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Vallimont, McNeil, Gingrich win gold, Csontos gets bronze at Guelph Open in Canada

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Jan. 23, 2018, 3:20 p.m. (ET)

Dan Vallimont has his hand raised in victory at 74 kg at the Guelph Open in Canada. Photo courtesy of the Pennsylvania RTC.

GUELPH, Ontario, Canada – Three U.S. men’s freestyle wrestlers won golds, and a U.S. women’s freestyler added a bronze at the Guelph Open on Sunday.

The U.S. champions were Dan Vallimont (Philadelphia, Pa./New York AC/Pennsylvania RTC) at 74 kg/163 lbs., Donald McNeil, Plainville, Mass. (New York AC/New England RTC) at 92 kg/202.5 lbs. and Jon Gingrich (Bellefonte, Pa./New York AC/Pittsburgh WC) at 125 kg/275 lbs.

Vallimont won three matches to claim the title, shutting out his opponents 26-0, and securing a pair of technical falls. He defeated Canadian Tyler Rowe of Brock University by technical fall in the finals, 11-0.

Vallimont, an NCAA runner-up and two-time All-American for Penn State, trains with the Pennsylvania RTC, and is an interim assistant coach at the University of Pennsylvania.

McNeil won both of his matches by technical fall in a three-athlete roundrobin, including an 11-0 win over eventual runner-up D.J. Webb, a Canadian with the Western University program.

McNeil, who competed for Rider in college, won a gold medal in freestyle at the 2017 Maccabiah Games, held in Israel.

Gingrich won all four matches in a five-athlete roundrobin, scoring three technical falls and a decision. He defeated eventual runner-up Frederick Choquette of Concordia, Canada in a 14-2 technical fall.

Gingrich, who competed for Penn State at heavyweight, won a silver medal at the Dave Schultz Memorial in November, 2017.

The New York Athletic Club, with just three entries, placed third in the team standings for men with 30 points, behind only first-place Brock University and runner-up Concordia.

On the women’s freestyle side, Brianna Csontos (Amissville, Va./Titan Mercury WC/NYC RTC) won a bronze medal at 62 kg/136.75 lbs. After dropping her opening match, Csontos powered through with two wins in the consolation bracket, including a 16-11 victory in her bronze-medal match over Canadian Michalia Walls of Western University.

Csontos, a student at Columbia University, trains with the NYC RTC and has numerous USA Wrestling age-group honors.

At Guelph, Canada, January 21

Men’s freestyle medalists

57 kg
1st Place - Ligrit Sadiku of Brock U
2nd Place - Sam Jagas of Brock U
3rd Place - Melvin Arciaga of U of Alberta

61 kg
1st Place - Elir Uzunovic of Guelph U
2nd Place - Joey Martin of Brock U
3rd Place - Josh Malu of York U

65 kg
1st Place - Cruz Manning of Brock WC
2nd Place - Vince De Marinis of Concordia
3rd Place - Michael Asselstine of U of Alberta

70 kg
1st Place - Alexander Chaves of Guelph U
2nd Place - Gunnar Sales of Guelph WC
3rd Place - Harvir Lall of Guelph WC

74 kg
1st Place - Dan Vallimont of NYAC
2nd Place - Tyler Rowe of Brock U
3rd Place - Shawn Daye-Finley of U of Alberta

79 kg
1st Place - Jevon Balfour of Brock WC
2nd Place - Aidan Mckeage of U of Alberta
3rd Place - John Fayad of Dinos

86 kg
1st Place - Alex Moore of Concordia
2nd Place - Ahmed Shamiya of McMaster
3rd Place - Clayton Pye of Brock U

92 kg
1st Place - Donald McNeil of NYAC
2nd Place - DJ Webb of Guelph WC
3rd Place - Kevin Marshall of Western

97 kg
1st Place - Jordie Steen of Concordia
2nd Place - Calvin Daum of Brock U
3rd Place - Kyle Bonk of London-Western Wrestling Club

125 kg
1st Place - Jon Gingrich of NYAC
2nd Place - Frederick Choquette of Concordia
3rd Place - Aly Barghout of Montreal

Men Team Standings
1 Brock U 37
2 Concordia 34
3 NYAC 30
4 U of Alberta 25
5 Guelph U 24
6 Brock WC 20
7 Guelph WC 19
8 Western University 13
9 Dinos 8
10 McMaster.0

U.S. men’s freestyle performances

70 kg/154 lbs. – Tony Tolbert, King of Prussia, Pa. (Pennsylvania RTC)
WIN Johnathan Molloy (Canada/York U), pin 3:34
LOSS Gunnar Sales (Canada/Guelph WC), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Calvin Lam (Canada/York U), inj. dft.
LOSS Harvir Lall (Canada/Guelph WC), inj. dft.

74 kg/163 lbs. – Dan Vallimont, Philadelphia, Pa. (New York AC/Pennsylvania RTC), champion
WIN Callum McNeice (Canada/Dinos), 10-0
WIN Shawn Daye-Finley (Canada/U of Alberta), 5-0
WIN Tyler Rowe (Canada/Brock U), tech. fall 11-0

92 kg/202.5 lbs. – Donald McNeil, Plainville, Mass. (New York AC/New England RTC), champion
WIN D.J. Webb (Canada/Guelph), tech. fall 11-0
WIN Kevin Marshall (Canada/Western U), tech fall 12-1

125 kg/275 lbs. – Jon Gingrich, Bellefonte, Pa. (New York AC/Pittsburgh WC), champion
WIN Aly Barghout (Canada/Montreal), 10-5
WIN Pawanpreet Sekhon (Canada/AOC), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Frederick Choquette (Canada/Concordia), tech. fall 14-2
WIN Anthony Parker (Canada/Western U), tech. fall 11-0

Women’s freestyle medalists

50 kg
1st Place - Jessica MacDonald of Brock WC
2nd Place - Natasha Fox of Sask WC
3rd Place - Jade Dufour of Concordia

53 kg
1st Place - Tina Maclaren of Brock U
2nd Place - Diana Weicker of Brock WC
3rd Place - Hannah Little of Guelph U

55 kg
1st Place - Chelsey Sicard of Guelph U
2nd Place - Emma Brain of Sarnia WC

57 kg
1st Place - Samantha Stewart of Black Bears WC
2nd Place - Emily Schaefer of Brock U
3rd Place - Cara Nania of Dinos

59 kg
1st Place - Hannah Taylor of Brock U
2nd Place - Vivan Mark of Dinos
3rd Place - Karly Kudrinko of Queens

62 kg
1st Place - Linda Morais of Montreal
2nd Place - Jessica Brouillette of Brock U
3rd Place - Brianna Csontos of TMWC

65 kg
1st Place - Megan Fendelet of U of Alberta
2nd Place - Katie Glatt of Queens

68 kg
1st Place - Olivia DiBacco of Brock WC
2nd Place - Temitope Ogunjimi of Dinos
3rd Place - Kayla Brodner of Cat-town

72 kg
1st Place - Darrion Sterling of Brock U
2nd Place - Shauna Kuebeck of Brock U
3rd Place - Christelle Lans of York U

76 kg
1st Place - Leah Ferguson of KWC
2nd Place - Gracelynn Doogan of Guelph U
3rd Place - Taylor Follensbee of Sask WC

Women’s Team standings
1 Brock U 48
2 Brock WC 27
3 Guelph U 23
4 Dinos 19
5 Team Impact 13
6 Queens 12
7 Sask WC 12
8 Black Bears WC 10
9 KWC 10
10 Montreal 10
11 U of Alberta 10

U.S. women’s performances

62 kg/136.75 lbs. – Brianna Csontos, Amissville, Va. (Titan Mercury WC/NYC RTC), 3rd
LOSS Jessica Brouilette (Canada/Brock U), tech. fall 10-0
WIN Wendy Liu (Canada/Team Impact), 10-3
WIN Michalia Walls (Canada/Western U), 16-11

68 kg/149.75 lbs. - Skylar Grote, Newton, N.J. (Brock U), 5th
WIN Daja Slater (Canada/Team Impact), tech. fall 13-2
LOSS Olivia DiBacco (Canada/Brock WC), 10-2
LOSS Kayla Brodner (Canada/Cat-town), 7-4
WIN Indira Moores (Canada/Brock U), inj. dft.