YouCaring fundraising site set up for USA Wrestling IT Director Meredith Wilson who is battling cancer

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | May 10, 2017, 5:10 p.m. (ET)
Photo of Meredith Wilson with her sons Cameron and Maverick.

Friends and colleagues of USA Wrestling’s longtime IT Director Meredith Wilson have set up a YouCaring site to support her and her family as Meredith battles a rare form of cancer.

Wilson, who has served on USA Wrestling’s national staff for 17 years, was recently diagnosed with Stage III of a rare cancer called Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

Mantle Cell Lymphoma patients represent only about 6 percent (about 4,200 cases) of all new cases of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in the United States. Mantle Cell Lymphoma occurs more frequently in older adults—the average age at diagnosis is the mid-60s. It is more often diagnosed in males than in females.

In addition to providing personal support and encouragement, Meredith’s friends have also begun a fundraising effort to help her family with her considerable out-of-pocket expenses for her treatment for this form of cancer. She is currently deciding about her treatment plan, evaluating treatment centers in Houston and Phoenix and making decisions about her best treatment options.

There will be considerable expenses for her housing and travel costs, as she will need to reside in the city during the length of her treatments, along with numerous other expenses that are not covered by insurance.


Meredith Wilson has a very positive attitude about her challenge, and is confident that she will beat cancer and return to life on her terms. However, this fight may take a long time and will be difficult. Wrestling has been a major part of her life, not only as a national staff professional but also during much of her life journey. Any support that she receives will make a difference and truly be appreciated and embraced.


Meredith: a sister, daughter, friend, colleague and most importantly, a mother, was recently diagnosed with stage III cancer. Specifically, a rare type of cancer called Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

Meredith is a unique, strong woman. She adopted her two boys (Cameron & Maverick) from a local foster care program at the ages of 10 & 11, as a single mom. Young boys, with a bit of history and baggage, were quite a challenge at times! She NEVER gave up on them or stopped loving them! They are now both young men, living their own lives. She has an 18-month old grandson named Mak, and another grandchild is due in September!

We want to show Meredith the same love and commitment that she gave her sons and want to do everything we can to assist her in BEATING CANCER! This will take a huge hit on her finances and she needs our help. She is currently looking into different treatment centers in Houston and Phoenix. Where ever she ultimately decides to seek treatment, she will have to temporarily reside in that city, which will require either renting an apartment or long term hotel stays and transportation among other things.

She is blessed to have found a soulmate, Kevin, (their wedding is scheduled for July this summer) - who will also travel with her to be her support system during this trying time. Any amount you can give will make a big difference to Meredith. She has been an employee of USA Wrestling for 17 years and part of the wrestling family for even longer. I hope that you can help her in her battle. THANK YOU!!!