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USA Wrestling rule modifications announced for 2017 freestyle and Greco-Roman season

By USA Wrestling | April 07, 2017, 12:16 p.m. (ET)

For the 2017 USA Wrestling Regional and National Championships, the following rule changes have been made:

  1. Scoring for both freestyle and Greco-Roman will be 1, 2, 4 and 5. 
    1. 5-point moves (grand amplitude with danger) are added to freestyle. 
    2. Any grand amplitude action with no danger will be 4 points.
    3. Correct throws in freestyle and Greco-Roman will be 2 points.
    4. Cautions in freestyle and Greco-Roman will be 2 points (includes fleeing the mat and fleeing the hold).
  2. Greco-Roman passivity remains unchanged, thus two passivity calls will result in 1 point for opponent.
  3. Passivity must be confirmed by the Mat Chairman for both freestyle and Greco-Roman.  The judge can agree with passivity, but the call will only be assessed if confirmed by the Mat Chairman.
  4. Freestyle Passivity
    1. Same procedure outlined above with confirmation from Mat Chairman required.
    2. At the end of the 30-second activity time, if the passive wrestler has not scored, they will give up 1 point and no caution will be given.
    3. At the end of the 30-second activity time, if the passive wrestler has not scored, the match will not be stopped – 1 point will simply be awarded and action will continue.
    4. If anyone scores during the 30-seconds, the activity time is cancelled.
  5. In events with video review, the Mat Chairman may call a consultation/conference with the referee team that can result in a request to review the video without a challenge from a wrestler/coach.  Wrestlers/coaches may still request a challenge, at which point it shall be reviewed by the designated Referee and Mat Chairman.
  6. Par Terre Defense in Greco-Roman
    1. At the start of action in par terre, the defensive wrestler must go flat and cannot block.  The defensive wrestler must remain open (same as in 2016).
    2. Once a defensive wrestler has been lifted, he/she will only be allowed to post on one arm of the lifting wrestler.  This posting one an arm is only allowed after the lift
  7. Grabbing of the fingers will be penalized much stricter than before.  The referee shall say “Open” and may reach in and break the lock.  After the initial warning, this is to be penalized with a caution and 2 points.