Fresno City wins CCCAA California States, with four champs and three runners-up

By John Sachs, and CCCAA Wrestling | Dec. 10, 2018, 1:14 p.m. (ET)
CCCAA State Champion Fresno City College poses with its team trophy. Photo by John Sachs,

With military-style precision and strength, the Fresno City College Rams captured their third consecutive team title at this year’s CCCAA State Wrestling Championship (hosted by Cerritos College). The Rams placed all 12 wrestlers, including four Champions and three runners up. The march to their 16th State Team Championship featured team titles at the prestigious Golden Eagle and Santa Ana tournaments.

Head Coach Paul Keysaw and Assistant Coach George Moreno were named Coach and Assistant Coach of the Year.

Coach Keysaw’s thoughts on this year’s campaign, “I am very proud of this team. Sometimes when teams have success they stop working hard. This team worked hard and keep grinding through the end. We competed very well this weekend at the championship. The kids stepped up on the big stage and performed when it mattered most. I have to credit Coach Moreno for his practice plans and getting the guys ready to compete,” said Keysaw.

Sacramento City College placed second with 119.5 team points, with one champion, a runner-up and nine placers.

“I was excited for my two finalists [Bronson Harmon at 184 and Brian Horn at 197] as they both worked hard to reach the final battle. We went one and one, but both showed true championship form. We are proud of all they accomplished to help our team,” said Sacramento City College head coach Dave Pacheco.

Palomar and Cerritos rounded out the top four teams.

Greg Villoria, competing at 125 for San Joaquin Delta College was named the Outstanding Wrestler. The Manuel Gorrarian Award – Most Falls Least Accumulative Time, went to Steven Abbott (Sacramento City College), with four 1st period falls.

2018 California Community College Wrestling State Championship
Hosted by Cerritos College, Cerritos, CA on December 7th and 8th

Outstanding Wrestler: Greg Viloria (San Joaquin Delta College)
Manuel Gorrarian Award – Most Falls Least Accumulative Time: Steven Abbott (Sacramento City College)
Head Coach of the Year: Paul Keysaw (Fresno City College)
Assistant Coach of the Year: George Moreno (Fresno City College)

Championship finals Match Results

Weight Class 125
Greg Villoria (San Joaquin Delta) 3-0 won by decision over Mario Moreno (Fresno City) 2-1 (Dec 8-2)

Weight Class 133
Isaiah Perez (Fresno City) 3-0 won by decision over Raul Ortiz (Palomar) 2-1 (Dec 9-5)

Weight Class 141
Josh Brown (Cerritos) 3-0 won by major decision over Luis Ramos (Fresno City) 2-1 (MD 10-2)

Weight Class 149
Daniel Ruiz (Fresno City) 3-0 won by decision over Adam Valdez (Mt SAC) 2-1 (Dec 6-5)

Weight Class 157
Luis Vargas (Santa Ana ) 3-0 won by decision over Ruben Garcia (Fresno City) 2-1 (Dec 8-2)

Weight Class 165
Augestine Garcia (Fresno City) 3-0 won by major decision over Mace Anderson (Palomar) 2-1 (MD 12-3)

Weight Class 174
Abner Romero (Fresno City) 3-0 won by decision over Zack Gonzalez (Cerritos) 2-1 (Dec 8-1)

Weight Class 184
Bronson Harmon (Sacramento City) 3-0 won by decision over Jhaylyn Hall (Santa Rosa) 2-1 (Dec 3-2)

Weight Class 197
Anthony Cress (Chabot) 3-0 won by decision over Brian Horn (Sacramento City) 2-1 (Dec 6-3)

Weight Class 285
Cristian Ayala (Mt SAC) 3-0 won in tie breaker – 1 over Cole Mair (Lassen) 2-1 (TB-1 3-2)

Place Winners

Weight Class 125
1st Place – Greg Villoria of San Joaquin Delta
2nd Place – Mario Moreno of Fresno City
3rd Place – Trevor Bagan of Santa Rosa
4th Place – Isaac Guerrero of Palomar
5th Place – Jacob Hiller of Shasta
6th Place – Marcus Hutcherson of Bakersfield
7th Place – Keithen Estrada of Bakersfield
8th Place – Zachary Cunningham of Mt SAC

Weight Class 133
1st Place – Isaiah Perez of Fresno City
2nd Place – Raul Ortiz of Palomar
3rd Place – Oliver Rivero of Santa Ana
4th Place – Eric Marquez of Palomar
5th Place – Murtaza Nabaada of Sierra
6th Place – Jose Espinoza of Cerritos
7th Place – Ivan Gomez of Modesto
8th Place – Kyle Jimenez of Fresno City

Weight Class 141
1st Place – Josh Brown of Cerritos
2nd Place – Luis Ramos of Fresno City
3rd Place – Ezra Clark of Skyline
4th Place – Michael Mello of Sacramento City
5th Place – Eric Reyes of Palomar
6th Place – Josh Fuentes-Norikiyo of Santa Ana
7th Place – Aaron Diaz of Mt SAC
8th Place – Logan Garcia of Lassen

Weight Class 149
1st Place – Daniel Ruiz of Fresno City
2nd Place – Adam Valdez of Mt SAC
3rd Place – Daniel Cota of Modesto
4th Place – Larry Rodriguez of Cerritos
5th Place – Josh Aceves of Skyline
6th Place – Dylan Crawford of Sacramento City
7th Place – Humphry Quirie of Cuesta
8th Place – Emmett Kuntz of Bakersfield

Weight Class 157
1st Place – Luis Vargas of Santa Ana
2nd Place – Ruben Garcia of Fresno City
3rd Place – Miguel Gallardo of Mt SAC
4th Place – Conrad Lopez of Fresno City
5th Place – Joe Romero of West Hills
6th Place – Conrad Trevino of Sacramento City
7th Place – Manny Curry of Sacramento City
8th Place – Jessy Diaz of Palomar

Weight Class 165
1st Place – Augestine Garcia of Fresno City
2nd Place – Mace Anderson of Palomar
3rd Place – Kenneth Kirk of Cerritos
4th Place – Abel Garcia of Sacramento City
5th Place – Devin Top of Moorpark
6th Place – Kevin Garcia of Chabot
7th Place – Jackson Blankenship of Shasta
8th Place – Kevin Mello of Bakersfield

Weight Class 174
1st Place – Abner Romero of Fresno City
2nd Place – Zack Gonzalez of Cerritos
3rd Place – Cameron Cox of Palomar
4th Place – Hunter Gonzalez of Sierra
5th Place – Isaac Bertalotto of Sacramento City
6th Place – Robert Flores of Moorpark
7th Place – Gabriel Rodriguez of East Los Angeles
8th Place – Juan Rosales of Modesto

Weight Class 184
1st Place – Bronson Harmon of Sacramento City
2nd Place – Jhaylyn Hall of Santa Rosa
3rd Place – Steven Abbott of Sacramento City
4th Place – Tevin Bailey of Lassen
5th Place – Nick Kimball of Palomar
6th Place – Victor Bryson of Cuesta
7th Place – Jerrin Dean of Fresno City
8th Place – Victor Cruz of Modesto

Weight Class 197
1st Place – Anthony Cress of Chabot
2nd Place – Brian Horn of Sacramento City
3rd Place – Adrian Godinez of Bakersfield
4th Place – Karim Shakur of Santa Rosa
5th Place – Tony Rogers of Lassen
6th Place – Matthew Martinez of Fresno City
7th Place – Andy Voong of Rio Hondo
8th Place – Efren Velez of East Los Angeles

Weight Class 285
1st Place – Cristian Ayala of Mt SAC
2nd Place – Cole Mair of Lassen
3rd Place – Ramon Guzman of Skyline
4th Place – Jacob Hall of Bakersfield
5th Place – Randy Gonzalez of Cerritos
6th Place – Diego Sanchez of Rio Hondo
7th Place – Angel Mariscal of Fresno City
8th Place – Christopher Alvizures of Mt SAC

Final Team Scores

1 Fresno City 187.0
2 Sacramento City 119.5
3 Palomar 109.0
4 Cerritos 103.5
5 Mt SAC 79.0
6 Bakersfield 53.5
7 Santa Ana 52.5
8 Lassen 52.0
8 Santa Rosa 52.0
10 Skyline 39.5
11 Modesto 32.0
12 Chabot 31.0
13 Sierra 25.0
14 Shasta 22.5
15 Moorpark 21.5
16 San Joaquin Delta 20.5
17 West Hills 18.0
18 Cuesta 17.0
19 Rio Hondo 16.5
20 East Los Angeles 12.0