Six Cadet World medalists, 10 past champions make women's freestyle semis at USMC Junior Nationals

By Richard Immel, USA Wrestling | July 21, 2017, 12:09 a.m. (ET)
Photo: Minnesota’s Emily Shilson works a leg lace at the Junior Nationals in Fargo, N.D. Photo by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling.

FARGO, N.D. – The evening session of women’s freestyle at the U.S. Marine Corps Junior Nationals was littered with highlight-reel finishes and several upset specials as the quarterfinal round of action concluded.

Cadet World bronze medalist Gracie Figueroa of California continues to dazzle those in attendance at the Fargodome. The 122-pound favorite secured a 12-0 technical fall over Nevada’s Emma Justo to book her trip to tomorrow’s semifinals. She has outscored her three opponents thus far 32-0, picking up a technical fall in each match.

South Dakota’s Ronna Heaton, a past Cadet World champion, earned her third technical fall of the tournament, this time 13-2 over Washington’s Kaylee Moore. Her point tally sits at 33-2 throughout three contested matches at 127 pounds.

The human-highlight reel Macey Kilty of Wisconsin found herself in a hotly contested quarterfinal at 127 pounds. Junior Folkstyle Nationals champion Kaden Campbell of Colorado pushed the Cadet World bronze medalist to the limit, but ultimately fell short, 14-8. Up next for Kilty is a semifinal date with returning champion Brenda Reyna of Washington, who has been a force thus far with three technical fall wins.

Two-time Cadet World medalist Alleida Martinez of California scored a quick 10-0 win over Montana’s Glory Konecny to make the 117-pound semis. The defending Junior Nationals champion will see Sierra Powell of Virginia next.

Cadet World bronze medalist and defending champion Kayla Marano of Georgia was vicious in her 152-pound quarterfinal win over Michigan’s Taylor Cutler. Marano hit two feet-to-back takedowns in the early going, and cemented the win with a pin. She now faces Wisconsin’s Kiana Pugh for a berth in the finals.

Indiana’s Alara Boyd rounds out the list of Cadet World medalists headlining the semifinals. A defending champion herself, Boyd remained solid with a 12-2 win over Florida’s Anna Luciano in the 144-pound quarters.

Two-time Junior World Team member and past Junior Nationals champion McKayla Campbell of Ohio was tested by Iowa’s Felicity Taylor in the 106-pound quarters. Taylor was able to take a lead on Campbell midway through the match, but some late takedowns pushed Campbell over the hump, 7-4. The Ohio native takes on this year’s Cadet Nationals champion Brelane Huber of Idaho for a place in the championship match.

Cadet Pan American champion and Junior World Team member Cameron Guerin finds herself in the 117-pound semis after topping California’s Tiana Jackson, 10-0. Guerin, a defending champion, is set to face Oklahoma’s Ainslie Lane in the morning.

Two Cadet World team members were ousted from championship contention on Thursday evening. Pennsylvania’s Caitlyn Walker took a 10-0 defeat at the hands of California’s Hailey Ward. Kelani Corbett of Hawaii, who won the Cadet tournament earlier this week, fell one point shy against Illinois’ Alexis Gomez, 12-11.

Defending champions Emily Shilson of Minnesota and Alexandria Liles of Texas both cruised to technical falls in their respective quarterfinal bouts. Shilson upended California’s Angelina Gomez 10-0 to set a showdown with Cadet Pan American bronze medalist Charlie Hamer of Texas at 100 pounds. Liles was untested by California’s Candice Corralejo, striking a 12-1 win. She will compete against Joessie Gonzales of Washington in the 132-pound semis.

Two-time Cadet World Team member Vayle Baker of Pennsylvania put it on Victoria Borrego of California, taking an 11-2 lead before snagging a fall. Standing in her way of a finals berth at 106 pounds is Michigan talent Katlyn Pizzo.

Wisconsin’s Alisha Howk, a member of the Cadet World Team, picked up a 10-0 victory over Wisconsin teammate Allie Grobarchik in the 112-pound quarters. Howk’s next test is Cadet Nationals champion Stefana Jelacic of Arizona.

Recently crowned Cadet Nationals champion Natalie Kemp of Wisconsin moved on to the 180-pound semifinals with a tight 7-5 win over New York’s Nia Crosdale. She will battle past Cadet Nationals champion Jesse Kirby of Virginia tomorrow morning.

California talent Jasmin Clark won her first match of the competition 19-4 over Mariah Chanady of Illinois. The Cadet Nationals champion is slated to face ShaMiia Wells of Tennessee in the 225-pound semis.

At 138 pounds, Junior Pan American champion Emma Bruntil of Washington will square off against Cadet Pan American champion Hannah Ramos of Wisconsin in the semifinals. Bruntil was a runner-up at this event last summer. Ramos topped the Cadet division in Fargo last year.

Past Cadet Nationals champions Cara Broadus of Connecticut, Jerzie Estrada of Colorado, Hailey Cancelleri of New York and Jayden Laurent of Wisconsin are also in the mix for finals berths. Laurent was a standout at the Junior Pan American Championships last month, bringing home the gold.

California leads all states with nine semifinalists. Wisconsin jumped into second place with six moving on to the semis, and Washington is sitting pretty with five.

The women’s freestyle U.S. Marine Corps Junior Nationals will resume at 8:30 a.m. (CT) on Friday with the semifinals. All the action can be viewed live on Complete brackets can be found on Flowrestling’s FloArena platform.

July 19-21 at Fargo, N.D.

Semifinal Matchups
100 pounds
Nina Pham (California) vs. Genae Sampract (Illinois)
Charlie Hamer (Texas) vs. Emily Shilson (Minnesota)

106 pounds
Mckayla Campbell (Ohio) vs. Brelane Huber (Idaho)
Katlyn Pizzo (Michigan) vs. Vayle Baker (Pennsylvania)

112 pounds
Autumn Gordon (Ohio) vs. Viktorya Torres (Washington)
Stefana Jelacic (Arizona) vs. Alisha Howk (Wisconsin)

117 pounds
Alleida Martinez (California) vs. Sierra Powell (Virginia)
Ainslie Lane (Oklahoma) vs. Cameron Guerin (Washington)

122 pounds
Gracie Figueroa (California) vs. Marisol Nugent (Maine)
Kourtney Boehm (Colorado) vs. Cheyenne Sisenstein (New York)

127 pounds
Ronna Heaton (South Dakota) vs. Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Texas)
Macey Kilty (Wisconsin) vs. Brenda Reyna (Washington)

132 pounds
Alexandria Liles (Texas) vs. Joessie Gonzales (Washington)
Cara Broadus (Connecticut) vs. Breanna Douglas (Kansas)

138 pounds
Jerzie Estrada (Colorado) vs. Sariah Stewart (New York)
Emma Bruntil (Washington) vs. Hannah Ramos (Wisconsin)

144 pounds
Alara Boyd (Indiana) vs. Grace Kristoff (Illinois)
Brooke Logan (Arizona) vs. Jayden Laurent (Wisconsin)

152 pounds
Kayla Marano (Georgia) vs. Kiana Pugh (Wisconsin)
Anatli Smalley (California) vs. Alexis Gomez (Illinois)

164 pounds
Dymond Guliford (California) vs. Hailey Cancelleri (New York)
Olivia Robinson (Oregon) vs. Sydnee Kimber (Alaska)

180 pounds
Kaylee Seabolt (Georgia) vs. Marissa Patterson (Kansas)
Natalie Kemp (Wisconsin) vs. Jesse Kirby (Virginia)

200 pounds
Alyssa Marianccio (Maryland) vs. Alexandra Castillo (California)
Taja Showers (Virginia) vs. Corey Burton (California)

225 pounds
Jasmin Clarke (California) vs. ShaMiia Wells (Tennessee)
Khadeja Ayers (New York) vs. Arianna Cobian (California)

Quarterfinal Results
100 pounds
Nina Pham (California) tech. fall Caitlyn Walker (Pennsylvania), 10-0
Genae Sampract (Illinois) dec. Sofia Martinez (California), 12-4
Charlie Hamer (Texas) fall Genesis Quirarte (California), 0:49
Emily Shilson (Minnesota) tech. fall Angelina Gomez (California), 10-0
106 pounds
Mckayla Campbell (Ohio) dec. Felicity Taylor (Iowa), 7-4
Brelane Huber (Idaho) dec. Leah Olsen (Washington), 1-1
Katlyn Pizzo (Michigan) tech. fall Jaslynn Gallegos (Colorado), 14-2
Vayle Baker (Pennsylvania) fall Victoria Borrego (California), 2:36
112 pounds
Autumn Gordon (Ohio) fall Kierstien Bush (Utah), 1:47
Viktorya Torres (Washington) tech. fall Kasey Baynon (Georgia), 11-0
Stefana Jelacic (Arizona) tech. fall Peyton Prussin (Nevada), 10-0
Alisha Howk (Wisconsin) tech. fall Allie Grobarchik (Wisconsin), 10-0
117 pounds
Alleida Martinez (California) tech. fall Glory Konecny (Montana), 10-0
Sierra Powell (Virginia) tech. fall Phoenix Dubose (Washington), 13-1
Ainslie Lane (Oklahoma) dec. Martha Moore (Texas), 14-6
Cameron Guerin (Washington) tech. fall Tiana Jackson (California), 10-0
122 pounds
Gracie Figueroa (California) tech. fall Emma Justo (Nevada), 12-0
Marisol Nugent (Maine) dec. Niya Teresita Gaines (California), 10-2
Kourtney Boehm (Colorado) tech. fall Alexandra Herle (Texas), 10-0
Cheyenne Sisenstein (New York) tech. fall Payton Stroud (Washington), 11-0
127 pounds
Ronna Heaton (South Dakota) tech. fall Kaylee Moore (Washington), 13-2
Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Texas) dec. Ashton Cadman (Wisconsin), 10-6
Macey Kilty (Wisconsin) dec. Kaden Campbell (Colorado), 14-8
Brenda Reyna (Washington) tech. fall Selina Brown (Indiana), 12-2
132 pounds
Alexandria Liles (Texas) tech. fall Candice Corralejo (California), 12-1
Joessie Gonzales (Washington) dec. Jessica Sanchez (California), 8-8
Cara Broadus (Connecticut) tech. fall Jenna Garcia (California), 13-3
Breanna Douglas (Kansas) dec. Allison Petix (Nevada), 9-0
138 pounds
Jerzie Estrada (Colorado) tech. fall Angela Peralta (Hawaii), 10-0
Sariah Stewart (New York) fall Nicole Clark (Washington), 4:13
Emma Bruntil (Washington) tech. fall Mattison Parker (Texas), 10-0
Hannah Ramos (Wisconsin) tech. fall Dalia Garibay (California), 12-0

144 pounds
Alara Boyd (Indiana) tech. fall Anna Luciano (Florida), 12-2
Grace Kristoff (Illinois) dec. Hunter Robinson (Texas), 9-2
Brooke Logan (Arizona) dec. Julia Padilla (California), 6-2
Jayden Laurent (Wisconsin) fall Hailey Finn (New York), 2:44

152 pounds
Kayla Marano (Georgia) fall Taylor Cutler (Michigan), 0:28
Kiana Pugh (Wisconsin) fall Brooke Holt (Illinois), 2:49
Anatli Smalley (California) dec. Alexia Foca (New Jersey), 12-3
Alexis Gomez (Illinois) dec. Kelani Corbett (Hawaii), 12-11

164 pounds
Dymond Guliford (California) dec. Korianahe Bullock (Illinois), 4-0
Hailey Cancelleri (New York) tech. fall Andrena Carter (Texas), 15-5
Olivia Robinson (Oregon) fall Anna Castro (California), 3:58
Sydnee Kimber (Alaska) tech. fall Elisa Robinson (Kansas), 10-0

180 pounds
Kaylee Seabolt (Georgia) tech. fall Isabeau Shalack (Illinois), 10-0
Marissa Patterson (Kansas) fall Shania Gowan (Florida), 1:10
Natalie Kemp (Wisconsin) dec. Nia Crosdale (New York), 7-5
Jesse Kirby (Virginia) dec. Gabrielle Hamilton (Illinois), 8-1

200 pounds
Alyssa Marinaccio (Maryland) dec. Jacey Linder (Washington), 13-4
Alexandra Castillo (California) fall Shalee Williams (New York), 1:22
Taja Showers (Virginia) fall Alexandria Goudeau (California), 4:45
Corey Burton (California) tech. fall Kylee Heaton (South Dakota), 10-0

225 pounds
Jasmin Clarke (California) tech. fall Mariah Chanady (Illinois), 19-4
ShaMiia Wells (Tennessee) fall Samantha Apple (Missouri), 0:16
Khadeja Ayers (New York) dec. Elizabeth Cervantes (Illinois), 3-0
Arianna Cobian (California) dec. Lavenia Fotu (Hawaii), 14-14