FLASH: Schultz, Miranda, and Porter swipe up UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Team Trial titles in Las Vegas

By Kala Ibarra, USA Wrestling | April 27, 2017, 10:01 p.m. (ET)

Jesse Porter throws Jake Allar in the finals of the UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Team Trials at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. Photo by: John Sachs, Tech-Fall.com

Las Vegas, Nev.-Cohlton Schultz of the New York Athletic Club defeated Anthony Cassioppi of Hononegah Wrestling Club in two matches at 120 kg to earn himself a spot on the 2017 Junior Greco-Roman World Team.


Schultz, a 2016 Cadet World Team member is one of the youngest entries in the UWW Junior Greco- Roman World Team Trials. Throughout his best of three series he executed great throws in both his matches in his quest to the top. They were a key factor in him claiming his title in just two matches.

“My first match in the finals I was doing the game plan and then towards the end I didn’t do too wild but I ended up still getting the “W.” The last [match] I was talking with my coaches and was just saying put it all into this one don’t even worry about a third one. Put all your energy into this one,” Schultz said.  

Randon Miranda of the New York Athletic Club secured a spot on the Junior Greco-Roman World Team at 55 kg defeating Gabriel Townsell of Stanford/California RTC. Miranda is a 2014 Junior Triple Crown winner from California and a 2016 Junior World Team member. He also placed 7th at the UWW Junior World Championships last year in France.

Jesse Porter of the New York Athletic Club claimed his first UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Team title at 74 kg beating Jake Allar of the Storm. Porter will meet Kamal Bey of Front Range Twisters later in the year for a delayed wrestle off.

Bey qualified for a delayed wrestle off  by winning the 2017 U.S. Open. Also qualified for a delayed wrestle offs are 2016 Junior World medalists Taylor LaMont (60) and G’Angelo Hancock (96). Hancock is also a 2017 U.S. Open champion.

In the most controversial match of the night was at 79 kg, where Spencer Carey from the Navy Marine Corps RTC defeated Adam Bless of the Minnesota State Moorhead Dragons, 6-4. Carey came back at the last second to score the winning points and claim the title.

Weights 63 kg, 70 kg, and 79 kg will not compete in international competition.

The only pair up that headed into the final bout of the best of three series was at 96 kg, where Blake Smith from Northern Michigan University defeated Haydn Maley from Roseburg Mat Club. Smith took a 4-0 loss in round 1 and came back in the final two rounds to claim the title.

Smith will wrestle off against G’Angelo Hancock later in the year to secure his spot at on the Junior World Team.

The UWW Junior Freestyle Nationals will begin Friday at 9 a.m. (PT) and conclude Saturday. The tournament will be streamed live on TrackWrestling.org.


At Las Vegas, Nev., April 27

2017 UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Team Trial Champions

46-50 kg: Elijah Varona (NYAC/New York RTC)

55 kg: Randon Miranda (NYAC)

60 kg: Dalton Young (Team Washington)

63 kg:Tristan Porsch (Trojan Wrestling Club)

66 kg: Dominick Demans (Columbus WC)

70 kg: Tyler Dow (Badger RTC)

74 kg: Jesse Porter (NYAC)

79 kg: Spencer Carey (Navy- Marine Corps RTC)

84 kg: Wyatt Koelling (Missouri Wrestling Foundation)

96 kg: Blake Smith (NMU-OTS)

120 kg: Cohlton Schultz (NYAC)

Greco-Roman Results

46-50 KG

1st: Elijah Varona (NYAC/New York RTC)

2nd:Cevion Severado (Xtreme RTC)

3rd: Brandon Kaylor (Team Washington)

4th: Brendon Garcia (Steel City Elite)

5th: Ryan Rowland (Florida Jets)

6th Taylor Citrus (Battleborn)

1st Place Series-

Round 1- Elijah Varona (New York RTC/NYAC) VT Cevion Severado (Xtreme Regional Training Center), 6-0 2:00

Round 2- Elijah Varona (New York RTC/NYAC) VT Cevion Severado (Xtreme Regional Training Center), 4-0 0:38

3rd Place Match- Brandon Kaylor Puyallup, WA (Team Washington) SP Brendon Garcia Pueblo, CO (Steel City Elite), 16-7 2:18

5th Place Match- Ryan Rowland Oviedo, FL (Florida Jets) VF Evan Taylor Citrus Heights, CA (Battleborn)

55  KG

1st:Randon Miranda (NYAC)

2nd: Gabriel Townsell (Stanford/California RTC)

3rd: Patrick Mckee (Storm)

4th: Tate Carney (Trojan Wrestling Club)

5th: Luis Hernandez (Garage Boyz)

6th: Jack Karstetter (Team Big)

7th: Mosha Schwartz (Unattached)

8th: Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy)

1st Place Series-

Round 1- Randon Miranda (NYAC) VT Gabriel Townsell (Stanford - California RTC), 8-2 0:00

Round 2- Randon Miranda (NYAC) ST Gabriel Townsell (Stanford - California RTC), 11-0 4:16

3rd Place Match-Patrick Mckee Hanover, MN (Storm) PP Tate Carney Colby, KS (Trojan Wrestling Club), 12-11

5th Place Match- Luis Hernandez Miami, FL (Garage boyz) SP Jack Karstetter Tulsa, OK (Team BIG), 20-10 4:13

7th Place Match- Mosha Schwartz Franktown, CO (Unattached) SP Tyler Cunningham Gretna, NE (MWC Wrestling Academy), 12-1 1:31

60 KG

1st: Dalton Young (Team Washington)

2nd: Wesley Dawkins (MWC Wrestling Academy)

3rd: Jordan Auen (NMU-OTS)

4th: Mason Hartshorn (CYC)

5th: Jerry Mealey (Unattached)

6th: Corbin Nirschl (East Kansas Legacy)

7th:Job Greenwood (GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club)

8th: Max Nice (Gladiator Wrestling Club)

1st Place Series-

Round 1- Dalton Young (Team Washington) SP Wesley Dawkins (MWC Wrestling Academy), 12-4 0:53

Round 2- Dalton Young (Team Washington) SP Wesley Dawkins (MWC Wrestling Academy), 13-5 6:00

3rd Place Match- Jordan Auen San Jose, CA (NMU-OTS) VT Mason Hartshorn Antioch, CA (CYC), 4-0 1:05

5th Place Match- Jerry Mealey Corbett, OR (Unattached) SP Corbin Nirschl Bonner Springs, KS (East kansas legacy), 10-0 0:22

7th Place Match- Job Greenwood Livermore, CO (GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club) FOR Max Nice Colorado Springs, CO (Gladiator Wrestling Club)


63 KG
1st: Tristan Porsch (Trojan Wrestling Club)
2nd: Raphael Rodriguez (Suples Wrestling Club)
3rd: Adam Valdez (Sac Dawgs)
4th: Joshua Steele (Greater Heights WC)

66  KG

1st: Dominick Demas (Columbus Wrestling Club)

2nd: Lenny Merkin (Princeton Wrestling Club)

3rd: Calvin Germinaro (Minnesota Storm)

4th: Rodolfo Guillen (University of Mary)

5th: Peyton Omania (CYC)

6th: Logan Kass (NMU-OTS/Minnesota Storm)

7th: Alston Nutter (NMU-OTS)

8th: Jasiah Williams (NW Disciples)

1st Place Series-

Round 1- Dominick Demas (Columbus Wrestling Club) VT Lenny Merkin (Princeton Wrestling Club), 12-6 0:00

Round 2- Dominick Demas (Columbus Wrestling Club) VT Lenny Merkin (Princeton Wrestling Club), 6-4 5:21

3rd Place Match- Calvin Germinaro Anoka, MN (Minnesota Storm) VF Rodolfo Guillen Bismarck, ND (University of Mary)

5th Place Match- Peyton Omania Concord, CA (CYC) VB Logan Kass Webster, MN (NMU-OTS/Minnesota Storm)

7th Place Match- Alston Nutter Fennimore, WI (NMU-OTS) VB Jasiah Williams (NW Disciples), 0-0 0:00

70 KG 
1st Place: Tyler Dow (Badger Regional Training Center)
2nd Place: Chandler Michael (Peninsula Wrestling Club)
3rd Place: Christopher Leatherman (University of Mary)
4th Place: Adrian Ojeda (Delchev Trained Academy)
5th Place: Manuel Anaya (Farmboys) 
74  KG

1st: Jesse Porter (NYAC)

2nd: Jake Allar (Storm)

3rd: Mason McDaniel (SITC)

4th: Jaron Chavez (Suples WC)

5th: Talon Seitz (Nebraska Golden Eagles WC)

6th: Ryan Cummings (NMU-OTS)

7th: Billy Higgins (MWC Wrestling Academy)

8th: Dracius McKee (Orange Crust WC)

1st Place Series-

Round 1: Jesse Porter (NYAC) VT Jake Allar (Storm), 8-1 2:00

Round 2: Jesse Porter (NYAC) ST Jake Allar (Storm), 8-0 2:20

3rd Place Match- Mason Mcdaniel Edwardsville, IL (Southern Illinois Training Center) VT Jaron Chavez Boise, ID (suples wrestling club), 2-0 1:37

5th Place Match- Talon Seitz Kearney, NE (Nebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club) VT Ryan Cummings Marquette, MI (NMU-OTS), 4-0 1:01

7th Place Match- Billy Higgins Council Bluffs, IA (MWC Wrestling Academy) ST Dracius Mckee Corvallis, OR (Orange Crush Wrestling Club), 8-0 0:49

79 KG

1st: Spencer Cary (Navy-Marine Corp RTC)

2nd: Adam Blees (Minnesota State Moorehead Dragons)

3rd: Ahmed Alford (Navy-Marine Corps RTC)

4th: Fritz Schierl (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC)

5th: Anthony Sherry (Powerhouse)

6th: Tate Samuelson (Castle View)

7th: Spencer Woods (Terrapin Wrestling Club)

8th: Aaron Trygstad (Otero)

1st Place Match: Spencer Carey Annapolis, MD (Navy-Marine Corps RTC) PP Adam Blees Moorhead, MN (Minnesota State Moorhead Dragons), 6-4

3rd Place Match:Ahmed (aj) Alford Annapolis, MD (Navy-Marine Corps RTC) PP Fritz Schierl Stevens Point, WI (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club/Ohio Regional Training Center), 12-11

5th Place Match:Anthony Sherry Glenwood, IA (Powerhouse) SP Tate Samuelson Castle Rock, CO (Castle View), 8-0 1:58

7th Place Match: Spencer Woods College Park, MD (Terrapin Wrestling Club) FOR Aaron Trygstad Aurora, CO (Otero)

84 KG

1st: Wyatt Koelling (Missouri Wrestling Foundation)

2nd: Thomas Brackett (West Tennessee Takedown Club)

3rd: Logan Gruszka (SITC)

4th: Austin Chaon (NMU-OTS

5th: Andrew Berreyesa (Cutthroat)

6th: Max Dean (New York RTC/NYAC)

7th: Cole Witzig (Bison Wrestling Club)

8th: Kevin Parker (Princeton Wrestling Club)

1st Place Series-

Round1: Wyatt Koelling (Missouri Wrestling Foundation) VT Thomas Brackett (West Tennessee Takedown Club), 9-0 3:27

Round 2: Wyatt Koelling (Missouri Wrestling Foundation) VT Thomas Brackett (West Tennessee Takedown Club), 6-0 1:40

3rd Place Match- Logan Gruszka Edwardsville, IL (Southern Illinois Training Center) ST Austin Chaon Hayward, WI (NMU-OTS), 8-0 1:13

5th Place Match- Andrew Berreyesa Reno, NV (Cutthroat) VT Max Dean Ithaca, NY (New York RTC/NYAC), 4-0 1:04

7th Place Match- Cole Witzig Fargo, ND (Bison Wrestling Club) ST Kevin Parker Princeton, NJ (Princeton Wrestling Club), 10-0 3:38

96 KG

1st: Blake Smith (NMU-OTS)

2nd: Haydn Maley (Roseburg Mat Club)

3rd: Joshua Roetman (Navy-Marines Corps RTC)

4th: Ben Darmstadt (New York RTC/NYAC)

5th: Anthony Ripoelle (NMU-OTS)

6th: Chad Porter (TWC/Arizona WC)

7th: August Peplinski (Bison Wrestling Club)

8th: Kaleb Gaede (Olympian WC)

1st Place Series-

Round 1: Haydn Maley (ROSEBURG MAT CLUB) VT Blake Smith (NMU-OTS), 4-0 1:33

Round 2: Blake Smith (NMU-OTS) VT Haydn Maley (ROSEBURG MAT CLUB), 4-0 0:50

Round 3: Blake Smith (NMU-OTS) VT Hayden Maley (Roseburg Mat Club), 6-9, 1:02

3rd Place Match- Joshua Roetman Annapolis, MD (Navy-Marine Corps RTC) ST Ben Darmstadt Ithaca, NY (New York RTC/NYAC), 12-0 1:15

5th Place Match-  Anthony Riopelle Monroe, MI (NMO-OTS) VF Chad Porter Phoenix, AZ (TWC/Arizona Wrestling Club)

7th Place Match- August Peplinski Fargo, ND (Bison Wrestling Club) ST Kaleb Gaede Limon, CO (Olympian W/C), 8-0 1:30

120  KG

1st: Cohlton Schultz (NYAC)

2nd: Anthony Cassioppi (Hononegah WC)

3rd: Nicholas Boykin (Sunkist Kids WC)

4th: Thomas Helton (SITC)

5th: Darryl Aiello (CYC)

6th: Michael Smith (Navy-Marine Corps RTC)

7th: Brandon Metz (Unattached)

8th: Andrew Fenton (NMU-OTS)

1st Place Series-

Round 1: Cohlton Schultz (NYAC) PP Anthony Cassioppi (Hononegah Wrestling Club), 8-7

Round 2: Cohlton Schultz (NYAC) SP Anthony Cassioppi (Hononegah Wrestling Club), 13-4 1:06

3rd Place Match- Nicholas Boykin Scottsdale, AZ (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club) PP Thomas Helton Edwardsville, IL (Southern Illinois Training Center), 4-3

5th Place Match- Darryl Aiello Concord, CA (CYC) VT Michael Smith Annapolis, MD (Navy-Marine Corps RTC), 8-0 1:53

7th Place Match- Brandon Metz West Fargo, ND (Unattached) ST Andrew Fenton OH (NMU-OTS), 9-0 5:21