UPDATE: Titan Mercury beats from Canada, India and Bulgaria to win Pool A at Freestyle World Clubs Cup in Iran

By USA Wrestling, Titan Mercury WC, and Iranian Student News Agency | Dec. 07, 2017, 9:38 a.m. (ET)
Thomas Gilman of Titan Mercury WC wins his 57 kg bout against Amit Kumar of India in the USA vs. IND dual meet. Photo by Jake Ryan.

The Titan Mercury WC of the United States dominated Pool A of the Freestyle World Clubs Cup on Thursday morning, winning all three of its matches and advancing to the semifinals.

Victories were over Montreal (CAN), 9-1, the India Club (IND), 8-2 and NSA Akademik (BUL), 10-0.

Titan Mercury wrestlers were unbeaten in pool competition, Thomas Gilman (57 kg), B.J. Futrell (65 kg), Nazar Kulchytskyy (74 kg), Kyle Dake (79 kg), David Taylor (86 kg), Nick Heflin (92 kg), Kyle Snyder (97 kg) and Nick Gwiazdowski (125 kg).

Titan Mercury has drawn a Mongolia club Khimari in the semifinals, which starts at 10:00 a.m. local time on Friday, which is 1:30 a.m. U.S. Eastern time.

Titan Mercury will keep fans updated all night long via Instagram and Twitter @titan_mercury, including a live stream on Instagram. TMWC will also be doing contests and giveaways all night long!

Titan Mercury is the defending World Clubs Cup champion. The team which it beat in the 2016 finals, and also won the 2014 and 2015 World title, Bimeh Razi (Iran) was upset in Pool D by another Iranian club, Setaragan Sari.

At Tehran, Iran


Third round: Titan Mercury (USA) 10 – NSA Akademik (BUL) 0
57kg- Thomas GILMAN (Titan) by forfeit
61kg- Alan WATERS (Titan) TF Strahil PARAVLOV (NSA), 10-0
65kg- B.J. FUTRELL (Titan) pin Boycho BOYCHEV
70kg- Franklin GOMEZ (Titan) TF Miroslav Hristov (NSA), 14-4
74kg- Nazar KULCHYTSKYY (Titan) df. Persiyan Mihov (NSA), 9-2
79kg- Kyle DAKE (Titan) TF Hasan Molla (NSA), 10-0
86kg- David TAYLOR (Titan) pin Petar Savakov (NSA)
92kg- Nickolas HEFLIN (Titan) TF Georgi Dimitrov (NSA), 10-0
97kg- Kyle SNYDER (Titan) TF Dimitar Karaivanov (NSA), 10-0
125kg- Nick GWIAZDOWSKI (Titan) TF Mert Emin (NSA), 10-0

Second round: Titan Mercury (USA) 8 - India Club (IND) 2
57kg- Thomas GILMAN (Titan) df. Amit KUMAR (IND), 6-3
61kg- Ravinder (IND) TF. Alan WATERS (Titan),12-2
65kg- B.J. FUTRELL (Titan) df. Sonu (IND), 9-8
70kg- Vinod KUMAR (IND) df. Franklin GOMEZ (Titan), 6-5
74kg- Nazar KULCHYTSKYY TF. (Titan) Ver Dev GULIA (IND), 10-0
79kg- Kyle DAKE (Titan) TF. Jitender (IND), 10-0
86kg- David TAYLOR (Titan) TF. Pawan Kumar (IND), 10-0
92kg- Nickolas HEFLIN (Titan) Pinned Viky (IND)
97kg- Kyle SNYDER (Titan) TF. Somveer (IND), 10-0
125kg- Nick GWIAZDOWSKI (Titan) TF. Pushpender Singh (IND), 10-0

First round : Titan Mercury (USA) 9 – Montreal (CAN) 1
57kg- Thomas GILMAN (Titan) df. Steven TAKAHASHI (Montreal), 13-6
61kg- Ghara MANIVA (Montreal) df. Alan WATERS (Titan), 7-6
65kg- B.J. FUTRELL (Titan) df. Hashem MOKHTARI (Montreal), 7-2
70kg- Franklin GOMEZ (Titan) winner – No wrestler (Montreal)
74kg- Nazar KULCHYTSKYY (Titan) TF. Guseyn RUSLANZADA (Montreal), 10-0
79kg- Kyle DAKE (Titan) TF. Ahmed SHAMIYA (Montreal), 11-0
86kg- David TAYLOR (Titan) TF. Alexander MOORE (Montreal), 14-4
92kg- Nickolas HEFLIN (Titan) TF. Jordan STEEN (Montreal), 10-0
97kg- Kyle SNYDER (Titan) df. Masoud KHAJE SALEHANI (Montreal), 9-2
125kg- Nick GWIAZDOWSKI (Titan) TF. Korey JARIVS (Montreal), 10-0