Nelson wins gold, Bellamy gets silver, Moe a bronze in Greco-Roman at Veterans Worlds in Bulgaria

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Oct. 10, 2017, 5:59 p.m. (ET)
Photo of Hedj Nelson with his gold medal by Chris Brown, courtesy of the USA Masters Wrestling Facebook Page. Action shot of Hedj Nelson competing at 2017 Veterans World Championships by Robbert Wijtman, CSC Sports Photography.

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – Three U.S. Greco-Roman wrestlers won medals on the first day of the Veterans World Championships on Tuesday.

Capturing a gold medal at 62 kg in Div. E was Hedj Nelson of Colville, Wash., who pinned Aisabek Polatbekov of Kyrgyzstan in the finals.

Nelson won two bouts to reach the gold-medal round, opening with a 4-3 win over Muhlis Kazimoglu of Turkey, then winning his semifinal match over Tulegen Bertayev of Kazakhstan, 5-1.

Winning a silver medal in Greco-Roman was Octavius Bellamy of Bolingbrook, Ill., competing at 100 kg in Div. B.

Bellamy opened with a pair of technical falls, beating Lars Pettersson of Sweden, 9-0 and Costel Juncu of Romania, 8-0. In the championship bout, he was pinned by Mahdi Mir Jafar Seyedsadri of Iran.

Last year, Bellamy was a gold medalist in freestyle at the Veterans World Championships, while Nelson won a silver medal in freestyle.

Taking a bronze medal at 78 kg in Div. E was Bruce Moe of Hillsboro, N.D., who beat Abbas Mohammadi Hezaveh of Iran 5-1 in the bronze medal bout. He finished with a 3-1 record for the day.

Two U.S. athletes were defeated in bronze-medal matches to place fifth, Jason Goldman of Endicott, N.Y. at 62 kg in Div. B and Brad Brosius of Dover, Pa. at 78 kg in Div. E

The competition continues on Wednesday, with Greco-Roman action in Div. C and Div. D. The brackets for Div. C and Div. D brackets are online, and the first round pairings for Team USA are listed below.

Results and video are available on TrackWrestling.

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At Plovdiv, Bulgaria, October 10

Div. B medalists

62 kg
Gold - Aleksandr Serebrinnikov of Russia
Silver- Simon Rebholz of Germany
Bronze- Geir Larsen of Norway
Bronze- David Bigeaud of France

70 kg
Gold - Hamid Reza Ali Habibi of Iran
Silver- Constantin Borascu of Romania
Bronze- Amankos Niyazov of Kazakhstan
Bronze- Aleksandr Kucherov of Russia

78 kg
Gold - Jimmy Fredrik Samuelsson of Sweden
Silver- Badri Antadze of Georgia
Bronze- Cebrail Karakas of Turkey
Bronze- Johan Mikael S Hedberg of Sweden

88 kg
Gold - Reza Mohammad Abdoli of Iran
Silver- Danil Lishchinsky of Israel
Bronze- Yury Bursin of Russia
Bronze- Kairat Borumbayev of Kazakhstan

100 kg
Gold - Mahdi Mir Jafar Seyedsadri of Iran
Silver- Octavius Travon Bellamy of United States
Bronze- Costel Juncu of Romania
Bronze- Mustafa Lagap of Turkey

130 kg
Gold - Ulaanbaatar Munkhbayar of Mongolia
Silver- Ivan Matekovic of Croatia
Bronze- Bahaaldin Mohammad Karimzadeh of Iran

U.S. Div. B performances

62 kg – Jason Goldman, Endicott, N.Y., 5th place
LOSS Simon Rebholz (Germany), 1-0
LOSS David Bigeaud (France), 6-0

78 kg – Rudy James, St. Paul, Minn., 8th
LOSS Jacques Rossouw (South Africa), 8-4

100 kg – Octavius Bellamy, Bolingbrook, Ill., silver medal
WIN Lars Pettersson (Sweden), tech. fall 9-0
WIN Costel Juncu (Romania), tech. fall 8-0
LOSS Mahdi Mir Jafar Seyedsadri (Iran), 2-0

Div. E medalists

62 kg
Gold - Hedj Nelson of United States
Silver- Aisabek Polatbekov of Kyrgyzstan
Bronze- Muhlis Kazimoglu of Turkey
Bronze- Massimo Tocci of Italy

70 kg
Gold - Mykhaylo Nylypyuk of Ukraine
Silver- Georgi Markov Hristov of France
Bronze- Mukhtar Ussin of Kazakhstan
Bronze- Safer Tsevgosh of Russia

88 kg
Gold - Willem Jacobus Putter of South Africa
Silver - Nikolay Kazakov of Russia
Bronze - Fikret Polat of Turkey
Bronze - Vladimir Bezverkhii of Russia

100 kg
Gold - Miroslaw Wieczorkiewicz of Poland
Silver - Bernd Holzapfel of Germany
Bronze - Valerii Pavlenko of Ukraine
Bronze - Victor Graur of Moldova

130 kg
Gold - Attila Szabo of Romania
Silver - Abdulla Zabakov of Kazakhstan
Bronze - Dane Simic of Croatia
Bronze- Sadegh Mehdi Nazarichalehchaleh of Iran

U.S. Div. E performances

62 kg – Hedj Nelson, Colville, Wash., gold medal
WIN Muhlis Kazimoglu (Turkey), 4-3
WIN Tulegen Bertayev (Kazakhstan), 5-1
WIN Aisabek Polatbekov (Kyrgyzstan), 2-0

78 kg - Brad Brosius, Dover, Pa., 5th place
LOSS Gheorge Paduraru (Romania), 10-0 tech. fall
LOSS Ivan Rangelov (Bulgaria), pin 1:38

78 kg – Chris Brown, Boyds, Md, 6th
LOSS Abbas Mohammadi Hezaveh (Iran), 13-5

78 kg – Bruce Moe, Hillsboro, N.D., bronze medal
WIN Jacques Maurice Foures (France), tech. fall 9-1
LOSS Anatolii Soroka (Ukraine), 1-0
WIN Rainer Meuller (Germany), 4-3
WIN Abbas Mohammadi Hezaveh (Iran), 5-1

88 kg – Joseph Cattan, Mt. Washington, Ky., dnp/12th
LOSS Keikhosro Amirsardari (Iran), 1-0

88 kg – John Hanrahan, Milton, Ga., 7th
WIN Endel Uppin (Estonia), 6-0
LOSS Fikret Polat (Turkey), 4-1

88 kg – Constantin Tintea, New Britain, Pa., dnp
LOSS Nikolay Kazakov (Russia), tech. fall 12-4
LOSS Keikhosro Amirsardari (Iran), pin 0:41

U.S. Greco-Roman draws for Wednesday

Div. C draws

62 kg – Joe Raia, South Elgin, Ill.
Vs. Kai Martti Koivunen (Finland)

88 kg – Eric Cluck, Cumming, Ga.
Vs. Mohsen Edehpour (Iran)

88 kg – Kevin Pine, Las Vegas, Nev.
Vs. Martin Dalsbotten (Norway)

100 kg – Gelu Bors, Henderson, Nev. (roundrobin)
Vs. Zelijko Jovisic (Serbia)
Vs. Hassan Zareei (Iran)
Vs. Hristo Gabrovski (Bulgaria)
Vs. Gelu Bors (Bulgaria)

130 kg – George Porter, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Vs. winner of Ari Vatja (Finland) and Thomas Summ (Germany)

Div. D draws

70 kg – Steve Horton, Cibolo, Texas
Vs. Peter Kaercher (Switzerland)

70 kg – John Laurenzi, Congers, N.Y.
Vs. Kimmo Tolsa (Finland)

78 kg – Louis Orr, Rochester, Minn.
Vs. Salim Sert (Turkey)

88 kg – Jeffery Anderson, Zeeland, Mich.
Vs. Jorma Niemi (Finland)

130 kg – Brian Jones, Los Angeles, Calif.
Vs. Petrica Constandache (Romania)