Northwestern climbs to No. 10 in TrackWrestling rankings; Dhesi of Oregon State now No. 1 at heavyweight

By Andy Hamilton, TrackWrestling | Dec. 11, 2018, 10:05 a.m. (ET)
There's a new addition to the Top 10 of the Trackwrestling Division I Rankings presented by Resilite, and there's two more teams on the verge after a week of personnel-related shuffling.

Northwestern moved up two notches this week to No. 10, while Oregon State and Princeton climbed up to a tie for 11th. The Wildcats moved past Missouri and Northern Iowa, which lost ground due to injuries to All-Americans. Missouri will be without the services of 149-pounder Grant Leeth, who had been ranked sixth but will miss the remainder of the season with a shoulder injury. Northern Iowa's Jacob Holschlag has yet to wrestle this season and was pulled from the rankings at 197. He had been ranked fourth.

The absence of Holschlag and Kent State's Kyle Conel, who will undergo shoulder surgery and miss the rest of the season, shakes up the 197-pound rankings.

Meanwhile, Oregon State moved up 16 spots with the return of heavyweight Amar Dhesi. The two-time All-American and highest-returning NCAA placewinner at the weight class takes over the top spot of the heavyweight rankings.

Penn State continues to maintain a grip on the No. 1 spot. The Nittany Lions check in this week with 116 projected NCAA placement and advancement points. Ohio State is second with 80, followed by Iowa (74.5) and Oklahoma State (56.5). North Carolina State moved up to fifth this week with 53.5 with Michigan (52), Minnesota (46), Arizona State (42), Nebraska (39) and Northwestern (36) rounding out the Top 10.

The Trackwrestling team rankings are based off the number of advancement and placement points each squad would accumulate if its wrestlers finished in those ranking slots at the NCAA Championships. Top-ranked wrestlers earn 20 points, followed by 16 for second, 13.5 for third, 12.5 for fourth, 10 for fifth, 9 for sixth, 6.5 for seventh, 5.5 for eighth, 2 for spots 9-12, 1.5 for spots 13-16 and 1 for 17-25.

The rankings are compiled by David Mirikitani.

1 Penn State 116
2 Ohio State 80
3 Iowa 74.5
4 Oklahoma State 56.5
5 North Carolina State 53.5
6 Michigan 52
7 Minnesota 46
8 Arizona State 42
9 Nebraska 39
10 Northwestern 36
T-11 Oregon State 35.5
T-11 Princeton 35.5
T-13 Missouri 34
T-13 Rutgers 34
15 Illinois 32.5
16 Virginia Tech 27.5
17 Lehigh 26.5
18 Cornell 25.5
19 Wisconsin 24
T-20 Iowa State 22.5
T-20 Northern Iowa 22.5
22 South Dakota State 21.5
23 North Carolina 18.5
T-24 Lock Haven 16.5
T-24 Pittsburgh 16.5
26 Purdue 16
T-27 Clarion 11.5
T-27 Maryland 11.5
T-27 Utah Valley 11.5
30 Duke 10
T-31 Army 9.5
T-31 Campbell 9.5
33 Oklahoma 8.5
34 North Dakota State 7.5
35 Virginia 7
T-36 Stanford 5.5
T-36 Wyoming 5.5
38 Old Dominion 5
T-39 Buffalo 4.5
T-39 Michigan State 4.5

Individual rankings

125 pounds

1 Spencer Lee Iowa So.
2 Sebastian Rivera Northwestern So.
3 Ronnie Bresser Oregon State Sr.
4 Nicholas Piccininni Oklahoma State Jr.
5 Sean Russell Minnesota Sr.
6 Ryan Millhof Arizona State Sr.
7 Sean Fausz North Carolina State Sr.
8 Brent Fleetwood North Dakota State Sr.
9 RayVon Foley Michigan State So.
10 Pat Glory Princeton Fr.
11 Drew Mattin Michigan So.
12 Travis Piotrowski Illinois Jr.
13 Zeke Moisey Nebraska Sr.
14 Connor Brown Wisconsin So.
15 Devin Schroder Purdue So.
16 Rico Montoya Northern Colorado Sr.
17 Colby Smith Missouri
18 Louie Hayes Virginia So.
19 Jacob Schwarm Northern Iowa Jr.
20 Gabe Townsell Stanford Jr.
21 Drew Hildebrandt Central Michigan
22 Shakur Laney Ohio Sr.
23 Korbin Meink Campbell So.
24 Christian Moody Oklahoma Jr.
25 Connor Schram Lehigh Sr.

133 pounds
1 Seth Gross South Dakota State Sr.
2 Nick Suriano Rutgers Jr.
3 Stevan Micic Michigan Jr.
4 Tariq Wilson North Carolina State Jr.
5 Daton Fix Oklahoma State Fr.
6 Micky Phillipi Pittsburgh So.
7 Luke Pletcher Ohio State Jr.
8 Ethan Lizak Minnesota Sr.
9 John Erneste Missouri Sr.
10 Austin Gomez Iowa State Fr.
11 Austin DeSanto Iowa So.
12 Matthew Schmitt West Virginia So.
13 Josh Terao American Sr.
14 Roman Bravo-Young Penn State Fr.
15 Montorie Bridges Wyoming So.
16 Charles Tucker Cornell Sr.
17 Cam Sykora North Dakota State Jr.
18 Sean Nickell CSU Bakersfield Sr.
19 Korbin Myers Virginia Tech Jr.
20 Dylan Duncan Illinois So.
21 Noah Gonser Campbell Jr.
22 Ben Thornton Purdue Sr.
23 Codi Russell Appalachian State So.
24 Colin Valdivez Northwestern So.
25 Mario Guillen Ohio Jr.

141 pounds
1 Yianni Diakomihalis Cornell So.
2 Joey McKenna Ohio State Sr.
3 Jaydin Eierman Missouri Jr.
4 Nick Lee Penn State So.
5 Mitch McKee Minnesota Jr.
6 Michael Carr Illinois So.
7 Kanen Storr Michigan So.
8 Dom Demas Oklahoma So.
9 Kaid Brock Oklahoma State Jr.
10 Bryan Lantry Buffalo Sr.
11 Tristan Moran Wisconsin Jr.
12 Josh Alber Northern Iowa Sr.
13 Jamal Morris North Carolina State Sr.
14 Sa`Derian Perry Old Dominion Jr.
15 Sam Krivus Virginia Jr.
16 Ian Parker Iowa State So.
17 Max Murin Iowa Fr.
18 Sam Turner Wyoming So.
19 Nicholas Gil Navy Sr.
20 Austin Headlee North Carolina Jr.
21 Lorenzo Bentley Pittsburgh Sr.
22 Nate Limmex Purdue Jr.
23 Matt Findlay Utah Valley So.
24 Chad Red Nebraska So.
25 Ryan Diehl Maryland Sr.

149 pounds
1 Matthew Kolodzik Princeton Jr.
2 Anthony Ashnault Rutgers Sr.
3 Micah Jordan Ohio State Sr.
4 Austin O`Connor North Carolina Fr.
5 Brock Zacherl Clarion Sr.
6 Mitch Finesilver Duke Sr.
7 Jarrett Degen Iowa State So.
8 Justin Oliver North Carolina State Sr.
9 Joshua Heil Campbell Jr.
10 Brock Mauller Missouri Fr.
11 Max Thomsen Northern Iowa Jr.
12 Pat Lugo Iowa Jr.
13 Henry Pohlmeyer South Dakota State Jr.
14 Kaden Gfeller Oklahoma State Fr.
15 Anthony Artalona Pennsylvania Fr.
16 Alfred Bannister Maryland Sr.
17 Jared Prince Navy Jr.
18 Cole Martin Wisconsin Jr.
19 Joshua Maruca Arizona State Jr.
20 Brady Berge Penn State Fr.
21 Thomas Thorn Minnesota Sr.
22 Requir van der Merwe Stanford Jr.
23 Khristian Olivas Fresno State Jr.
24 Russell Rohlfing CSU Bakersfield
25 Tejon Anthony George Mason Sr.

157 pounds
1 Jason Nolf Penn State Sr.
2 Ryan Deakin Northwestern So.
3 Hayden Hidlay North Carolina State So.
4 Alec Pantaleo Michigan Sr.
5 Kaleb Young Iowa So.
6 Griffin Parriott Purdue So.
7 Tyler Berger Nebraska Sr.
8 Ke-Shawn Hayes Ohio State Jr.
9 Taleb Rahmani Pittsburgh Sr.
10 Kennedy Monday North Carolina So.
11 Larry Early Old Dominion Jr.
12 Eric Barone Illinois Jr.
13 Paul Fox Stanford Sr.
14 Steve Bleise Minnesota Sr.
15 Josh Humphreys Lehigh Fr.
16 Tyler Marinelli Gardner-Webb Sr.
17 Hunter Willits Oregon State So.
18 Dan Reed Columbia Sr.
19 Andrew Shomers Oklahoma State Jr.
20 John Van Brill Rutgers Sr.
21 Christian Pagdilao Arizona State Sr.
22 Luke Weiland Army Jr.
23 Zach Hartman Bucknell Fr.
24 Alex Smythe Buffalo Sr.
25 BC LaPrade Virginia Tech So.

165 pounds
1 Vincenzo Joseph Penn State Jr.
2 Evan Wick Wisconsin So.
3 Chandler Marsteller Lock Haven Sr.
4 Alex Marinelli Iowa So.
5 Joshua Shields Arizona State Jr.
6 Isaiah White Nebraska So.
7 Mehki Lewis Virginia Tech Fr.
8 Demetrius Romero Utah Valley Jr.
9 Logan Massa Michigan Jr.
10 Branson Ashworth Wyoming Sr.
11 Chandler Rogers Oklahoma State Sr.
12 Bryce Steiert Northern Iowa Jr.
13 Connor Flynn Missouri Jr.
14 Joseph Gunther Illinois Jr.
15 Ebed Jarrell Drexel Jr.
16 Jonathan Viruet Brown Sr.
17 Andrew Fogarty North Dakota State Jr.
18 Zac Carson Ohio Jr.
19 Jake Wentzel Pittsburgh Jr.
20 Vincent Deprez Binghamton Sr.
21 Thomas Bullard North Carolina State So.
22 Stephan Glasgow Rutgers Fr.
23 Cam Coy Virginia Fr.
24 Bryce Martin Indiana Sr.
25 Carson Brolsma Minnesota Jr.

174 pounds
1 Zahid Valencia Arizona State Jr.
2 Mark Hall Penn State Jr.
3 Myles Amine Michigan Jr.
4 Daniel Lewis Missouri Sr.
5 David McFadden Virginia Tech Jr.
6 Jordan Kutler Lehigh Jr.
7 Jacobe Smith Oklahoma State Sr.
8 Taylor Lujan Northern Iowa Jr.
9 Mikey Labriola Nebraska Fr.
10 Spencer Carey Navy Jr.
11 Dylan Lydy Purdue Jr.
12 Johnny Sebastian Northwestern Sr.
13 Te`shan Campbell Ohio State Sr.
14 Ryan Christensen Wisconsin Sr.
15 Seldon Wright Old Dominion Sr.
16 Daniel Bullard North Carolina State So.
17 Carver James Illinois Jr.
18 Brit Wilson Northern Illinois So.
19 Devin Skatzka Minnesota Jr.
20 Kimball Bastian Utah Valley Jr.
21 Matt Finesilver Duke So.
22 Brandon Womack Cornell Sr.
23 Marcus Coleman Iowa State Fr.
24 Drew Hughes Michigan State So.
25 Ben Harvey Army Jr.

184 pounds

1 Myles Martin Ohio State Sr.
2 Emory Parker Illinois Sr.
3 Taylor Venz Nebraska So.
4 Shakur Rasheed Penn State Sr.
5 Nick Reenan North Carolina State So.
6 Drew Foster Northern Iowa Sr.
7 Ryan Preisch Lehigh Sr.
8 Zachary Zavatsky Virginia Tech Sr.
9 Lou Deprez Binghamton Fr.
10 Maxwell Dean Cornell So.
11 Dakota Geer Oklahoma State So.
12 Nino Bonaccorsi Pittsburgh So.
13 Cameron Caffey Michigan State Fr.
14 Will Schany Virginia Sr.
15 Chip Ness North Carolina Sr.
16 Samuel Colbray Iowa State So.
17 Cash Wilcke Iowa Jr.
18 Corey Hazel Lock Haven Jr.
19 Jelani Embree Michigan Fr.
20 Jordan Atienza Central Michigan Sr.
21 Noah Stewart Army Jr.
22 Kordell Norfleet Arizona State So.
23 Will Sumner Utah Valley Sr.
24 Bryce Gorman Northern Illinois Sr.
25 Jackson Hemauer Fresno State Fr.

197 pounds
1 Bo Nickal Penn State Sr.
2 Kollin Moore Ohio State Jr.
3 Patrick Brucki Princeton So.
4 Jacob Warner Iowa Fr.
5 William Miklus Iowa State Sr.
6 Preston Weigel Oklahoma State Sr.
7 Rocco Caywood Army Sr.
8 Eric Schultz Nebraska So.
9 Jay Aiello Virginia So.
10 Nathan Traxler Stanford Jr.
11 Jake Jakobsen Lehigh So.
12 Jacob Seely Northern Colorado Jr.
13 Malik McDonald North Carolina State Sr.
14 Christian Brunner Purdue Jr.
15 Greg Bulsak Clarion So.
16 Tom Sleigh Virginia Tech Sr.
17 Tanner Orndorff Utah Valley Jr.
18 Benjamin Honis Cornell Sr.
19 Stephen Loiseau Drexel Sr.
20 Jake Woodley Oklahoma So.
21 Jackson Striggow Michigan Jr.
22 Garrett Hoffman Bucknell Jr.
23 Noah Adams West Virginia Fr.
24 Sawyer Root The Citadel Sr.
25 Corey Griego Oregon State Sr.

1 Amar Dhesi Oregon State Sr.
2 Gable Steveson Minnesota Fr.
3 Sam Stoll Iowa Sr.
4 Anthony Cassar Penn State Sr.
5 Derek White Oklahoma State Sr.
6 Youssif Hemida Maryland Sr.
7 Jordan Wood Lehigh So.
8 Jere Heino Campbell Sr.
9 Trent Hillger Wisconsin Fr.
10 Tate Orndorff Utah Valley Fr.
11 Billy Miller Virginia Tech Sr.
12 Thomas Haines Lock Haven Sr.
13 Jake Gunning Buffalo Sr.
14 Zach Elam Missouri Fr.
15 Demetrius Thomas Pittsburgh Jr.
16 Cory Gilliland-Daniel North Carolina Sr.
17 Matt Voss George Mason Sr.
18 Chase Singletary Ohio State So.
19 Brian Andrews Wyoming So.
20 Joseph Goodhart Drexel Sr.
21 AJ Nevills Fresno State So.
22 Matt Stencel Central Michigan So.
23 Carter Isley Northern Iowa Jr.
24 Jake Boyd Oklahoma So.
25 Conan Jennings Northwestern Sr.