USA Wrestling Gwiazdowski is now 3...

Gwiazdowski is now 3-0 in German professional league action for KSV Ispringen team

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Dec. 12, 2018, 2:24 p.m. (ET)

Photo of Nick Gwiazdowski of KSV Ispringen battling Giorgi Sakandelidze of ASV Nendingen by Peter Hanselmann of KSV Ispringen.

Two-time World bronze medalist Nick Gwiazdowski (Raleigh, N.C./Titan Mercury WC/Wolfpack RTC) has been competing in the Deutsche Ringerliga (DRL), a Gerrman professional wrestling league, and has won all three of his matches so far.

Gwiazdowski is a member of the KSV Ispringen team, which is coached by past German World champion and legend Alexander Leipold. The league, which consists of club teams competing in dual meets, has 10 weight classes, five each in freestyle and Greco-Roman.

He is the first American athlete to compete in this league in a number of years and the only U.S. athlete this season. The competitors come from all around the world, and feature many of the best international wrestlers in the world. He was initially invited to join the league back in July.

“I have been over there twice and have wrestled three matches. They were all pretty good guys. It is legit. It is not just to make money, which is nice and I can come home with something in hand, but also to learn more and challenge yourself in different aspects. It is to see that yes, I can compete at a high level, even though I just competed at the World Championships. Four weeks after, I could go compete with a guy who was fifth in the Worlds,” said Gwiazdowski.

Gwiazdowski’s first performance came on November 10, when his KSV Ispringen team took on KAV Eisleben. Gwiazdowski scored a 4-2 win over Russia’s Anzor Khizriev at 130 kg. Khizriev was fifth at the 2018 World Championships and has won the last two Russian National Championship titles. KAV Eisleben beat Gwiazdowski’s KSV Ispringen team 11-10.

Next up on December 1, Gwiazdowski led his KSV Ispringen team to a 22-6 win over Vfk Scifferstadt. Gwiazdowski scored a dominant 16-0 technical fall over Daniel Ligeti of Hungary. Ligeti was fifth in the 2010 World Championships.

Most recently, Gwiazdowski earned a 3-2 win over Giorgi Sakandelidze of Qatar when his team faced ASV Nendingen on December 8. Sakandelidze was second in the 2018 Asian Championships. A former competitor for Georgia, Sakandelidze was a two-time Junior World medalist. ASV Nendingen beat Gwiazdowski’s KSV Ispringen, 14-9.

“Being able to compete at a high level when you are not in your prime challenges different aspects of you. It allows you to push harder. Some of it is will and fight. It doesn’t affect me if we win or lose. It was a new challenge. I have one more or two more matches with them, and then go from there,” said Gwiazdowski.

Gwiazdowski will next compete in a DRL semifinal match on January 12, as KSV Ispringen battles Germania Weingarten. Currently, Germania Weingarten is in first place in the DRL, while KSV Ispringen is in fourth place.

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KAV Eisleben 11, KSV Ispringen 10
November 10, 2018
GR 60 kg – Roman Amoyan (Ispringen) tech. fall Ibragim Ilyasov (Eisleben), 16-1
FS 63 kg - Akhmedov Gvarzatilov (Eisleben) dec. Vazgen Tevenyan (Ispringen), 8-5
GR 67 kg - Azamat Akhmedov (Eisleben) pin Hassan Hassan Mohamed (Ispringen), 2:11
FS 72 kg - Gitinomagomed Gadzhiev (Eisleben) dec. Usman Shakhgiriev (Ispringen), 2-1
GR 77 kg - Hasan Aliyev  (Eisleben) dec. Igor Besleaga (Ispringen), 9-4
FS 77 kg - Israil Kasumov (Ispringen) dec. Yakub Shikhdzhamalov (Eisleben), 12-7
GR 87 kg - Roberti Kobliasvili (Ispringen) dec. Elvin Mursliev (Eisleben), 8-0
FS 87 kg – Ali Shabanau (Eisleben) dec. Zelimkhan Minkailov (Ispringen), 4-4
GR 97 kg - Kantemir Magomedov (Eisleben) dec. Revazi Nadareishvili (Isrpingen), 4-3
FS 130 kg - Nicholas Gwiazdowski (Ispringen) dec. Anzor Khriziev (Eisleben), 4-2

KSV Ispringen 22, Vfk Schifferstadt 6
December 1, 2018
GR 60 kg - Roman Amoyan (Ispringen) tech. fall Markus Scherer (Schifferstadt), 16-0
FS 63 kg - Arsen Harutyunyan (Ispringen) dec. Georgi Vangelov (Schifferstadt), 12-7
GR 67 kg - Pavel Saleev (Schifferstadt) dec. Valentin Petic (Ispringen), 9-0
FS 72 kg - Usman Shakhgiriev (Ispringen) won by forfeit
GR 77 kg - Kazbek Kilov (Schifferstadt) dec. Igor Besleaga (Ispringen), 7-0
FS 77 kg - Israil Kasumov (Ispringen) tech. fall Zurabi Erbosonashvili (Schifferstadt), 11-0
GR 87 kg - Roberti Kobliasvili (Ispringen) dec. Lasha Gobadze (Schifferstadt), 15-6
FS 87 kg - Patryk Dublinovski (Schifferstadt) dec. Andrzej Sokalski (Ispringen), 4-4
GR 97 kg – Revazi Nadareishvili (Ispringen) dec. Javid Hamzatau (Schifferstadt), 3-0
FS 130 kg - Nicholas Gwiazdowski (Ispringen) tech. fall Daniel Ligeti (Schifferstadt), 16-0

ASV Nendingen 14, KSV Ispringen 9
December 8, 2018
GR 60 kg - Roman Amoyan (Ispringen) dec. Ivan Cherkas (Nendingen), 10-1
FS 63 kg - Arsen Harutyunyan (Ispringen) dec. Andrej Perpelita (Nendingen), 8-0
GR 67 kg - Donior Islamov (Nendingen) disqualification over               Maxim Sacultan (Ispringen), 1:34
FS 72 kg - Valyiev Zalimkhan (Nendingen) dec. Usman Shakhgiriev (Ispringen), 6-5
GR 77 kg - Daniel Cataraga (Nendingen) dec. Igor Besleaga (Ispringen), 5-2
FS 77 kg - Davit Tlashadze (Ispringen) dec. Evgheni Nedealco              (Nendingen), 8-3
GR 87 kg - Zhan Belenyuk (Nendingen) dec. Roberti Kobliasvili (Ispringen), 6-2
FS 87 kg - Jabrayil Hasanov (Nendingen) tech. fall Andrzej Sokalski (Ispringen), 16-0
GR 97 kg - Aleksandr Shyshman (Nendingen) dec. Revazi Nadareishvili (Ispringen), 2-2
FS 130 kg - Nicholas Gwiazdowski (Ispringen) dec. Giorgi Sakandelidze (Nendingen), 3-2