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Illinois defeats Minnesota Storm, 46-29, to defend its Cadet National Freestyle Duals team title

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | June 17, 2017, 2:55 p.m. (ET)

YORK, Pa. – Showing dominance in the middle and upper weights, and scoring bonus points in 10 matches, Illinois defended its Cadet National Freestyle Duals team title with a 46-29 win over the Minnesota Storm.

It was a rematch of the 2017 Cadet National Greco-Roman Duals final on Thursday, won by Minnesota Storm, 40-38. This time, it was Illinois getting the big moves and scoring the clutch victories, even though Minnesota kept it fairly close until the very end.

Illinois opened with a win when Luke Luffman scored a 10-0 technical fall over Nick Pierce at 285 pounds, with two takedowns and three gut wrenches. Minnesota rebounded with an exciting come-from-behind win by Blake West at 88 pounds, who edged Josh Koderhandt, 13-12. Trailing 12-6 in the second period, West chipped away at the lead, scoring seven straight points including the winning takedown with just 15 seconds left.

Illinois responded with another bonus point win, as Sawyer Nash was dominant on top, scoring multiple turns on the way to a 12-2 technical fall over Kanin Hable. Minnesota returned the favor with a technical fall of its own, as Paxton Creese provided a steady dose of takedowns and counter offense to secure an 11-0 win over Alex Villar. Illinois led 9-8 after four matches.

Illinois kept up the pressure with another technical fall, as Matt Ramos flashed a great takedown offense and put away Joey Thompson, 11-1 at 106. The next technical fall for Illinois came at 113, where Noah Surtin broke open the match with three straight gut wrenches to close out the win over Nic Cantu, 12-2. Illinois led 17-10 at that point of the dual.

Minnesota got a huge lift at 120, as Ryan Sokol scored an amazing 18-12 comeback win over Jacob Lindsey. Trailing 10-2 late in the first period, Sokol scored 10 straight points to take a 12-10 lead midway through the second period. After Lindsey tied it up at 12-12, Sokol scored two pushouts and a four-point throw to close out the win. It was the start of a four-match run by the Storm.

The Storm added with some big bonus point wins to take the lead. Carson Manville was dominant on the top, turning Daniel Pucino multiple times in an 11-0 technical fall at 126. Nick Dunagan showed similar skills in par terre, using an ankle lace numerous times for another 11-0 technical fall over Trevor Chumbley at 132.

Next was another comeback win for Minnesota at 138 pounds, as Colby Njos edged Joshuar Ramos, 10-8. Ramos came out strong, jumping to a 6-0 lead, but Njos came back strong with 10 straight points for a 10-6 lead. A late Ramos takedown was not enough as Njos finished with a two-point victory. Minnesota led 24-19 at that point.

Illinois came back with four straight bonus point wins, not only scoring big teams but also not allowing a single technical point to a Minnesota wrestler in those bouts, shutting them out of scoring any team points.

Fidel Mayora scored on both his feet and the mat, getting a spin-behind takedown with one second left in the first period for a 10-0 technical fall over Willy Bastyr at 145 pounds. Showing dominance on his feet, Donnell Washington scored three two-point takedowns and a big four-point throw for a 10-0 technical fall over Dylan Fudge at 152 pounds.

The next victory was big, as David Ferrante of Illinois and Cade King of Minnesota went hard at 160 pounds. Leading 2-1, King threw Ferrante for four points, but Ferrante scored a quick reversal for two and pinned King in 1:36 for five big team points for Illinois.

Abe Assad was in control the entire way, scoring four straight takedowns then a quick turn for a 10-0 first-period technical fall over Dalton Andrist at 170 pounds. At the end of the four match dominant run, Illinois led 36-24.

Minnesota still had some magic left up its sleeve at 182 pounds. Trevor Swier of Illinois jumped to an 11-4 first-period lead over Grant Parrish, with some dominant takedown skills. However, Parrish hit a big lateral drop throw for four points and finished it off with a pin at the 3:37 mark.

Illinois closed out the win with two straight pins, to finish the dual with style. At 195 pounds, Peter Christensen scored an early takedown then locked up a tight cradle, pinning Rowan Morgan in 26 second. Then, Jacob Kaminski rolled up a 9-0 lead, before pinning Brennan Rutt in 1:54 at 220 pounds.

Illinois reached the finals by winning Pool A on Friday, then taking three straight matches in Pool A of the Gold/Silver Pool, with victories over New Jersey Red, Washington and Ohio Red.

Minnesota Storm reached the finals by winning Pool B, then taking three straight in Pool B of the Gold/Silver Pool, with victories over Missouri Red, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania Red.

Ohio Red took third place after a 40-35 victory over Pennsylvania Red, with Ohio winning nine bouts and Pennsylvania taking eight bouts. Fifth place went to Oklahoma, a 39-35 winner over Washington. Finishing in seventh was Missouri Red, which defeated New Jersey Red 44-32 in the medal round.

The tournament was broadcast live by TrackCast, and fans can see archived matches by visiting TrackWrestling.

At York, Pa., June 17

Gold/Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)

1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Minnesota Storm
3rd Place - Ohio Red
4th Place - Pennsylvania Red
5th Place – Oklahoma
6th Place - Washington
7th Place - Missouri Red
8th Place - New Jersey Red

1st Place Match - Illinois defeated Minnesota Storm 46-29.
285 - Luke Luffman (Illinois) over Nick Pierce (Minnesota Storm) TF 10-0
88 - Blake West (Minnesota Storm) over Joshua Koderhandt (Illinois) Dec 13-12
94 - Sawyer Nash (Illinois) over Kanin Hable (Minnesota Storm) TF 12-2
100 - Paxton Creese (Minnesota Storm) over Alex Villar (Illinois) TF 11-0
106 - Matt Ramos (Illinois) over Joey Thompson (Minnesota Storm) TF 11-1
113 - Noah Surtin (Illinois) over Nic Cantu (Minnesota Storm) TF 12-2
120 - Ryan Sokol (Minnesota Storm) over Jacob Lindsey (Illinois) Dec 18-12
126 - Carson Manville (Minnesota Storm) over Daniel Pucino (Illinois) TF 11-0
132 - Nick Dunagan (Minnesota Storm) over Trevor Chumbley (Illinois) TF 11-0
138 - Colby Njos (Minnesota Storm) over Joshua Ramos (Illinois) Dec 10-8
145 - Fidel Mayora (Illinois) over Willie Bastyr (Minnesota Storm) TF 10-0
152 - Donnell Washington (Illinois) over Dylan Fudge (Minnesota Storm) TF 10-0
160 - David Ferrante (Illinois) over Cade King (Minnesota Storm) Fall 1:36
170 - Abe Assad (Illinois) over Dalton Andrist (Minnesota Storm) TF 10-0
182 - Grant Parrish (Minnesota Storm) over Trevor Swier (Illinois) Fall 3:37
195 - Peter Christensen (Illinois) over Rowan Morgan (Minnesota Storm) Fall 0:26
220 - Jacob Kaminski (Illinois) over Brennan Rutt (Minnesota Storm) Fall 1:54

3rd Place Match - Ohio Red defeated Pennsylvania Red 40-35.
285 - Louden Haga (Ohio Red) over Colby Whitehill (Pennsylvania Red) TF 11-0
88 - Zack Mattin (Ohio Red) over Costa Moore (Pennsylvania Red) TF 10-0
94 - Kyle Rowan (Ohio Red) over Sheldon Seymour (Pennsylvania Red) TF 19-8
100 - Chris Kim (Pennsylvania Red) over Dustin Norris (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
106 - Ryan Miller (Pennsylvania Red) over Peyten Keller (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
113 - Dylan Shawver (Ohio Red) over Lincoln Heck (Pennsylvania Red) TF 16-4
120 - Michael Burnett (Ohio Red) over Jagger Condomitti (Pennsylvania Red) TF 12-1
126 - Joshua Jones (Pennsylvania Red) over Nick Moore (Ohio Red) TF 12-2
132 - Victor Voinovich (Ohio Red) over Cameron Robinson (Pennsylvania Red) TF 10-0
138 - Micheal Kistler (Pennsylvania Red) by forfeit
145 - Benny Baker (Pennsylvania Red) over Hudson Hightower (Ohio Red) Dec 7-2
152 - Nevan Snodgrass (Ohio Red) over Angel Garcia (Pennsylvania Red) TF 10-0
160 - Carter Starocci (Pennsylvania Red) over Jacob Lagoa (Ohio Red) Dec 6-4
170 - Anthony D` Alesio (Ohio Red) over Caden Wright (Pennsylvania Red) TF 12-2
182 - Darrien Roberts (Pennsylvania Red) over Michael O`Horo (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
195 - Matt Cover (Ohio Red) over Mason McCready (Pennsylvania Red) Fall 1:17
220 - Hunter Catka (Pennsylvania Red) over Paul Haywood (Ohio Red) TF 10-0

5th Place Match – Oklahoma defeated Washington, 39-35
285 - Josh Heindselman (Oklahoma) over Dustyn Camacho (Washington) TF 11-0
88 - Luke Ahrberg (Oklahoma) over Mark Marum (Washington) TF 10-0
94 - JJ Gilbert (Oklahoma) over Dominic Sowers (Washington) TF 10-0
100 - Yusief Lillie (Washington) over Carter Young (Oklahoma) Dec 5-2
106 - Tucker Owens (Oklahoma) over Brenden Chaowanapibool (Washington) Dec 13-12
113 - Haiden Drury (Washington) over Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma) TF 13-2
120 - Cam Picklo (Oklahoma) over Maka Yacapin (Washington) TF 13-2
126 - Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma) over CJ Richmond (Washington) Dec 12-6
132 - Ryan Wheeler (Washington) over Cougar Andersen (Oklahoma) Fall 0:38
138 - Spencer Schickram (Oklahoma) over Riley Van Scoy (Washington) TF 14-4
145 - Franky Almaguer (Washington) over Brady DeArmond (Oklahoma) TF 16-5
152 - Kiran Srikanth (Washington) over Micah Lugafet (Oklahoma) TF 11-0
160 - Gage Hockett (Oklahoma) over Sione Halo (Washington) Dec 6-6
170 - Devin Neal (Washington) over Charles Floyd (Oklahoma) Fall 0:20
182 - Isaac Gomez (Washington) over Matthew Santos (Oklahoma) TF 10-0
195 - Konner Doucet (Oklahoma) over Braxton Mikesell (Washington) Dec 11-6
220 - Cabe Dickerson (Oklahoma) over Jonoah Thomas (Washington) TF 11-0

7th Place Match - Missouri Red defeated New Jersey Red 44-32.
285 - Landon Porter (Missouri Red) over Lewis Fernandes (New Jersey Red) Fall 2:08
88 - Daniel Hicks (Missouri Red) by forfeit
94 - Kelly Dunnigan (New Jersey Red) over Logan Gaynor (Missouri Red) TF 10-0
100 - Brett Ungar (New Jersey Red) over Korbin Shepherd (Missouri Red) TF 10-0
106 - Jeremiah Reno (Missouri Red) over Joseph Butler (New Jersey Red) Fall 1:10
113 - Trey Crawford (Missouri Red) by forfeit
120 - Ethen Miller (Missouri Red) by forfeit
126 - Travis Mastrogiovanni (New Jersey Red) over Grayston DiBlasi (Missouri Red) TF 10-0
132 - Gianni Manginelli (New Jersey Red) over Adian Johnson (Missouri Red) Fall 3:26
138 - Sam Frankowski (Missouri Red) over Joseph Zargo (New Jersey Red) Dec 8-4
145 - Robert Garcia (New Jersey Red) over Trevor Christian (Missouri Red) TF 10-0
152 - Kolby Estes (Missouri Red) over Dante Steffanelli (New Jersey Red) TF 10-0
160 - Robert Kanniard (New Jersey Red) by forfeit
170 - Christopher Foca (New Jersey Red) over Devin Winston (Missouri Red) Dec 15-14
182 - Brian Boyd (Missouri Red) over Shane Reitsma (New Jersey Red) TF 12-1
195 - Ashton Sharp (Missouri Red) over Luke Niemeyer (New Jersey Red) TF 10-0
220 - Johnny Wilson (Missouri Red) over Mossimo Sullivan (New Jersey Red) Dec 7-2

Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)
1st Place - Iowa Gold
2nd Place - Michigan Red
3rd Place - Minnesota Storm 2
4th Place - Kansas Blue
5th Place - Missouri Blue
6th Place - Colorado
7th Place - Georgia Red
8th Place - Virginia
1st Place Match - Iowa Gold defeated Michigan Red 43-31.
3rd Place Match - Minnesota Storm 2 defeated Kansas Blue 44-35.
5th Place Match - Missouri Blue defeated Colorado 36-34.
7th Place Match - Georgia Red defeated Virginia 60-11.

Red/Blue Pool Results
1st Place - Ohio Blue
2nd Place - Utah
3rd Place - Oregon
4th Place - Florida
5th Place - Iowa Black
6th Place - Arizona
7th Place - Indiana
8th Place - Maryland
1st Place Match - Ohio Blue defeated Utah 47-31.
3rd Place Match - Oregon defeated Florida 43-34.
5th Place Match - Iowa Black defeated Arizona 46-30.
7th Place Match - Indiana defeated Maryland 43-21.

Green Pool Results
1st Place - Texas
2nd Place - North Carolina Blue
3rd Place - Tennesee
4th Place - New Jersey Blue
5th Place - Pennsylvania Blue
6th Place - Georgia Blue
Round 1
Pennsylvania Blue defeated Georgia Blue 31-27.
North Carolina Blue defeated New Jersey Blue 42-33.
Texas defeated Tennesee 42-31.
Round 2
Tennesee defeated Pennsylvania Blue 47-12.
Texas defeated New Jersey Blue 38-31.
North Carolina Blue defeated Georgia Blue 60-16.
Round 3
Texas defeated Pennsylvania Blue 56-21.
New Jersey Blue defeated Georgia Blue 37-15.
North Carolina Blue defeated Tennesee 43-36.
Round 4
North Carolina Blue defeated Pennsylvania Blue 52-18.
Tennesee defeated New Jersey Blue 31-28.
Texas defeated Georgia Blue 67-9.
Round 5
New Jersey Blue defeated Pennsylvania Blue 33-30.
Texas defeated North Carolina Blue 48-30.
Tennesee defeated Georgia Blue 35-17.

Yellow Pool Results
1st Place - Kentucky
2nd Place - Kansas Red
3rd Place - Michigan Blue
4th Place - North Carolina Red
5th Place - South Carolina
Round 1
Kentucky defeated Kansas Red 33-33.
Michigan Blue defeated North Carolina Red 50-13.
South Carolina defeated null 0-0.
Round 2
Kansas Red defeated null 0-0.
Michigan Blue defeated South Carolina 52-15.
Kentucky defeated North Carolina Red 49-6.
Round 3
Kansas Red defeated South Carolina 49-19.
Kentucky defeated Michigan Blue 38-19.
North Carolina Red defeated null 0-0.
Round 4
Kansas Red defeated North Carolina Red 42-20.
Michigan Blue defeated null 0-0.
Kentucky defeated South Carolina 39-23.
Round 5
Kansas Red defeated Michigan Blue 36-32.
North Carolina Red defeated South Carolina 31-22.
Kentucky defeated null 0-0.

A Pool Results
1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Missouri Red
3rd Place - Iowa Gold
4th Place - Colorado
5th Place - Utah
6th Place - Maryland
7th Place - Kentucky
8th Place - Georgia Blue
1st Place Match - Illinois defeated Missouri Red 57-15.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Missouri Red defeated Iowa Gold 0-0.
3rd Place Match - Iowa Gold defeated Colorado 54-20.
5th Place Match - Utah defeated Maryland 64-12.
7th Place Match - Kentucky defeated Georgia Blue 47-19.

B Pool Results
1st Place - Minnesota Storm
2nd Place - New Jersey Red
3rd Place - Michigan Red
4th Place - Virginia
5th Place - Ohio Blue
6th Place - Indiana
7th Place - Tennessee
8th Place - Kansas Red
1st Place Match - Minnesota Storm defeated New Jersey Red 49-16.
2nd Place Wrestleback - New Jersey Red defeated Michigan Red 0-0.
3rd Place Match - Michigan Red defeated Virginia 55-20.
5th Place Match - Ohio Blue defeated Indiana 47-23.
7th Place Match - Tennessee defeated Kansas Red 36-32.

C Pool Results
1st Place - Pennsylvania Red
2nd Place - Washington
3rd Place - Georgia Red
4th Place - Missouri Blue
5th Place - Florida
6th Place - Iowa Black
7th Place - Texas
8th Place - South Carolina
1st Place Match - Pennsylvania Red defeated Washington 49-22.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Washington defeated Georgia Red 41-36.
3rd Place Match - Georgia Red defeated Missouri Blue 42-33.
5th Place Match - Florida defeated Iowa Black 41-37.
7th Place Match - Texas defeated South Carolina 72-9.

D Pool Results
1st Place - Ohio Red
2nd Place - Oklahoma
3rd Place - Minnesota Storm 2
4th Place - Kansas Blue
5th Place - Oregon
6th Place - Arizona
7th Place - New Jersey Blue
8th Place - Michigan Blue
1st Place Match - Ohio Red defeated Oklahoma 42-32.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Oklahoma defeated Minnesota Storm 2 0-0.
3rd Place Match - Minnesota Storm 2 defeated Kansas Blue 45-29.
5th Place Match - Oregon defeated Arizona 50-29.
7th Place Match - New Jersey Blue defeated Michigan Blue 39-25.