Campbellsville sends 11 to WCWA quarterfinals

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | Feb. 09, 2018, 4:47 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Grace Bullen of Campbellsville throws her opponent in the round of 16 at 130 pounds. Photo by Shelby Kirkendall, Owrestle.

OKLAHOMA CITY – The quarterfinals for the WCWA Championships are set after the first session of action at the Abe Lemons Arena on Oklahoma City University’s campus.

Campbellsville sends a whopping 11 wrestlers into the quarterfinals, including three-time WCWA champion Kayla Miracle at 136 pounds and past All-Americans Charlotte Fowler (109), Koral Sugiyama (123), Shelby Hall (130) and Mariah Harris (155).

Also in the quarterfinals for the Tigers is Grace Bullen, a 2017 Junior World bronze medalist and 2014 Cadet World champion for Norway. Bullen, a six-time European age-group champion, is unseeded at 130 pounds.

In addition to Miracle, there are four other past WCWA champions, including two-timers Cody Pfau of Emmanuel at 109, Marina Doi of King at 101 and Mallory Velte of Simon Fraser at 143 and 2017 champs Payten Smith of SFU at 191.

There were some big upsets in the morning session, including 14th-seeded Olivia Ioppolo of Southern Oregon, who downed Dave Schultz Memorial champion and No. 3 Gaby Ramos-Diaz of Wayland Baptist, 14-10, at 116 pounds.

At 123 pounds, another 3-seed was knocked off. Alex Hedrick of Simon Fraser pinned McKendree’s Brenda Reyna in 3:44.

The quarterfinals are slated to begin at 4 p.m. CT on Friday. Fans can watch live and keep up with the brackets on

WCWA Championships
at Abe Lemons Arena (Oklahoma City University)

Team scores
1. Campbellsville University - 64       
2. Simon Fraser University - 56.5      
3. Emmanuel College - 52     
4. Menlo College - 49.5         
5. McKendree University - 46
6. Wayland Baptist University - 40.5 
7. University of the Cumberlands - 38.5        
8. Missouri Baptist University - 38    
9. Oklahoma City University - 37       
10. King University - 34          

Quarterfinals matchups

101 pounds
#1 Marina Doi (King) vs. #8 Iesha Washington (Emmanuel) 
#5 Nina Pham (Grays Harbor) vs. #4 Genae Sampract (McKendree) 
#3 Asia Ray (Wayland Baptist) vs. #6 Arelys Valles (Cumberlands) 
#7 McKayla Campbell (Campbellsville) vs. #2 Regina Doi (King)

109 pounds
#1 Cody Pfau (Emmanuel) vs. #9 Jessica Rodriguez (Cumberlands) 
Kayla Walker (Missouri Baptist) vs. #4 Jessica DeHart (Eastern Oregon) 
#3 Maria Vidales (Emmanuel) vs. #6 Kaitlyn Pizzo (Campbellsville) 
#7 Aleeah Gould (King) vs. #2 Charlotte Fowler (Campbellsville)

116 pounds
#1 Abby Lloyd (Simon Fraser) vs. Deanna Silva (SWOCC) 
#12 Ali Encinas (Emmanuel) vs. #4 Jennifer Juarez (Life) 
#14 Olivia Ioppolo (S.Oregon) vs. Victoria Smith (SWOCC) 
#7 Lauren Mason (Simon Fraser) vs. #2 Gabrielle Weyrich (McKendree)

123 pounds
#1 Dominique Parrish (Simon Fraser) vs. #9 Steffanie Hampton (Campbellsville) 
Breanna Dudoit-Vasquez (Wayland Baptist) vs. #4 Abigail Nette (Emmanuel) 
Alex Hedrick (Simon Fraser) vs. #6 Dionnica Tolliver (Menlo) 
#10 Briana Kellin (King) vs. #2 Koral Sugiyama (Campbellsville)

130 pounds
#1 Megan Black (McKendree) vs. #9 Ismilena Valles (Cumberlands) 
#5 Erin Redford (Oklahoma City) vs. Grace Bullen (Campbellsville) 
#3 Nicole Depa (Simon Fraser) vs. #6 Logan Mize (Lyon) 
Erika Mihalca (Missouri Baptist) vs. #2 Shelby Hall (Campbellsville)

136 pounds
#1 Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) vs. #8 Bridgette Duty (Cumberlands) 
#5 Nicole Joseph (King) vs. #4 Solin Pieracy (Menlo) 
#3 Fran Giorgio (Simon Fraser) vs. #11 Anna Poyner (Missouri Valley) 
#10 Regina Dickinson (Warner Pacific) vs. #2 Desiree Zavala (Grays Harbor)

143 pounds 
#1 Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser) vs. #9 Addie Lanning (Ottawa) 
#5 Alexia Foca (Campbellsville) vs. Brittany Woods-Orrison (Menlo) 
#3 Kayla Marano (Emmanuel) vs. #11 Shamera McTier (Missouri Valley) 
#10 Sienna Ramirez (S. Oregon) vs. #2 Alexis Porter (McKendree)

155 pounds
#1 Niauni Hill (Lindenwood-Belleville) vs. #9 Anna Naylor (Cumberlands) 
Evionne Evien (Menlo) vs. #4 Kendra Kehrli (Ottawa) 
#3 Yvonne Galindo (Oklahoma City) vs. #6 Jessi Kee (King) 
#10 Skylar Brock (Wayland Baptist) vs. #2 Tatum Sparks (Providence)

170 pounds
#1 Rachel Watters (Oklahoma City) vs. #8 Korinahe Bullock (McKendree) 
#5 Mariah Harris (Campbellsville) vs. #4 Dymond Guilford (Missouri Baptist) 
#3 Kacie Moorhouse (Grays Harbor) vs. #6 Precious Bell (Menlo) 
#7 Janelle Fuamatu (McKendree) vs. #2 Brittany Marshall (Wayland Baptist)

191 pounds
#1 Paige Baynes (Grays Harbor) vs. #8 Victoria Espinoza (King)
#5 Courteney Tompkins (Cumberlands) vs. #4 Brandy Lowe (McKendree)
#3 Kaitlyn Hill (Campbellsville) vs. #6 Leilani Camargo-Naone (Midland) 
#7 Destane Garrick (McKendree) vs. #2 Payten Smith (Simon Fraser)