2018 U.S. Beach and Belt National Championships returns to Carolina Beach, N.C., May 18-19

By USA Wrestling | April 20, 2018, 12:47 p.m. (ET)
Once again, the U.S. Beach National Championships will be held in conjunction with the U.S. Belt Wrestling Championships in scenic Carolina Beach, N.C., May 18-19.

Both competition will be held in the sand on Carolina Beach on Saturday, May 19. Participants will have an opportunity to register and weigh in on either Friday night or Saturday morning.

Those who participate in both the U.S. Beach Nationals and the U.S. Belt Nationals will have first opportunity to participate in international competitions in these two Associated Styles.

Returning Senior Beach National champions are Michael Peters of Road Dawgs WC at 70 kg, Shelton Sales of North Carolina at 80 kg, unattached Justin Harrell at 90 kg, and Gabe Beauperthuy of Colorado USA Wrestling at the unlimited weight class. Peters and Beauperthuy went on to place fifth at the Beach World Championships last year in Turkey.

Online registration via credit card is available at Trackwrestling until 11:59PM (Central) Wednesday, May 16. No prequalification is required. Entry fee for participants registering online for the Beach Nationals is $25 for Bantam through Junior age groups.

Senior and Veterans registration is $30 for early online registration prior to April 30. Senior and Veterans registration is $40 for late online registration after April 30.

Those who compete in the Beach Nationals can, for only $10 more, enter the Belt Nationals, which will be held on alongside the Beach competition in the sand.

Register HERE for the Beach and Belt National Championships

Beach wrestling was introduced as an international style by UWW, the international governing body for wrestling, as another avenue for wrestling competition.

Beach Wrestling (or sand wrestling) has been a consistent style of wrestling internationally for centuries. Combining elements of all wrestling styles, including sumo, beach wrestling has become a fun and popular form of the sport. Often, Beach events have drawn walk-up crowds when partnered with other sporting events, helping expand the reach of wrestling through non-traditional venues.

Belt wrestling is a popular style in much of Asia and Europe and has expanded across the world. The competitors often wear trousers and either a blue or a green jacket held tight by a flexible red belt. While holding each other's belt, they try to throw their opponent. There will be belts available for participants at the U.S. Belt Nationals to use. It was introduced last year to USA Wrestling in Carolina Beach and was well received by those who entered both styles.

At Carolina Beach, N.C., May 18-19

Friday, May 18
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. – Early Beach and Belt Wrestling National Championship Registration and Weigh-in: Optional for ALL DIVISIONS (at the Lazy Pirate)
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. – Coach and Competitor's Social at Lazy Pirate Sports Bar (www.driftersreef.com)

Saturday, May 19
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. – Beach and Belt Wrestling National Championships Registration and Weigh-in (Carolina Beach Boardwalk Stage)
10:45 a.m. – Rules Clinic (ALL competitors must report)
11:00 a.m. to conclusion – Beach and Belt Wrestling National Championships
6:00 p.m. - Post Tournament Social at Good Hops Brewing Co., 811 Harper Ave., Carolina Beach, NC 28428

2017 Beach Nationals champions:

Bantam Beach Wrestling champions
44-50 lbs. – Gabe Sides (Mat Masters)
50-64 lbs. – Skyla Simpson (OBX ELITE)
66-68 lbs. – Sam Little (The Forge)
Intermediate Beach Wrestling champions
51-54 lbs. – Abrey Verhow (Hernandez Wrestling Academy)
65-69 lbs. – Mason Crayton (Bethel Vikings)
72-74 lbs. – Stephen McGee (Triad Falcons)
78-82 lbs. – Burke Wilson (Darkhorse)
Novice Beach Wrestling champions
62-66 lbs. – Ivan Ascencio (Hernandez Wrestling Academy)
72-75 lbs. – Michael Miller (Hernandez Wrestling Academy)
76-80 lbs. – Eden Wimberly (Hernandez Wrestling Academy)
83-86 lbs. – Will Varner (Mat Masters)
92-98 lbs. – Isaiah Williams (Wolfpack Wrestling Club)
105-114 lbs. – Ryder Strickland (Combat)
126-145 lbs. – Hunter Testa (Combat Athletics)
Schoolboy/Girl Beach Wrestling champions
70-84 lbs. – Benjamin Wimberly (Hernandez Wrestling Academy)
95-104 lbs. – Elijah Harris (C2X Wrestling Academy)
109-115 lbs. – Noah Williams (Wolfpack Wrestling Club)
120-121 lbs. – Hunter Campbell (Port City Pirates)
137-142 lbs. – Jack Jarvis (Combat)
146-154 lbs. – McCray McGee (Triad Falcons)
Cadet Beach Wrestling champions
104-110 lbs. – Dylan Lowery (WCW-Mitchell Co.)
112-119 lbs. – James Benjamin (ROBCO Wrestling)
113-119 lbs. – Anthony Portillo (NOVA Wrestling Club)
117-125 lbs. – Hunter Dover (Vision Quest)
122-133 lbs. – Griffan Garmany (Strong and Courageous)
126-135 lbs. – Bill Trader (Combat Athletics)
127-137 lbs. – Paul Howard (Strong and Courageous)
137-149 lbs. – Kylerrel Tucker (NOVA Wrestling Club)
141-150 lbs. – Kevinkevin Aragao (North Brunswick High School Wr)
145-158 lbs. – Elijah Martin (North Carolina Wrestling Facto)
157-163 lbs. – Cody Hawk (Walkertown)
160-168 lbs. – Kameron Miller (Mat Masters)
173-183 lbs. – Daylon Hall (ROBCO Wrestling)
195-198 lbs. – Earl Brewer (NOVA Wrestling Club)
214-230 lbs. – Bryan Aragao (North Brunswick High School Wr)
274-274 lbs. – Harry Locklear (ROBCO Wrestling)
Junior Beach Wrestling champions
110-116 lbs. – Noah Taylor (ROBCO Wrestling)
121-130 lbs. – Logan Maher (Middle Creek/ The Crew)
127-133 lbs. – Jaston Simmons (ROBCO Wrestling)
135-142 lbs. – Justin Zacharko (Wolfpack Wrestling Club)
139-142 lbs. – Bryce Lien (Morehead City)
142-151 lbs. – Jaden Jenkins (ROBCO Wrestling)
143-156 lbs. – Rommie Mcneil (ROBCO Wrestling)
149-163 lbs. – Bradley Hamilton (North Brunswick High School Wr)
165-177 lbs. – Isaiah Johnson (Combat)
174-182 lbs. – Troy Cain (Iron Warriors Wrestling Club)
184-201 lbs. – Trent Agee (Grays Creek Wrestling)
202-207 lbs. – Tyler Dempsey (Port City Pirates)
236-279 lbs. – Michael Hughes (Iron Warriors Wrestling Club)
Senior Beach Wrestling champions
70 KG/154.3 lbs. – Michael Peters (Road Dawgs WC)
80 KG/ 176.4 lbs. – Shelton Sales (Unattached-NC)
90 KG/198.5 lbs. – Justin Harrell (Unattached)
90+ KG/unlimited – Gabe Beauperthuy (Colorado USA Wrestling)
Veterans Beach Wrestling champions
Veteran A: Light – Travis Kirby (Warrior Wrestling)
Veteran A: Heavy – Tomas Gonzales of Pope (Fort Bragg Wrestling Te)
Veteran E: Peter Wirs (Pennsylvania Wrestling Club)