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U.S. Greco-Roman team shut out of medal round on second day of Cadet Worlds

By Richard Immel, USA Wrestling | Sept. 14, 2016, 7:35 a.m. (ET)

 U.S. Cadet World Team member Clay Lautt hits a front headlock
at the Cadet Worlds. Photo: Gerhard Remus,
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TBILISI, Georgia – The Greco-Roman portion of the 2016 Cadet World Championships has concluded for the U.S. contingent with no American advancing to a medal match on Wednesday at New Sports Palace in Tbilisi, Georgia.

It was a shaky start for the U.S. as four of the five wrestlers in action today lost their opening match. The only American to win a match was 76 kg/167.2 lbs. competitor Clay Lautt of Kansas.

Lautt brutalized Bulgaria’s Cadet European bronze medalist with several front headlock maneuvers to win, 8-2. The tables turned for Lautt in the quarterfinals when he was downed by Ali Hunc of Turkey, 7-1. Hunc was defeated in the 76 kg semifinals, eliminating Lautt from a repechage match.

“I didn’t really know what to expect coming into international styles too much. Right when I got to my, what I wanted to get to, [Hunc] caught me. After that it’s kind of hard to come back with these dudes,” said Lautt.

Of the five Americans wrestling today, Andrew Chambal was the only one to find a spot in the repechage rounds.

Chambal fell early to Cadet European champion Vladislav Kuzko of Ukraine, 2-0. After Kuzko made the 42 kg/92.5 lbs. finals Chambal was pulled into the repechage where he was topped by Hayk Asatryan of Armenia, 1-0.

“The wrestling is so physical,” Chambal said at the end of his tournament. “I was just excited to come. I wanted to wrestle, but if I could do it again I’d be less cautious and just really hit my moves, attack. It was a great experience and I’d do it again.”

2015 USA Wrestling Triple Crown winner Mosha Schwartz suffered defeat at the hands of Armenia’s Ashot Mkhitaryan in the first round at 46 kg/104.4 lbs., 8-0. Mkhitaryan was a fifth place finisher at the Cadet European Championships the past two years.

At 69 kg/152 lbs., Yasin Turan of Turkey earned the win over promising U.S. prospect Max Wohlabaugh, 5-0. Wohlabaugh placed second at the USAW Junior Nationals in both freestyle and Greco-Roman this summer.

Three-time Fargo All-American Brandon Whitman fell to Hakob Baghdasaryan of Armenia, 6-0, in his only match at 76 kg/167.2 lbs.

“The guys fought hard, but they’re just inexperienced, and they don’t believe in their moves” U.S. coach Shawn Sheldon noted at day’s end. “This is a big tournament, the World Championships, so I think with a little more experience it would have been a different outcome.”

Wrestlers securing gold medals on the final day of Greco-Roman action were Omid Arami of Iran at 42 kg, Fail Iskandarov of Azerbaijan at 46 kg, Akzhol Makhmudov of Kyrgyzstan at 69 kg, Aleksandr Komarov of Russia at 76 kg and Alex Szoke of Hungary at 85 kg.

The U.S. finished without a Greco-Roman medalist at the Cadet World Championships for the third-straight year. Jack Davis turned in the highest American finish, coming in fifth place at 58 kg/127 lbs. on Tuesday.

The Cadet World Championships will continue for the U.S. tomorrow with the first day of women’s freestyle competition. Qualification and repechage rounds are set to begin at 2 a.m. (ET) followed by the medal matches at 10 a.m. (ET).

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Complete brackets and match-by-match results can be viewed at

Sept. 13-18 at Tbilisi, Georgia

Team Standings
1. Iran 68
2. Azerbaijan 63
3. Turkey 63
4. Russia 62
5. Armenia 41
6. Georgia 30
7. Kyrgyzstan 27
8. Uzbekistan 23
9. Belarus 22
10. India 19
10. Japan 19
10. Kazakhstan 19

Final Results
42 kg/92.5 lbs.

Gold – Omid Arami (Iran)
Silver – Vladyslav Kuzko (Ukraine)
Bronze – Zaur Aliyev (Azerbaijan)
Bronze – Ikhtiyor Botirov (Uzbekistan)
5th – Hayk Asatryan (Armenia)
5th – Adem Uzun (Turkey)
7th – Yerkebulan Ardakov (Kazakhstan)
8th – Rohan Bhosale (India)
9th – Manuel Stocia (Romania)
10th – Giorgi Chkhikvadze (Georgia)

Gold – Omid Arami (Iran) dec. Vladyslav Kuzko (Ukraine), 2-1
Bronze – Zaur Aliyev (Azerbaijan) dec. Hayk Asatryan (Armenia), 8-6
Bronze – Ikhtiyor Botirov (Uzbekistan) dec. Adem Uzun (Turkey), 3-1

46 kg/104.4 lbs.
Gold – Fail Iskandarov (Azerbaijan)
Silver – Elbek Ergashev (Uzbekistan)
Bronze – Vladimir Zabeyvorota (Russia)
Bronze – Nestor Delgado Ramirez (Mexico)
5th – Kadir Kamal (Turkey)
5th – Mohammad Mehrabi (Iran)
7th – Ashot Mkhitaryan (Armenia)
8th – Luka Ochigava (Georgia)
9th – Khalis Razhabov (Kazakhstan)
10th – Yu Shiotani (Japan)

Gold – Fail Iskandarov (Azerbaijan) fall Elbek Ergashev (Uzbekistan), 3:11
Bronze –Vladimir Zabeyvorota (Russia) dec. Kadir Kamal (Turkey), 4-1
Bronze – Nestor Delgado Ramirez (Mexico) tech. fall Mohammad Mehrabi (Iran), 9-0

69 kg/152 lbs.
Gold – Akzhol Makhmudov (Kyrgyzstan)
Silver – Ulvu Ganizade (Azerbaijan)
Bronze – Yasin Turan (Turkey)
Bronze – Malkhas Amoyan (Armenia)
5th – Mohammadreza Rostami (Iran)
5th – Artsiom Valaskovich (Belarus)
7th – Zahari (Bulgaria)
8th – Levan Gogua (Georgia)
9th – Tamas Levai (Hungary)
10th – Raoul Leitham (Estonia)

Gold – Akzhol Makhmudov (Kyrgyzstan) dec. Ulvu Ganizade (Azerbaijan), 5-3
Bronze – Yasin Turan (Turkey) dec. Mohammadreza Rostami (Iran), 7-1
Bronze – Malkhas Amoyan (Armenia) tech. fall Artsiom Valaskovich (Belarus), 8-0

76 kg/167.2 lbs.
Gold – Aleksandr Komarov (Russia)
Silver – Nasir Hasanov (Azerbaijan)
Bronze – Stanislav Rylskiy (Kazakhstan)
Bronze – Ali Hunc (Turkey)
5th – Maksim Bandarenka (Belarus)
5th – Hosein Forouzandeh Ghojehbeiglou (Iran)
7th – Istvan Takacs (Hungary)
8th – Dmytro Vasetskyi (Ukraine)
9th – Arturo Camacho Valenciano (Mexico)
10th – Filip Smetko (Croatia)

Gold – Aleksandr Komarov (Russia) dec. Nasir Hasanov (Azerbaijan), 3-0
Bronze – Stanislav Rylskiy (Kazakhstan) fall Maksim Bandarenka (Belarus), Fall 3:38
Bronze – Ali Hunc (Turkey) dec. Hosein Forouzandeh Ghojehbeiglou (Iran), 2-1

85 kg/185.4 lbs.
Gold – Alex Szoke (Hungary)
Silver – Markus Ragginger (Austria)
Bronze – Ihar Yarashevich (Belarus)
Bronze – Hakob Baghdasaryan (Armenia)
5th – Hasan Forouzandeh Ghojehbeiglou (Iran)
5th – Tehran Aminzade (Azerbaijan
7th – Ville Salo (Finland)
8th – Giorgi Katsanashvili (Georgia)
9th – Stanislav Pseunov (Russia)
10th – Zhantas Nurgali (Kazakhstan)

Gold – Alex Szoke (Hungary) dec. Markus Ragginger (Austria), 2-1
Bronze – Ihar Yarashevich (Belarus) dec. Hasan Forouzandeh Ghojehbeiglou (Iran), 2-1
Bronze – Hakob Baghdasaryan (Armenia) dec. Tehran Aminzade (Azerbaijan), 3-1

U.S. Greco-Roman Results
42 kg/92.5 lbs. - Andrew Chambal, Millington, Mich., 14th
LOSS Vladislav Kuzko (Ukraine), 2-0
LOSS Hayk Asatryan (Armenia), 1-0

46 kg/104.4 lbs. – Mosha Schwartz, Franktown, Colo., 15th
LOSS Ashot Mkhitaryan (Armenia), 8-0

69 kg/152 lbs. – Max Wohlabaugh, Winter Springs, Fla., 24th
LOSS Yasin Turan (Turkey), 5-0

76 kg/167.2 lbs. – Clay Lautt, Olathe, Kan., 11th
WIN Teodor Domozinov (Bulgaria), 8-2
LOSS Ali Hunc (Turkey), 7-1

85 kg/185.4 lbs. – Brandon Whitman, Dundee, Mich., 20th
LOSS Hakob Baghdasaryan (Armenia), 6-0