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Schultz wins OW, joins Johnson as back-to-back champions at UWW Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals in Akron, Ohio

By Richard Immel, USA Wrestling | June 02, 2017, 7:04 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Cohlton Schultz (Colorado) defeated Tyler Curd (Missouri) two matches to none in the 100 kg finals at the UWW Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals. Photo by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling.

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AKRON, Ohio – Greco-Roman prodigies Cohlton Schultz and Malik Johnson are heading back to the Cadet World Championships after knockout performances at the UWW Cadet Nationals held at the Louis and Freda Stile Athletic Field House on the campus of the University of Akron on Friday.

Schultz made quick work of his 100 kg/220 lbs. finals opponent Tyler Curd, in what was the most-anticipated championship series of the afternoon. Schultz, a two-time USAW Cadet Nationals champion, punished Curd from the top position, piling on the turns to win the best-of-three series in two-straight bouts by scores of 9-0 and 8-0.

The Colorado native Schultz qualified for his second-straight Cadet World Team in the Greco-Roman style. Moreover, Schultz will also represent the U.S. at the Junior World Championships, also in Greco-Roman.

“As soon as I get on top I know I can finish matches from there, so that’s what I did,” said Schultz. “I’ve just been focusing on my positioning and open up my offense a little bit more…There’s room for improvement everywhere, but I’m slowly getting there.”

Schultz was named Outstanding Wrestler of the UWW Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals for his striking effort. He tallied four wins on the tournament, three by technical fall and one by pin.

Joining Schultz on a return journey to the Cadet Worlds is 58 kg/127 lbs. champion Johnson, who took his championship series against Jevon Parrish in two-straight bouts. It was not an easy endeavor for Johnson as he was forced to battle from behind in both matches to win, 10-5 and 6-5.

“Throughout the tournament I had been teching everybody, then when I came [to the finals] I thought it’d be a breeze. He came out and left it all on the mat…I knew that if I kept my pace up he would tire out in the second period and then I could start working my moves,” Johnson said.

Johnson was the 50 kg/110 lbs. U.S. representative at the Cadet Worlds held in Tbilisi, Georgia, last year. He also claimed his first USAW Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals title in Fargo, N.D. last summer.

42 kg/92 lbs. champion Kase Mauger and 69 kg/152 lbs. champion Will Lewan were brilliant in their respective best-of-three finals, posting technical fall wins in each match. Mauger downed Joseph Manno by scores of 10-2 and 8-0. Similarly, Lewan went 8-0 and 9-1 over two-time Cadet Nationals All-American Mason Reiniche.

2016 USAW Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals champions Dylan Ragusin, Ridge Lovett and Mason Phillips all broke through to make their first Cadet World Team.

In the 46 kg/101 lbs. finals, Ragusin dropped the opening match to Parker Decker, 8-4. The Illinois product then reeled off two-straight wins, highlighted by an 8-0 technical fall in the third match, to take the victory.

Lovett, a four-time Cadet Nationals All-American, upended King Sandoval in two matches, 12-4 and 6-5, to claim the 54 kg/119 lbs. title. Similarly, Phillips cruised to 10-1 and 7-2 wins over Trevor Mansfield in the 63 kg/138 lbs. finals. Both Sandoval and Mansfield were All-Americans at the USAW Cadet Nationals last year.

Ohio native Lucas Bird flipped the script against Anthony Molton in the 50 kg/110 lbs. championship series after losing match one by fall in highlight-reel fashion. Byrd came back with 8-1 and 9-1 technical fall wins over Molton to clinch the series between the past Cadet Nationals All-Americans.

Rounding out the list of champions are Jake Hendricks at 76 kg/167 lbs. and Ashton Sharp at 85 kg/187 lbs., both of whom dropped their opening finals match before winning bouts two and three to claim top prize.

The 125 kg/275 lbs. bracket was wrestled to completion on Friday morning with Jake DelGarbino emerging as the winner of a four-man round-robin. DelGarbino won two bouts by technical fall and one by pin to claim the title. Since 125 kg is not a UWW sanctioned world weight class, DelGarbino is not eligible to compete at the Cadet World Championships.

Those who qualified for the U.S. Cadet World Team today will participate in the Cadet World Championships held in Athens, Greece, this September.

The UWW Cadet Nationals will resume at 9 a.m. (ET) tomorrow with the first day of men’s freestyle competition.

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June 2 at Akron, Ohio

Championship Series Results
42 kg/92 lbs.

Kase Mauger (Delchev Trained Academy) tech. fall Joseph Manno (Apex), 10-2
Kase Mauger (Delchev Trained Academy) tech. fall Joseph Manno (Apex), 8-0
Mauger wins series 2-0

46 kg/101 lbs.
Parker Decker (Mile High WC) dec. Dylan Ragusin (Izzy Style), 8-4
Dylan Ragusin (Izzy Style) dec. Parker Decker (Mile High WC), 4-2
Dylan Ragusin (Izzy Style) tech. fall Parker Decker (Mile High WC), 8-0
Ragusin wins series 2-1

50 kg/110 lbs.
Anthony Molton (Colt Wrestling) fall Lucas Byrd (Ohio), 1:43
Lucas Byrd (Ohio) dec. Anthony Molton (Colt Wrestling), 8-1
Lucas Byrd (Ohio) dec. Anthony Molton (Colt Wrestling), 9-1

54 kg/119 lbs.
Ridge Lovett (Team Real Life) tech. fall King Sandoval (Maryland), 12-4
Ridge Lovett (Team Real Life) dec. King Sandoval (Maryland), 6-5
Lovett wins series 2-0

58 kg/127 lbs.

Malik Johnson (Team Punishment) dec. Jevon Parrish (KCTC), 10-5
Malik Johnson (Team Punishment) dec. Jevon Parrish (KCTC), 6-5
Johnson wins series 2-0

63 kg/138 lbs.
Mason Phillips (Top Notch Training WC) tech. fall Trevor Mansfield (Caveman Wrestling), 10-1
Mason Phillips (Top Notch Training WC) dec. Trevor Mansfield (Caveman Wrestling), 7-2
Phillips wins series 2-0

69 kg/152 lbs.
Will Lewan (Izzy Style) tech. fall Mason Reiniche (Baylor), 8-0
Will Lewan (Izzy Style) tech. fall Mason Reiniche (Baylor), 9-1
Lewan wins series 2-0

76 kg/167 lbs.
Christopher Foca (RedNose Wrestling School) dec. Jake Hendricks (X Calibur), 15-8
Jake Hendricks (X Calibur) tech. fall Christopher Foca (RedNose Wrestling School), 10-2
Jake Hendricks (X Calibur) fall Christopher Foca (RedNose Wrestling School), 1:17
Hendricks wins series 2-1

85 kg/187 lbs.
Peter Christensen (Izzy Style) dec. Ashton Sharp (Greater Heights Wrestling), 7-4
Ashton Sharp (Greater Heights Wrestling) dec. Peter Christensen (Izzy Style), 8-5
Ashton Sharp (Greater Heights Wrestling) dec. Peter Christensen (Izzy Style), 8-4
Sharp wins series 2-1

100 kg/220 lbs.
Cohlton Schultz (New York AC) tech. fall Tyler Curd (MOWest), 9-0
Cohlton Schultz (New York AC) tech. fall Tyler Curd (MOWest), 8-0
Schultz wins series 2-0

Placement Matches
42 kg/92 lbs.

3rd – Tommy Curran (Gomez WA) tech. fall Laz Maldonado (Sons of Thunder), 12-3
5th – Nathan Rubio (MWC Wrestling Academy) fall Blaine Brenner (Wisconsin), 0:24

46 kg/101 lbs.
3rd – Sam Latona (Warrior WC) dec. Paxton Creese (Pinnacle), 4-0
5th – Brenden Chaowanapibool (Team Aggression) tech. fall Angelo Lozado (Sons of Thunder), 9-0
7th – Christian Goin (OS/WN) dec. Brody Norman (OS/WN), 5-0

50 kg/110 lbs.
3rd – Hunter Lewis (Wisconsin) tech. fall David Stepanian (Titan WC), 8-0
5th – Darrick Stacey (East Idaho Elite) dec. Blake Boarman (Maurer Coughlin WC)
7th – Caden Mccrary (Compound Wrestling) dec. Jakason Burks (MWC Wrestling Academy), 2-1

54 kg/119 lbs.
3rd – Delon Kanari (LCWC) dec. Vicente Loiaza (Arizona), 6-4
5th – Ezra Elliott (Patton Trained WC) tech. fall Trent Svingala (Journeymen), 8-0
7th – Aidan Nutter (Wisconsin) dec. Benyamin Kamali (Shamrock Select), 8-5

58 kg/127 lbs.
3rd – Carson Manville (Shakopee Mat Club) tech. fall Phillip Moomey (Nebraska Golden Eagles), 8-0
5th – Braeden Dickinson (Delchev Trained Academy) forfeit Nicholas Raimo (Apex)
7th – Joseph Otero (Team Little Chris/TWC) dec. Joe Klock (BTWC), 15-13

63 kg/138 lbs.
3rd – Kevon Davenport (Shamrock Select) tech. fall Anthony Ulaszek (Colorado), 12-1
5th – Jared Thieler (Gator WC) tech. fall Carter Tuttle (X Calibur), 8-0
7th – Fidel Mayora (Izzy Style) forfeit Colton Yapoujian (Mile High WC)

69 kg/152 lbs.
3rd – Peyton Robb (Pinnacle) tech. fall Desmond Bowers (Nevada), 8-0
5th – Farouq Muhammed (Ohio) dec. Michael Weber (Nebraska WTC), 11-4
7th – Tyler Dow (Wisconsin) forfeit Deshawn Herbert (New York AC)

76 kg/167 lbs.
3rd – Zachary Braunagel (Quest) fall Edmond Ruth (Iron Eagle), 3:16
5th – Josh Stillings (LVWC) forfeit Michael O’Malley (Apex)
7th – Isaiah Alford (MWC Wrestling Academy) tech. fall Lucas Roland (Iowa), 15-6

85 kg/187 lbs.
3rd – Joseph Miller (Nevada) dec. Jonathon Fagen (Suples WC), 8-1
5th – Hunter Dejong (MWC Wrestling Academy) fall Charlie Cadell (USWA), 2:29
7th – Julian Gorring (Bad Karma) dec. Austin Cooley (X Calibur), 4-1

100 kg/220 lbs.
3rd – Jace Punke (OS/WN) tech. fall Luke Luffman (OS/WN), 8-0
5th – Kaleb Reeves (Eastern Iowa) fall Bradley Smith (Beaver Creek), 0:13
7th – Ronald Meinhard (Team Thrill) fall Nick Shepard (Samurai WC), 0:38

125 kg/275 lbs.
1st Place – Jake DelGarbino (Green Machine WC)
2nd Place – Jayvon Davidson (Eclipse)
3rd Place – Guy Snow (Eastern Iowa WC)
4th Place – Enutifa Gamia (Eastern Iowa WC)

R1 – Jayvon Davidson (Eclipse) dec. Guy Snow (Eastern Iowa WC), 12-8
R1 – Jake DelGarbino (Green Machine WC) tech. fall Enutifa Gamia (Eastern Iowa WC), 10-2
R2 – Guy Snow (Eastern Iowa WC) fall Enutifa Gamia (Eastern Iowa WC), 0:43
R2 – Jake DelGarbino (Green Machine WC) fall Jayvon Davidson (Eclipse), 0:50
R3 – Jake DelGarbino (Green Machine WC) tech. fall Guy Snow (Eastern Iowa WC), 8-0
R3 – Jayvon Davidson (Eclipse) fall Enutifa Gamia (Eastern Iowa WC), 1:31