World Team, National Team, college national champions among expected field at U23 World Team Trials

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Sept. 28, 2017, 3:16 p.m. (ET)
G'Angelo Hancock, shown at the Senior Worlds in Paris, will attempt to make his third USA World Team in Greco-Roman in 2017 at the U23 World Team Trials next week. Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors.

The projected field is starting to take shape for the first U23 World Team Trials, which is set for the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minn., October 6-8. Athletes who are between 19-23 years old can enter (Born 1994-1998), with 18-year-olds (Born 1999) able to compete with a medical and parental certificate.

This will be the qualifying event in all three Olympic disciplines for the new U23 World Championships, set for Bydgoszcz, Poland, November 21-26.

Fans who can not attend in person can enjoy a live broadcast of the U23 World Team Trials by Trackwrestling.

Below is a preliminary list of projected participants, which has been collected from online entries and information from USA Wrestling National Coaches, clubs, RTCs, colleges and individual athletes. In some cases, the weight class is projected. It is possible that some of these athletes may not attend.

There are expected to be many more entries than this preliminary list, as online registration is still open and athletes may also register onsite. In addition, a number of clubs, RTCs and colleges that may participate did not respond to the request for preliminary entries.

Included in the projected field are three members of the 2017 U.S. Senior World Team, which competed in Paris, France in August: Greco-Roman star G’Angelo Hancock at 98 kg, and women stars Mallory Velte at 63 kg and Victoria Francis at 75 kg. Hancock will attempt to make his third World Team in 2017, after competing in both the Senior Worlds and Junior Worlds.

There are 12 more National Team members, who are in the top three of their weight class on the Senior level, who are projected to enter. In women’s freestyle, the other National Team members expected are Cody Pfau at 48 kg, Amy Fearnside at 53 kg, Dominique Parrish at 55 kg, Kayla Miracle at 58 kg, Francesca Giorgio at 60 kg, Koral Sugiyama at 60 kg and Maya Nelson at 63 kg. Additional Greco-Roman National Team members on the preliminary list are Hayden Tuma at 59 kg, Alejandro Sancho at 66 kg, Jon Jay Chavez at 75 kg and Kamal Bey at 80 kg. Freestyle National Team member Nathan Tomasello at 57 kg is also expected.

A pair of 2017 Junior World champions (both also National Team members) are expected to try out, Maya Nelson in women’s freestyle and Kamal Bey in Greco-Roman.

The field could include some past Cadet World champions in women’s freestyle, Ronna Heaton and Teshya Alo.

There are other past age-group World medalists on the preliminary list: G’Angelo Hancock and Jon Jay Chavez in Greco-Roman, Kayla Miracle and Victoria Francis in women’s freestyle and Joey McKenna in men’s freestyle.

The preliminary field includes four past NCAA Div. I champions. Competing in freestyle are NCAA champions Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State), Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) and Myles Martin (Ohio State), plus Greco-Roman entry Gabe Dean (Cornell 2x).

Four-time NCAA Div. III national champion Riley Lefever (Wabash) is in the freestyle field.

Among the past WCWA women’s college national champions expected are Cody Pfau (Oklahoma City 2x), Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville 3x), Natalia Hinojo (Oklahoma City), Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser 2x), Forrest Molinari (King) and Victoria Francis (Lindenwood 2x). Pfau now wrestles for Emmanuel College.

There are also numerous past NCAA All-Americans, WCWA All-Americans and age-group World Team members who are also expected to try out.

Please remember that this is a preliminary list, and there should be some other highly accomplished wrestlers who compete who have not yet signed up or indicated their attendance.

Athletes can register for the U23 World Team Trials through Trackwrestling, with online registration closing on Tuesday, October 3 at 10:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Online registration is $50 for those staying at one of the host hotels, which are listed on the U23 Trials website. The entry fee is $70 if an athlete does not have a valid registration code from one of the host hotels. (There are no refunds based upon failure to compete).

Click here for list of host hotels for U23 World Team Trials

Click here to register online through TrackWrestling

Onsite registration is available with an entry fee of $70 which must be paid in cash. Check the website for onsite registration times, based upon style and weight class.

U23 EXPECTED (1994-1998, plus athletes born in 1999 with medical letter)
As of 9/28/17

Men’s freestyle

57 kg
Nathan Tomasello, Ohio RTC, No. 3 on National Team, NCAA champ
Jackson Henson, Sunkist Kids
Mohammed McBryde, NYAC
Tim Lambert, Nebraska RTC
Joshua Rodriguez, Nittany Lion WC
Steve Polakowski, Minnesota Gopher WC
Skyler Petrie, Minnesota Gopher WC
KeVionne Robbins, Choker WC
Gage Curry, DCAC

61 kg
Isaac Jimenez, Air Force RTC
Tristan Eastman, Minnesota Storm
Josh Terao, DCAC

65 kg
Joey McKenna, LVWC/TMWC, Junior World silver medalist
Robbie Mathers, Sunkist, 17 University champ
Dalton Brady, Sunkist, 2011 Cadet World Team member
Sahid Kargbo, PEWC, Greco Junior World Team
Brock Zacherl, Clarion RTC, 17 University third
Devin Tortorice, Whitewater WC
Josh Heil, Buies Creek RTC
Logan Smith, Mat Savvy WC

70 kg
Lavion Mayes, Clarion RTC, 17 NCAA runner-up
Matthew Zovistoski, App State RTC
Colton McCrystal, Nebraska RTC
Markus Scheidel, NYC RTC
Danny Reed, NYC RTC
Richie Lewis, Scarlett Knight WC
Carson Brolsma, Minnesota Gopher WC
Hunter Marko, Minnesota Gopher WC
Jarrett Jacques, Eierman Elite
Lenny Merkin, NYAC, Princeton WC
Davionte Young, Minnesota unattached

74 kg
Isaiah Martinez, IRTC, WTT qualifier, 2x NCAA champion, 2016 University champ
Chance Marsteller, WTT qualifier, 17 University champ
Nick Wanzek, Minnesota Gopher WC
Jose Champaign, Minnesota Gopher WC
Steve Bleise, Minnesota Gopher WC

86 kg
Myles Martin, 2016 OTT qualifier, 17 University champ, NCAA champ
Sammy Brooks, 4th 2017 NCAAs, 2nd 2016 University
Jaron Smith, Terrapin WC, 3rd 17 Junior WTT
Collin Carr, Minnesota Gopher WC
Nathan Jackson, NYAC, Princeton WC
Garrett Lineberger, MD unattached

97 kg
Nikko Reyes, Valley RTC, WTT qualifier, 2nd 2016 University
Brett Pfarr, 2017 NCAA runner-up
Riley Lefever, Nittany Lion, 4th 2016 University, 4x D-III national champion
Danny Chaid, Tarheel WC, 17 University runner-up
Morgan Smith, Burnaby Mountain WC/SFU
Joshua Murphy, Drexel/PRTC

130 kg
Michael Kroells, 6th 2016 University, 7th NCAA
Matthew Voss, PEWC, WTT qualifier in Greco, 2nd 2016 University
Yousif Hemida, Terrapin WC
Joey Goodhart, Drexel/PRTC


59 kg
Hayden Tuma, Army WCAP, No. 3 on National Team
Randon Miranda, NMU, WTT qualifier
Dalton Roberts, NMU. WTT qualifier, 2016 University champ
Andrew Ibarra, NMU, WTT qualifier
Ty Pelot, 2017 University 63KG 2nd place
Kyndal Rutz, NMU
Patrick Ramirez, NMU
Jon Massey, NMU
Eric Spence, NMU
Louis Hernandez, OTC
Dalton Young, California RTC

66 kg
Alejandro Sancho, NYAC, NMU, No. 2 on National Team
Sahid Kargbo, PEWC, 2013 Greco Junior World Team
Travis Rice, NMU, 5th 2016 University, 2x Junior World Team
Calvin Germinaro, NMU, 3rd Junior WTT
Alston Nutter, NMU
Britton Holmes, NMU
Jordan Auen, NMU
Riley Briggs, NMU
Justin Lien, NMU
Aaron Kliamovich, NMU
Mason Hartshorn, NMU
Lenny Merkin, NYAC, Princeton
Rodolpho Guillen, Minn. Storm

71 kg
Colin Schubert, NMU, WTT qualifier
Logan Kass, NMU, WTT qualifier
William Koll, 2016 Junior WTT champ at 63 kg
Alex Mossing, Air Force RTC, 2017 University Nationals champ and OW

75 kg
Jon Jay Chavez, No. 3 on National Team
Jesse Porter, NYAC/NMU, WTT qualifier, 2016 University champ
Corey Fitzgerald, NMU, WTT qualifier
Ryan Cummings, NMU-OTS
Ale Kahn, NMU
Josh Anderson, NMU
Michael Donato, NMU
Colby Baker, NMU
Trey Hardy, NMU
Giuseppe Rios, NMU

80 kg
Kamal Bey, No. 2 on National Team, 2017 Junior World champion
Tommy Brackett, WTT qualifier, 2nd Junior WTT at 84 kg
Curt Calovecchi, NMU. 4th 2016 University
Carter Nielsen, NMU, 2nd 2016 Junior WTT
Aaron Trygstad, Otero
Zackery Bickford, NMU
Keaton Fanning, NMU
Greg Kleinsmith, NMU

85 kg
Gabe Dean, 2x NCAA champ, Pan Am medalist, Born 1994
Wyatt Koelling, 2017 Junior WTT champ, Born 1998
Alex Meyer, Hawkeye WC, 2016 University Nationals FS champ
Austin Chaon, NMU. 3rd 2016 Junior WTT
George Sikes, NMU
Trey Hardy, NMU
Jason Grimes, DCAC
Trey Hardy, Florida Jets
Spencer Wilson, NMU

98 kg
G’Angelo Hancock, NYAC, No. 1 on National Team, 2015 Junior World bronze
Blake Smith, NMU, 1st Junior WTT
Mansur Abdul-Malik, Terrapin WC
Byron Schlickenmeyer, NMU
Anthony Riopelli, NMU
Hayden Bailey, California RTC

130 kg
Nicholas Boykin, Sunkist, 3rd Junior WTT
Matthew Voss, PEWC, WTT qualifier in Greco, 2nd 2016 University
Michael Rogers, 2016 Junior WTT champ
Marc Leon, NMU
Alton Meeks, Florida Jets


48 kg
Cody Pfau, No. 2 on National Team
Aleeah Gould, King, WTT qualifier, 3rd Junior WTT, 7th WCWA
Katlyn Pizzo, Campbellsville, WTT qualifier, 5th Junior WTT
Kateri Rowell, Grays Harbor, 2nd Junior WTT
McKenzie Bacich, Campbellsville
Nina Pham, Grays Harbor
Viannei Perez, Grays Harbor
Cynthia Ramirez, Grays Harbor
Mariah Lomas, Aires WC
Marissa Gregoire, Aires WC
Raven Guidry, Aires

53 kg
Amy Fearnside, Titan Mercury WC, No. 3 on National Team, 2nd WCWA
Ronna Heaton, Grays Harbor, WTT qualifier, 2x Cadet World medalist, 1st Junior WTT
McKayla Campbell, Campbellsville, WTT qualifier, 1st Junior WTT
Charlotte Fowler, Campbellsville, 3rd Junior WTT, 5th WCWA
Cassidy Jasperson, Aires WC, WTT qualifier, 4th WCWA
Dajan Treder, Argo WC, WTT qualifier, Born 1994
Jazmin Perez, Viking WC
Brittany Wynn, Grays Harbor
Madison Seales, Aires WC
Leiana Nacapuy, Aires WC
Michelle Lomas, Aires WC

55 kg
Dominique Parrish, SFU, No. 3 on National Team, 2nd WCWA
Megan Black, King, WTT qualifier, 2nd WCWA
Hanna Grisewood, King, WTT qualifier, 3rd WCWA
M. Mendoza, Aires WC
Daniela Flores, Aires WC

58 kg
Kayla Miracle, Sunkist/Campbellsville, No. 2 on National Team. 2x Junior World medalist
Allison Petix, King Univ.
Steffanie Hampton, Campbellsville
Abby Mainzer, Aires WC
T Ivey, Aires WC
K Ramos, Aires WC
Europa Cabada, Aires WC
Cierra Foster, Aires WC

60 kg
Francesca Giorgio, SFU, No. 2 on National Team, 4th WCWA
Koral Sugiyama, Campbellsville, No 3 on National Team, 3rd WCWA
Arian Carpio, Sunkist, WTT qualifier
Nicole Joseph, King, WTT qualifier, 2nd Junior WTT
Alicia Reyes, Viking WC, WTT qualifier, 3rd WCWA
Natalia Hinojo, Aires WC, 2016 WCWA champion
Carla Ponce, Aires WC, WTT qualifier, 8th WCWA
Emma Bruntil, 3rd Junior WTT
Shelby Hall, Campbellsville, 4th WCWA
Erin Redford, Aires WC

63 kg
Mallory Velte, Titan Mercury, No. 1 on National Team, 2x WCWA champion
Maya Nelson, Sunkist, No. 3 on National Team, 2017 Junior World champion
Teshya Alo, Titan Mercury WC, Cadet World champion, 2nd 17 Junior WTT, U.S. Open champion
Maggie Douma, Aires WC, WTT qualifier
Desiree Zavala, Grays Harbor, WTT qualifier, 3rd Junior WTT at 67 kg, 3rd WCWA
Ana Poyner, Viking WC
Melissa Jacobs, Minnesota Storm

69 kg
Jessi Kee, King, WTT qualifier, 2nd WCWA
Rachel Watters, Aires WC/NYAC, WTT qualifier, 2x Junior World Team
Forrest Molinari, King, WTT qualifier, 2nd 2017 WCWA, 2016 WCWA champ
Shamera McTier, Viking WC
Mariah Harris, Campbellsville
K. Glenn, Aires WC
Yvonne Galindo, Aires WC
R. Torres, Aires WC

75 kg
Victoria Francis, No. 1 on National Team, Junior World bronze
Yvette Garcia, Aires WC, WTT qualifier
Paige Baynes, Grays Harbor, WTT qualifier
Tatum Sparks, Argo WC