Triple Crown candidates Facundo and Sharp still alive in Cadet Greco action

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | July 20, 2017, 7:58 p.m. (ET)

Photo: Braxton Amos of West Virginia after his quarterfinal win. Photo by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling.

FARGO, N.D. – The Cadet Greco-Roman semifinals have been determined for the U.S. Marine Corps Cadet and Junior National championships in Fargo, N.D. The semifinals feature two Triple Crown candidates and eight other freestyle champions from this weekend.

2017 Cadet Freestyle national champions went 10-for-10 in the quarterfinals, combining for six technical falls, four decisions and a fall.

Alex Facundo of Michigan and Ashton Sharp of Missouri remain alive in their quests for the coveted USA Wrestling Triple Crown.

Facundo advanced to the 145-pound semifinals with an 11-1 tech fall over George Marre of Illinois, while Sharp recorded a 4-2 decision over Avery Jaramillo of Oregon to move on to the 195-pound semis.

Cadet freestyle Outstanding Wrestler Carson Manville picked up yet another shutout win in the 132-pound quarters, picking off Lucas Desilva of Georgia with a 10-0 tech in the first period. Manville will face Teddy Okada of California in tomorrow morning’s semis.

Braxton Amos of West Virginia is only two wins away from being a back-to-back Fargo double champion after snagging a quick 10-0 win against Jacob Bullock of Illinois in the 220-pound quarterfinals. He’ll have another Illinois opponent in the semis, Jacob Kaminski.

So far, Kaminski has recorded three tech falls and a pin in his run to the semis.

At 182 pounds, Devin Winston from Missouri picked up his tenth win of the weekend in style, going up 14-4 before sticking his opponent, Cole Garcia of Illinois in 1:45. Winston will have Grant Parrish of Minnesota in the semifinals. Parrish escaped Gavin Carter of Kansas in the quarterfinals, 9-6.

Despite moving up a weight from earlier this weekend, Jett Strickenberger of Colorado has shut down the competition, boasting two wins by tech fall and one pin at 100 pounds. Today, he defeated Michigan’s Sam Freeman, 10-0. He’ll go up against Andrew Chambal, also from Michigan, in the semis.

Fidel Mayora of Illinois beat out Oklahoma’s Blake Ramos in just one minute with a 10-0 tech fall. It was his fourth tech of the weekend, bringing him to outscore his Greco opponents, 41-0. Mayora will have to go through Kevon Davenport of Michigan in the 138-pound semis to get a chance to earn two Fargo titles this weekend.

At heavyweight, Nash Hutmacher of South Dakota put up another big win, taking out Calfornia’s Justin Ramos with a first-period 10-0 tech fall. Hutmacher will face Eli Pokorney of Indiana in the semifinals.

Dylan Ragusin of Illinois at 106 pounds, Joshua Saunders of Missouri at 132 pounds, and Carter Starocci of Pennsylvania at 160 pounds each earned spots in the semis by way of wins by decision.

Illinois leads the pack with 10 wrestlers in the finals, followed by Wisconsin with eight and Minnesota with six. Nebraska, California and Missouri each put five wrestlers in the semis.

The Cadet Greco-Roman semifinals start at 8:30 a.m. CT, with the finals scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Fans can watch all the action live on

At Fargo, N.D.

Semifinals matchups
88 lbs.
Payton Jacobson (Wisconsin) vs. Chance Lamer (Oregon)
Joseph Couch (Maryland) vs. Nathan Rubino (Nebraska)

94 lbs.
Kase Mauger (Idaho) vs. Carter Young (Oklahoma)
Danny Curran (Illinois) vs. Blaine Brenner (Wisconsin)

100 lbs.
Andrew Chambal (Michigan) vs. Jett Strickenberger (Colorado)
Yusief Lillie (Washington) vs. Blaine Brenner (Wisconsin)

106 lbs.
Dylan Ragusin (Illinois) vs. Jakason Burks (Nebraska)
Matthew Ramos (Illinois) vs. Brenden Chaowanapibool (Washington)

113 lbs.
Haiden Drury (Washington) vs. Conor Knopick (Nebraska)
Adam Arenas (California) vs. Hunter Lewis (Wisconsin)

120 lbs.
Fabian Lopez (Illinois) vs. Cameron Picklo (Oklahoma)
Aidan Nutter (Wisconsin) vs. Phillip Moomey (Nebraska)

126 lbs.
Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma) vs. Ryan Franco (California)
Joshua Jones (Pennsylvania) vs. Ryan Ripplinger (North Dakota)

132 lbs.
Carson Manville (Minnesota) vs. Teddy Okada (California)
Torry Early (Illinois) vs. Joshua Saunders (Missouri)

138 lbs.
Kevon Davenport (Michigan) vs. Fidel Mayora (Illinois)
Colby Njos (Minnesota) vs. Michael Kistler (Pennsylvania)

145 lbs.
Michael Weber (Montana) vs. Jace Luchau (California)
Franky Almaguer (Washington) vs. Alex Facundo (Michigan)

152 lbs.
Aaron Gandara (Arizona) vs. Cade Lindsey (Kansas)
Kyle Knowles (Oklahoma) vs. Gage Coppock (Wisconsin)

160 lbs.
Carter Starocci (Pennsylvania) vs. Marcos Jimenez (California)
Dalton Andrist (Minnesota) vs. Angel Garcia (Pennsylvania)

170 lbs.
Abe Assad (Illinois) vs. Brian Boyd (Missouri)
Tyler Hannah (Wisconsin) vs. Isaiah Alford (Nebraska)

182 lbs.
Jonathon Fagen (Idaho) vs. Connor Bourne (Nevada)
Grant Parrish (Minnesota) vs. Devin Winston (Missouri)

195 lbs.
Ashton Sharp (Missouri) vs. Wyatt Hendrickson (Kansas)
Santos Cantu (Oregon) vs. Peter Christensen (Illinois)

220 lbs.
Braxton Amos (West Virginia) vs. Jacob Kaminski (Illinois)
Tarik Sutkovic (Arizona) vs. Luke Luffman (Illinois)

285 lbs.
Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota) vs. Eli Pokorney (Indiana)
Logan Zschernitz (Wisconsin) vs. Nicholas Pierce (Minnesota)

Quarterfinals results
88 lbs.
Payton Jacobson (Wisconsin) tech. fall Mark Marum (Washington), 11-1
Chance Lamer (Oregon) tech. fall Brandon O`Brien (Iowa), 12-2
Joseph Couch (Maryland) tech. fall Caleb Coyle (Nebraska), 12-1
Nathan Rubino (Nebraska) fall Ronan Schuelke (Illinois), 4:30

94 lbs.
Kase Mauger (Idaho) tech. fall Christian Decatur-luker (North Carolina), 12-0
Carter Young (Oklahoma) tech. fall Jack Ryan (Connecticut), 10-0
Danny Curran (Illinois) tech. fall Jeremy Bockert (Alaska), 13-2
Blaine Brenner (Wisconsin) tech. fall Jason Gilbert (Oklahoma), 14-4

100 lbs.
Andrew Chambal (Michigan) tech. fall Landen Parent (Minnesota), 12-2
Jett Strickenberger (Colorado) tech. fall Sam Freeman (Michigan), 10-0
Yusief Lillie (Washington) dec. Brody Norman (Illinois), 3-0
Paxton Creese (Minnesota) tech. fall Dustin Norris (Ohio), 13-2

106 lbs.
Dylan Ragusin (Illinois) dec. Joseph Thompson (Minnesota), 3-1
Jakason Burks (Nebraska) dec. Caden Mccrary (Georgia), 4-1
Matthew Ramos (Illinois) dec. Aizayah Yacapin (Washington), 4-1
Brenden Chaowanapibool (Washington) dec. Noah Gochberg (Texas), 13-12

113 lbs.
Haiden Drury (Washington) won by forfeit Nick Masters (Georgia)
Conor Knopick (Nebraska) dec. Blake Boarman (Indiana), 9-7
Adam Arenas (California) dec. Richard Castro-sandoval (California), 20-14
Hunter Lewis (Wisconsin) tech. fall Sterling Quinn (Montana), 12-2

120 lbs.
Fabian Lopez (Illinois) tech. fall Brayden Roberts (West Virginia), 10-0
Cameron Picklo (Oklahoma) dec. Luke Odom (Illinois), 8-6
Aidan Nutter (Wisconsin) dec. Regan Schrempp (Minnesota), 14-10
Phillip Moomey (Nebraska) tech. fall Austin Almaguer (Washington), 13-0

126 lbs.
Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma) fall Davin Rhoads (Ohio), 0:10
Ryan Franco (California) dec. Antonio Segura (Colorado), 12-2
Joshua Jones (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Joey Bianchi (Wisconsin), 10-0
Ryan Ripplinger (North Dakota) dec. Paul Watkins (Georgia), 9-8

132 lbs. 
Carson Manville (Minnesota) tech. fall Lucas Desilva (Georgia), 10-0
Teddy Okada (California) tech. fall Frankie Tal-shahar (Florida), 11-1
Torry Early (Illinois) dec. Dawson Sihavong (California), 4-2
Joshua Saunders (Missouri) dec. Stockton O`brien (Utah), 10-3

138 lbs. 
Kevon Davenport (Michigan) dec. Cade Devos (Iowa), 3-1
Fidel Mayora (Illinois) tech. fall Blake Ramos (Oklahoma), 10-0
Colby Njos (Minnesota) tech. fall Alex Rubio (Washington), 12-2
Michael Kistler (Pennsylvania) dec. Carter Tuttle (Pennsylvania), 6-4

145 lbs.
Michael Weber (Montana) dec. Jakob Murillo (Idaho), 6-2
Jace Luchau (California) tech. fall Lance Runyon (Iowa), 12-2
Franky Almaguer (Washington) tech. fall Drew Eller (Georgia), 12-2
Alex Facundo (Michigan) tech. fall George Marre (Illinois), 11-1

152 lbs.
Aaron Gandara (Arizona) dec. Brett Mcintosh (Ohio), 7-0
Cade Lindsey (Kansas) dec. Sione Halo (Washington), 6-5
Kyle Knowles (Oklahoma) fall Carlton Roberts (Ohio), 1:28
Gage Coppock (Wisconsin) fall Mckay Foy (Utah), 1:27

160 lbs.
Carter Starocci (Pennsylvania) dec. Jacob Nolan (New York), 6-1
Marcos Jimenez (California) dec. Caden Wright (Pennsylvania), 7-6
Dalton Andrist (Minnesota) tech. fall Austin Watson (Oregon), 10-0
Angel Garcia (Pennsylvania) dec. Jonovan Smith (California), 12-3

170 lbs.
Abe Assad (Illinois) dec. Ryan Ringler (Michigan), 5-4
Brian Boyd (Missouri) dec. Garrett Kappes (Maryland), 10-4
Tyler Hannah (Wisconsin) tech. fall Talon Borror (Oklahoma), 15-5
Isaiah Alford (Nebraska) dec. Jermey Ashlock (Missouri), 10-2

182 lbs.
Jonathon Fagen (Idaho) tech. fall Trent Knight (Tennessee), 10-0
Connor Bourne (Nevada) tech. fall Donovan Corn (Arizona), 10-0
Grant Parrish (Minnesota) dec. Gavin Carter (Kansas), 9-6
Devin Winston (Missouri) fall Cole Garcia (Illinois), 1:45

195 lbs.
Ashton Sharp (Missouri) dec. Avery Jaramillo (Oregon), 4-2
Wyatt Hendrickson (Kansas) tech. fall Matthew Cover (Ohio), 12-1
Santos Cantu (Oregon) dec. Aidan Conner (Texas), 9-0
Peter Christensen (Illinois) fall Cody Fisher (Iowa), 1:31

220 lbs.
Braxton Amos (West Virginia) tech. fall Jacob Bullock (Illinois), 10-0
Jacob Kaminski (Illinois) fall Nathaniel Deasey (Arizona), 1:42
Tarik Sutkovic (Arizona) dec. Lewis Fernandes (New Jersey), 4-3
Luke Luffman (Illinois) dec. Hunter Catka (Pennsylvania), 3-1

285 lbs.
Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota) tech. fall Justin Ramos (California), 10-0
Eli Pokorney (Indiana) dec. William Taylor (Tennessee), 13-4
Logan Zschernitz (Wisconsin) fall Louden Haga (Ohio), 3:39
Nicholas Pierce (Minnesota) tech. fall Chase Dockter (North Dakota), 12-1