Zachary Keal (Greater Heights Wrestling dec. Jackson Nielsen (MWC Wrestling Acaemy), 8-7

55 kg
1st – Hunter Lewis (Team Wisconsin) def. Dylan Ragusin (Izzy Style), two matches to one
Bout one – Ragusin dec. Lewis, 9-3
Bout two – Lewis fall Ragusin
Bout three – Lewis TF Ragusin, 10-0

3rd – Conor Knopick (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec. Haiden Drury (Takedown Express WC), 3-3
5th – Parker Decker (Spartan Mat Club) dec. Caden McCrary (Compound), 9-7
7th – Nick Masters (Compound) fall Carter Stephenson (Sons of Thunder Academy)

60 kg
1st – Phillip Moomey (MWC Wrestling Academy) def. Miles Knuckles (Unattached), two matches to none
Bout one – Moomey TF Knuckles, 8-0
Bout two – Moomey dec. Knuckles, 7-6

3rd – Ryan Franco (Darkhorse) TF Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma RTC), 12-4
5th – Joshua Jones (LVWC) TF Preston Decker (Spartan Mat Club), 9-0
7th – Chayse La Joie (Northern Exposure) TF Tarrell Wallace Jr. (Garage Boyz/Girlz), 16-8

65 kg
1st – Dominic Damon (Unattached) def. Chance McLane (Montana), two matches to none
Bout one – Damon dec. McLane, 5-0
Bout two – Damon TF McLane, 9-0

3rd – Cougar Andersen (Threestyle Wrestling) dec. Carson Manville (Banditos), 8-5
5th – Fidel Mayora (Izzy Style) fall Brayden Roberts (Patriots Wrestling Club)
7th – Alec McDoulett (Oklahoma) dec. Caden Rogers (Lancaster Alliance Wrestling), 7-0

71 kg
1st – James Burks (MWC Wrestling Academy) def. Jace Luchau (Sons of Thunder Academy), two matches to one
Bout one – Burks TF Luchau, 9-0
Bout two – Luchau dec. Burks, 8-2
Bout three – Burks TF Luchau, 8-0

3rd – Adrian St. Germain (Ford Dynasty WC) dec. Aaron Gandara (Wrestling Prep), 8-5
5th – Colby Njos (Pinnacle, MN) dec. Donnell Washington (Portage High School), 10-6
7th – Bubba Wilson forfeit Aaron Bancroft (Backyard Wrestling Club)

80 kg
1st – Abe Assad (Izzy Style) def. Jonathon Fagen (Suples WC), two matches to none
Bout one – Assad TF Fagen, 10-1
Bout two – Assad TF Fagen, 12-4

3rd – Angel Garcia (BTS-PAL) dec. Ryan Ringler (Cedar Spring MI), 6-5
5th – Kyle Haas (Team BIG) TF Gerrit Nijenhuis (Young Guns), 14-4
7th – Isaiah Alford (MWC Wrestling Academy) TF Tyler Hanna (Team Wisconsin), 12-0

92 kg
1st – Jacob Kaminski (Unattached) def. Peter Christensen (Izzy Style), two matches to none
Bout one – Kaminski dec. Christensen, 8-2
Bout two – Kaminski TF Christensen, 9-0

3rd – Gabe Christenson (Iron Rams) dec. Braxton Amos (Team Miron), 12-10
5th – Gavin Carter (Team Kansas) TF Ashton Sharp (Greater Heights Wrestling), 11-0
7th – Wyatt Hendrickson (Team Kansas) TF Matthew Cover (Unattached), 8-0

110 kg
1st – Luke Luffman (IRTC) def. Joshua Heindselman (Outlaws), two matches to none
Bout one – Luffman TF Heindselman, 8-0
Bout two – Heindselman dec. Heindselman, 9-3

3rd – Andy Garcia (Le Gente WC) dec. Braxton Mikesell (INWTC), 5-4
5th – Louden Haga (Patriots Wrestling Club) TF Aurelius Krumholz (Northern Exposure), 13-2
7th – William Taylor (Unattached) fall Wade Humphrey (Prodigy)