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Down and Dirty Cadet Freestyle Nationals weight-by-weight preview

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | July 14, 2017, 11:49 p.m. (ET)

Braxton Amos of Ohio won the Cadet Nationals last year in both freestyle and Greco-Roman. This year, he returns as a Cadet at 220 pounds, representing West Virginia. Photo by John Sachs,

If you have been to Fargo, you quickly realize that these national tournaments are not seeded, they are separated. Basically, all of the participants are evaluated by past performances, and their achievements are used to keep the past studs away from other past studs.

There are a number of important events evaluated, including World tournaments, national tournaments and regional tournaments. Basically, the quality of your achievements get you placed into a specific tier, ranked 1-10, with No. 1 being World medalists. They even try to separate athletes from the same teams, with the top kids in each state given some extra weight. Then a computer system keeps the top athletes apart, at least early on. Since Fargo tends to have loaded weight classes, they can’t keep the apart for too long. And then there are the upsets, which happen often.

Anyway, we start off with the Cadet Freestyle. We will do a quick review of who is where. Remember, Cadets are the hardest to handicap, because they haven’t been around as long, and sometimes, there are hammers coming out of the Schoolboy division that people just don’t know much about yet.

88 – A weight with now a lot of highly-separated athletes. There are no returning Cadet All-Americans from Fargo last year. UWW Cadet National freestyle runner-up Chance Lamer of Oregon is the top challenger, with other UWW Cadet National All-Americans Drake Ayala of Iowa (5th) and Tommy Curran of Illinois(8th). Curran ws also third in Greco in Akron.
Others separated: Luke Ahrberg (OK), Joseph Couch (MD), Caleb Coyle (NE), Joshua Koderhandt (IL), Mark Marum (WA), Brandon O’Brien (IA), Nathan Rubino (NE), Ronan Schuelke (IL), Cody Thompson (CO) , Richard Treanor (NC).

94 – There is only one returning All-American from Fargo last year, Kase Mauger of Idaho (8th at 88 in freestyle). Mauger won the Greco title at the UWW Cadet Nationals this year at 42 kg. Others who medalled at UWW Cadets in freestyle were Jeff Strickenberger (3rd), Alex Almeyda of New Jersey (4th), Blake Noonan of Michigan (6th), Cooper Flynn of Tennessee (8th).
Others separated: Blane Brenner (WI), Sawyer Nash (IL), Kyle Rowan (OH), Sheldon Seymour (PA), Carter Young (OK).

100 – This weight is pretty thick with talent. Dylan Ragusin of Illinois is a returning Cadet National Greco-Roman champion, and was third in freestyle. Brenden Chaowanapibool of Washington won three medals in Fargo last year. He was second at the Cadet Nationals in Greco-Roman and second at the Junior Nationals in Greco-Roman, and slipped in a seventh place in Junior freestyle. Andrew Chambral of Michigan was second in the Cadets in Greco last year and third in freestyle. Paxton Creese of Minnesota was third in Greco at the 2016 Cadets and seventh in freestyle. These guys all have a ton of other achievements. It should be a war.
Others separated – Dominic Chavez (TX), Parker Decker (TX), Eli Griffin (OK), Angelo Lozado (CO)

106 – Cullen Schriever of Iowa, a 2016 Cadet National freestyle champion, headlines another weight with some returning talent. Matthew Ramos of Illinois was a double All-American in Fargo Cadets last year, taking fourth in freestyle and eighth in Greco-Roman. Also coming in with Fargo pedigree are Kaden Kuenzi of Oregon who was seventh in Cadet freestyle at 100 and Terry Adams of New York who was eighth in Cadet freestyle at 100. Add in Caden McCrary of Georgia, who was 7th in Cadet freestyle at 94
Others separated – Ryan Miller (PA), Caleb Rathjen (IA), Benjamin Alanis (AZ), Cooper Birdwell (MT), Jackson Burks (NE), Christian Cabaug (CA), Preston Decker (TX), Colton Drousias (IN), Zeke Escalara (KY), Cian Fisher (WI), Aizayah Yacapin (WA)

113 – There are a handful of 2016 Cadet All-Americans, led by Dylan Shawyer of Ohio and Joshua Ogunsanya of Illinois, both who were fourth in Cadet freestyle but at different weights, Shawyer at 106 and Ogunsanya at 94. Other 2016 Fargo All-Americans include Anthony Clark of New Jersey, who was fifth in Cadet freestyle and Hunter Lewis of Wisconsin, taking eighth in Cadet Greco-Roman. Lewis recently returned from the Pan American Cadet Champions, with silver medals in both styles. Another with a high tier of separation is Noah Surtin of Illinois, who was sixth at the UWW Cadets in freestyle in Akron.
Others separated – Blake Boarman (IN), Trey Crawford (MO), Haiden Drury (WA), Cody Holmes (WI), Christopher Kelly (AZ), Chayse LaJoie (MI), Sterling Quinn (MT), Jesse Ybarra (AZ)

120 – This weight class has only a few with national-level achievements, led by 2016 Cadet double All-American Curtez Riley of Nebraska, who was fifth in freestyle and eighth in Greco-Roman. Also coming out of Fargo last year with a Cadet medal was Trevor Mastrogiovanni of New Jersey, who placed seventh in freestyle. Watch out for Isaac Salas of California, who was second at the UWW Cadets in freestyle at 110 pounds in Akron.
Others separated – Gavin Ayotte (UT), Terrell Barraclough (UT), Michael Burnett (OH), Grayston Diblasi (MO), Diego Guerrero (AZ), Jacob Lindsey (IL), Fabian Lopez (IL), Kellyn March (SD), Luke Mechler (WI), Phillip Moomey (NE), Cameron Picklo (OK), Leif Schroeder (MT), Dominic Serrano (CO), Ryan Sokol (MN), Jake Svihel (MN), Reece Witcraft (OK), Evan Yant (IA), Domenic Zaccone (IL).

126 – As the weights increase, fewer 2016 Cadet All-Americans are in the field. Here we only have Joshua Saunders of Missouri, who was sixth in freestyle and Keegan O’Toole of Wisconsin, seventh in freestyle last year in Fargo Cadets. There aren’t even many lower ranked athletes separated. This weight should have all kinds of possibilities for new talent to break through.
Others separated – Ryan Franco (CA), Kyle Kantola (MI), Jacob Peralta (CA), Ryan Ripplinger (ND), Antonio Segura (CO), Marc Schaeffer (MI), Chase Warden (TX)

132 – This weight class has one big favorite, Carson Manville of Minnesota, who is from a successful wrestling family and athlete with a high level of separation. Manville was second at the UWW Cadet Nationals in Akron in freestyle and also third in Greco-Roman. At the Cadet Pan American Championships this year, Manville won gold medals in both freestyle and Greco-Roman.
Others separated – Eddie Bolivar (IL), Joshua Edmond (MI), Aiden Medora (WI), Alexander Mosconi (IN), Stockton O’Brien (UT), Marcos Polanco (CA), Spencer Schickram (OK), Dawson Sihavong (CA), Frankie Tal-Shahar (FL), Carter Tuttle (PA), Ryan Wheeler (WA)

138 – Illinois brings the only returning Cadet All-Americans being separated, Fidel Mayora, who was sixth in Greco-Roman and Jacob Dado, who ended up eighth in freestyle last summer. Others to watch from the UWW Cadet Nationals in Akron are Cade DeVos of Illinois, who was sixth in freestyle and Padraic Gallagher of Ohio, eighth in freestyle.
Others separated – Aaron Bahr (WI), Manzona Bryant (IN), Dominic Damon (WA), Jackson Dean (NJ), Lucas DeSilva (GA), Robert Garcia (NJ), Bryce Gonzalez (PA), Michael Kistler (PA), Daniel Manibog (TX), Alfonson Martinez (AZ), Hunter Meinzen (MT), Colby Njos (MN), Nathan Paulson (CA), Lance Runyan (IA),

145 – This weight is skinny with guys with achievements that qualify for separation, with no All-Americans at the right levels at all. The highest ranking is a No. 7 level separation for Alex Facundo of Michigan. This weight will give some athletes a chance to create a national legacy as a Cadet.
Those separated – Nicoholas Burgard (OH), Amado Castellon (NV), Drew Eller (GA), Alex Facundo (MI), Christian Hudson (ID), Jace Luchau (CA), George Marre (IL), Justus Scott (NV), Michael Weber (MT),

152 – The lone Cadet All-American with a high separation level is Carter Starocci of Pennsylvania, who was eighth last year as a Cadet in Greco-Roman. The other major achievement belongs to Nevan Snodgrass of Ohio, who was eighth at the UWW Cadets in Akron in freestyle.
Others separated – Gavin Barton (IL), McKay Foy (UT), Aaron Gandara (AZ), Sione Halo (WA), Cade Lindsey (KS), Joshua Otto (WI), Daniel Snediker (WA),

160 – Good luck with this one. The highest separation level at No. 4 is Danny Reed of Washington. Others who are separated are Nathan Fuller of Wisconsin, Zach Glazier of Minnesota, Cole Givnor of Ohio, Gage Hockett of Oklahoma, David Key of Georgia.

170 – Abe Assad of Illinois was a Cadet Nationals Greco-Roman runner-up last year, and also added a freestyle sixth place medal. Patrick Kennedy of Minnesota was third at the UWW Junior Nationals in freestyle in Akron earlier this year.
Others separated – Isaiah Alford (NE), James Anding (MO), Rocky Elam (MO), Troy Fisher (KS), Kyle Haas (KS), Tyler Hannah (WI), Gabriel Lee (GA), Ryan Neu (WI)

182 – Devin Winston of Missouri was a Cadet double All-American in Fargo last summer, placing sixth in freestyle and eighth in Greco-Roman. Jacob Logan of New York was fourth at the Cadet Nationals last summer in Greco-Roman.
Others separated – Abraham Aguilar (OH), Connor Bourne (NV), Gavin Carter (KS), Brooks Empry (WI), Jonathan Fagen (ID), Anthony Jaden-Glauser (IL), Kasten Grape (NE), Jeremiah Hollen (AZ), Rowan Morgan (MN), Grant Parrish (MN)

195 – The only Fargo Cadet All-American in this pack from last year is Santos Cantu of Oregon, who was sixth in freestyle last summer. The next highest separation level is a No. 5 for Ashton Sharp of Missouri, who was second in the UWW Cadet Nationals in Greco-Roman this year in Akron.
Others separated – Zachary Brown (VA), Peter Christensen (IL), Matthew Cover (OH), Konner Doucet (OK), Avery Jaramillo (OR), Dominick Vacura (MN), Brayden Wolf (IA)

220 – Braxton Amos of West Virginia was the biggest returning star for this year’s Cadet Nationals. Last year, competing for Ohio, Amos was the Cadet Nationals champion in both freestyle and Greco-Roman. That makes him a big favorite. This weight has a trio of other guys with solid achievements. 2016 Cadet All-Americans were Luke Luffman of Illinois, who was fifth in Cadet freestyle and Cabe Dickerson of Oklahoma, who was seventh at Cadet freestyle. Add in a high separation for Jacob Somali of Wisconsin, who was seventh at the UWW Cadets in Akron in freestyle.
Others separated – Kade Carlson (UT), Hunter Catka (PA), Nathaniel Deasey (AZ), Joshua Heindselman (OK), Wade Humphrey (OH), Jacob Kaminski (IL), Erich Osteen (CA), Tarik Sutkovic (AZ)

286 – The big boys are led by Eli Pokorney of Indiana, who was fourth at the 2016 Cadet Nationals in freestyle down at 195 pounds. The next highest separation level is a No. 8.
Others separated – Colin Baker (IL), Chase Dockter (ND), Louden Haga (OH), George Marsh (TX), Nicholas Pierce (MN), Justin Ramos (CA), Adam Sepan (CO), Colby Whitehill (PA).

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