USA Wrestling Boyd and Shilson ear...

Boyd and Shilson earn silver, three others advance to repechage

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | Sept. 07, 2017, 9:29 a.m. (ET)

Photo: Alara Boyd won silver in second Cadet Worlds outing. Photo by Richard Immel.


ATHENS, Greece – Alara Boyd and Emily Shilson earned silver medals in women’s freestyle at the 2017 Cadet World Championships in Athens, Greece, on Thursday night.

In the 65 kg/143 lbs. finals, Boyd faced off against Honoka Nakai from Japan. Boyd drew a passivity point in the first period to hold a 1-0 lead at the break. The second period is where Nakai got her point, also on passivity to hold a 1-1 advantage on criteria, which eventually sealed the win for the Japanese.

Boyd is now a 2016 Cadet World bronze medalist and a 2017 Cadet World silver medalist.

Shilson lost a heartbreaker in the 43 kg/95 lbs. finals against Japan’s Umi Ito. Off the whistle, Ito hit a double, putting Shilson to her back for four and then went right into a leg lace, where she rattled off three turns for a 10-0 tech fall in 17 seconds.

Shilson, a 2016 Cadet Pan American champion, finishes her first outing at the Cadet World Championships with a silver medal.

Kelani Corbett, a native of Mililani, Hawai’i, fell in the 70 kg/154 lbs. semifinals to 2016 Cadet Asian bronze medalist Yuka Kagami of Japan.

Kagami took a 7-0 lead into the break by way of a pair of takedowns. In the second period, the Japanese athlete wrapped up the match with a takedown and leg lace for an 11-0 tech fall.

With the loss, Corbett advances to tomorrow night’s bronze medal match. Her opponent will be determined in the morning session.

Caitlyn Walker and Olivia Shore were pulled back into repechage at 40 kg/88 lbs. and 46 kg/101 lbs.

Walker lost earlier in the day to Japan’s Sakurai Hanano, who eased her way to the finals, giving Walker a chance to wrestleback for a medal.

Shore got a second chance after 2015 Cadet World champion Ekaterina Mikhailova of Russia picked up a last-second 10-10 victory on criteria in the semifinals to secure a spot in the finals.

Alexandria Liles, who lost a tough 2-1 battle to Erika Bognar of Hungary in the morning session, was unable to qualify for the medal round at 60 kg/132 lbs., when the Hungarian fell to India’s Anshu Anshu in the semifinals.

Friday’s competition begins with repechage at 10:30 a.m. local time (1:30 a.m. ET), with the finals scheduled for 6 p.m. local time (11 a.m. ET). The first five American men’s freestyle athletes will also begin their World championships tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Fans can watch live and find brackets on

at Athens, Greece, Sept. 4-10

Finals matchups
38 kg/84 lbs.
Gold - Shahana Nazarova (Azerbaijan)
Silver - Mariia Tomyshch (Ukraine)
Bronze - Julieta Martinez Gonzalez (Mexico)
Bronze - Luchana Bekbaulova (Russia)
5th - Mamata Keloji (India)
5th - Karin Uematsu (Japan)
7th – Le Luc (Vietnam)
8th – Buman Enkhbold (Mongolia)
9th – Nicoleta Durac (Romania)
10th – Dimitrinka Sergeeva (Bulgaria)

Gold – Shahana Nazarova (Azerbaijan) tech. fall Mariia Tomyshch (Ukraine), 11-0
Bronze – Julieta Martinez Gonzalez (Mexico) tech. fall Mamata Keloji (India), 10-0
Bronze – Luchana Bekbaulova (Russia) dec. Karin Uematsu (Japan), 9-3

43 kg/95 lbs.
Gold - Umi Ito (Japan)
Silver - Emily Shilson (USA)
Bronze - Aldynai Darzhaa (Russia)
Bronze - Neelam Neelam (India)
5th - Karina Chornomor (Ukraine)
5th - Roxana Tif (Romania)
7th – Ayazhan Markasheva (Kazakhstan)
8th – Thi Oahn Nguyen (Vietnam)
9th – Enkhzul Batbaatar (Mongolia)
10th – Seyma Kizmaz (Turkey)

Gold – Umi Ito (Japan) tech. fall Emily Shilson (USA), 10-0
Bronze – Aldynai Darzhaa (Russia) dec. Karina Chornomor (Ukraine), 13-8
Bronze – Neelam Neelam (India) dec. Roxana Tif (Romania), 6-4

49 kg/108 lbs.
Gold - Suzuna Yoshimura (Japan)
Silver - Mariia Tiumerekova (Russia)
Bronze - Zeynep Yetgil (Turkey)
Bronze - Tetiana Profatilova (Ukraine)
5th - Ayaulym Tuganbayeva (Kazakhstan)
5th - Natallia Varakina (Belarus)
7th – Vayle Baker (USA)
8th – Thi Phuong Nguyen (Vietnam)
9th – Shu Fen Tsai (Chinese Taipei)
10th – Ankush Ankush (India)

Gold – Suzuna Yoshimura (Japan) dec. Mariia Tiumerekova (Russia), 7-2
Bronze – Tetiana Profatilova (Ukraine) fall Ayaulym Tuganbayeva (Kazakhstan), 3:29
Bronze – Zeynep Yetgil (Turkey) dec. Natallia Varakina (Belarus), 5-0

56 kg/123 lbs.
Gold - Sonam Sonam (India)
Silver - Sena Nagamoto (Japan)
Bronze - Anna Szel (Hungary)
Bronze - Anastasia Blayvas (Germany)
5th - Ida Joensson (Sweden)
5th - Angelika Mytkowska (Poland)
7th – Irina Ringaci (Moldova)
8th – Gracie Figueroa (USA)
9th – Tolganay Yermakhan (Kazakhstan)
10th – Purevsuren Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia)

Gold – Sonam Sonam (India) dec. Sena Nagamoto (Japan), 3-1
Bronze – Anastasia Blayvas (Germany) dec. Angelika Mytkowska (Poland), 6-1
Bronze – Anna Szel (Hungary) tech. fall Ida Joensson (Sweden), 10-0

65 kg/143 lbs.
Gold - Honoka Nakai (Japan)
Silver - Alara Boyd (USA)
Bronze - Oksana Chudyk (Ukraine)
Bronze - Viktoriya Dzehtsiarenka (Belarus)
5th - Siyka Ivanova (Bulgaria)
5th - Aina Termirtassova (Kazakhstan)
7th – Tina Tina (India)
8th – Zsuzsanna Molnar (Slovakia)
9th – Elena  Esposito (Italy)
10th – Magdalena Kisielinska (Poland)

Gold – Honoka Nakai (Japan) dec. Alara Boyd (USA), 1-1
Bronze – Oksana Chudyk (Ukraine) fall Siyka Ivanova (Bulgaria), 1:12
Bronze – Viktoriya Dzehtsiarenka (Belarus) dec. Aina Termirtassova (Kazakhstan), 4-0

U.S. women’s freestyle results
40 kg/88 lbs. – Caitlyn Walker, Hatboro, Pa. (Team Pennsylvania)
LOSS Sakurai Hanano (Japan), fall 1:21

43 kg/95 lbs. – Emily Shilson, Maple Grove, Minn. (Titan Mercury WC) - SILVER
Aldynai Darzhaa (Russia), 12-2
WIN Ayazhan Markasheva (Kazakhstan), 12-2
Karina Chornomor (Ukraine), 10-0

46 kg/101 lbs. – Olivia Shore, St. Paris, Ohio (Ohio National Team)
LOSS Ekaterina Mikhailova (Russia), fall 3:51

49 kg/108 lbs. – Vayle Baker, Benton, Pa. (Team Pennsylvania) – 7th
Maria Triantafyllidou (Greece), fall 1:19
LOSS Suzuna Yoshimura (Japan), 10-0
WIN Sevinj Ahadova (Azerbaijan), 12-2
LOSS Nataliia Varakina (Belarus), 16-8

52 kg/114 lbs. – Alisha Howk, River Falls, Wisc.
LOSS Mariana Dragutan (Moldova), 10-8

56 kg/123 lbs. – Gracie Figueroa, Selma, Calif. (Titan Mercury WC) – 8th
Nuraida Anarkulova (Kyrgyzstan), fall 1:28
WIN Violleta Petrovska (Ukraine), 11-0
LOSS Ida Joensson (Sweden), fall 1:18

60 kg/132 lbs. – Alexandria Liles, Allen, Texas (Best Trained WC)
WIN Miriam Loetscher (Switzerland), 10-0
LOSS Erika Bognar (Hungary), 2-1

65 kg/145 lbs. – Alara Boyd, Muncie, Ind. (CIA) – SILVER
WIN Oksana Chudyk (Ukraine), 5-2
WIN Nyla Burgess (Canada), 11-0
WIN Siyka Ivanova (Bulgaria), fall 3:26
LOSS Honoka Nakai (Japan), 1-1

70 kg/154 lbs. – Kelani Corbett, Mililani, Hawai’i (Team Hawai’i)
WIN Khulan Tsermaa (Mongolia), 8-6
WIN Romana Vovchak (Ukraine), 8-4
LOSS Yuka Kagami (Japan), 11-0