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Strong Ohio lightweights close out 37-21 win over Illinois in Junior National Freestyle Duals finals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | June 25, 2016, 4:12 p.m. (ET)

Ohio, the 2016 Junior National Duals freestyle champion, after big win over Illinois. Photo by John Sachs,

TULSA, Okla. – Illinois must have felt pretty good at the start of the Junior Nationals Freestyle Duals finals against Ohio on Saturday. With the dual meet starting at 138 pounds, Illinois came out with wins in four of the first six bouts, including a pin and a technical fall, for a 16-10 lead.

But Ohio had them just where they wanted them.

Led by a group of powerful lightweight stars, Ohio won six of the final nine matches for a comfortable 37-27 victory over Illinois and the Junior Duals freestyle title.

The early run by Illinois included victories by Jaime Hernandez (138), Shayne Oster (152), Austin O’Connor (160) and Logan Gruszka (182). Gruszka needed just 37 seconds to take James Handwerk to his back and score a pin, worth five big team points.

A wild comeback at 152 pounds by Oster showed the competitive nature of this dual meet. Ohio’s Davey Tunon scored a four-point takedown, two gut wrenches and on a step out to lead 9-0 in the first period. Tunon was one point away from a technical fall. Oster came back with two four-point throws and a point on a failed challenge to tie it up at 9-9. Tunon scored a point on a stepout and led 10-9 at the break. In the second period, Oster opened up the offense, with a two-point takedown, a four-point takedown on a cradle and three consecutive leg lace turns for 12 straight points and a 21-10 technical fall.

The tide turned in the upper weights, as Benjamin Darmstadt of Ohio pinned Patrick Brucki of Illinois in 50 seconds at 195 pounds and Jared Campbell added a 10-0 technical fall at 220 pounds over Christian Brunner. Illinois heavyweight Anthony Cassioppi won a close match, and the score was 20-19 in favor of Ohio when a short intermission was taken to give out some event awards.

Then came out the Ohio little men, and it was pretty much all over.

It started with a pair of technical falls, as Lucas Byrd put away Matthew Ramos, 14-2 at 100 pounds and Oscar Sanchez ran off with a 10-0 win over Anthony King at 106 pounds. At 113, Dylan D’Emilio was in control in an 8-2 win over Joey Melendez. The run was capped off with an impressive 10-0 technical fall by Drew Mattin over Illinois star Louie Hayes at 120 pounds. The score with two bouts to go was Ohio 35, Illinois 21. The lightweights had clinched the win.

Illinois did win those two last matches, decision victories by Travis Piotrowski at 126 and Gabriel Townsell at 132.

The last bout of the day, between Townsell and Tariq Wilson, will be an internet classic. A total of 42 points were scored in this wide-open display of offense, a 21-21 tie when the final whistle blew. Townsell jumped to an 11-4 lead early in the first, but Wilson stormed back to take a 14-11 lead at the break. Townsell came back to lead 19-4, but Wilson rallied again for a 21-19 lead. A takedown by Townsell with four seconds tied it all up, and Townsell won on criteria.

Although Minnesota Red won the first two matches by technical fall, New Jersey went on a tear, winning 12 of the final 13 matches for a 50-17 win and third place. New Jersey had a pin from Joseph Grello (182) and technical falls from nine others: Andrew Merola (152), Kyle Bierdumpfel (160), Brandon Dallavia (170), Brandon Kui (195), Kevin Mulligan (220), Chase Singletary (285), Nicholas Shutzenhofer (106) Sebastian Rivera (120) and Zachary Sherman (126).

In the closest of the medal matches, Pennsylvania won eight bouts and Iowa Red won seven bouts, with Pennsylvania emerging with a 35-32 win for fifth place. Pennsylvania won its eight bouts in the first 11 matches, with a big enough margin to hold off Iowa Red, which won the last four matches all with bonus points.

Seventh place went to Oklahoma Blue by a lopsided 56-15 margin over Michigan Blue. Oklahoma won seven of the matches by forfeit. In the other bouts, Oklahoma won five of the eight matches held.

At Tulsa, Okla.

Freestyle results

CHAMPIONSHIP DUAL - Ohio 37, Illinois 27

138 Jaime Hernandez (Illinois) over Corey Shie (Ohio) Dec 12-7
145 Dom Demas (Ohio) over A.J. Jaffe (Illinois) Dec 4-1
152 Shayne Oster (Illinois) over Davey Tunon (Ohio) TF 21-10
160 Austin O`Connor (Illinois) over Austin Hiles (Ohio) Dec 9-2
170 Jesse Beverly (Ohio) over Sage Heller (Illinois) TF 10-0
182 Logan Gruszka (Illinois) over James Handwerk (Ohio) Fall 0:36
195 Benjamin Darmstadt (Ohio) over Patrick Brucki (Illinois) Fall 0:50
220 Jared Campbell (Ohio) over Christian Brunner (Illinois) TF 10-0
285 Anthony Cassioppi (Illinois) over Matt Adams (Ohio) Dec 9-7
100 Lucas Byrd (Ohio) over Matthew Ramos (Illinois) TF 14-2
106 Oscar Sanchez (Ohio) over Anthony King (Illinois) TF 10-0
113 Dylan D`Emilio (Ohio) over Joey Melendez (Illinois) Dec 8-2
120 Drew Mattin (Ohio) over Louie Hayes (Illinois) TF 10-0
126 Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) over Allan Hart (Ohio) Dec 8-3
132 Gabriel Townsell (Illinois) over Tariq Wilson (Ohio) Dec 21-21

THIRD PLACE - New Jersey 50, Minnesota Red 17
138 Mitchell McKee (Minnesota Red) over Requir Van Der Merwe (New Jersey) TF 14-4
145 Alex Crowe (Minnesota Red) over Nicholas Palumbo (New Jersey) TF 11-0
152 Andrew Merola (New Jersey) over Travis Ostby (Minnesota Red) TF 18-6
160 Kyle Bierdumpfel (New Jersey) over Jake Allar (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0
170 Brandon Dallavia (New Jersey) over Jerod Novak (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0
182 Joseph Grello (New Jersey) over Taylor Venz (Minnesota Red) Fall 1:11
195 Brandon Kui (New Jersey) over Jonah Lange (Minnesota Red) TF 11-1
220 Kevin Mulligan (New Jersey) over Trenten Rogich (Minnesota Red) TF 12-0
285 Chase Singletary (New Jersey) over Sam Erckenbrack (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0
100 Matthew Petersen (Minnesota Red) over Thomas Fierro (New Jersey) TF 12-2
106 Nicholas Shutzenhofer (New Jersey) over Ashton Clark (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0
113 Michael Colaiocco (New Jersey) over Patrick McKee (Minnesota Red) TF 20-9
120 Sebastian Rivera (New Jersey) over Curtis LeMair (Minnesota Red) TF 12-2
126 Zachary Sherman (New Jersey) over Jake Gliva (Minnesota Red) TF 10-0
132 Nicholas Farro (New Jersey) over Brent Jones (Minnesota Red) Dec 5-2

FIFTH PLACE - Pennsylvania 35, Iowa Red 32
138 Wyatt Long (Pennsylvania) over Carter Happel (Iowa Red) Fall 0:22
145 Sam Sasso (Pennsylvania) over Nelson Brands (Iowa Red) Dec 8-4
152 Matt Malcom (Iowa Red) over Trevor Elfvin (Pennsylvania) TF 18-6
160 Trent Hidlay (Pennsylvania) over Colton Clingenpeel (Iowa Red) TF 20-10
170 Marcus Coleman (Iowa Red) over Eric Hong (Pennsylvania) Dec 11-9
182 Anthony Welch (Pennsylvania) over Max Lyon (Iowa Red) Fall 3:23
195 Jake Woodley (Pennsylvania) over Isaac Bartel (Iowa Red) Dec 8-6
220 Zane Black (Pennsylvania) over Wyatt Wriedt (Iowa Red) Dec 8-7
285 Carter Isley (Iowa Red) over Brendan Furman (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-0
100 Matt Rodriquez (Pennsylvania) over Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa Red) TF 10-0
106 Jaret Lane (Pennsylvania) over Hans Von Rabenau (Iowa Red) Fall 1:22
113 Kyle Biscoglia (Iowa Red) over Ryan Green (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
120 Jack Wagner (Iowa Red) over Zurich Storm (Pennsylvania) Fall 2:48
126 Brenden Baker (Iowa Red) over Brandon Bach (Pennsylvania) TF 12-2
132 Brock Rathbun (Iowa Red) over Cary Palmer (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:53

SEVENTH PLACE - Oklahoma Blue 56, Michigan Blue 15
138 Jaxen Gilmore (Oklahoma Blue) over Trent Lashuay (Michigan Blue) Fall 1:32
145 Brik Filippo (Oklahoma Blue) forfeit
152 Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma Blue) over Dustin Gross (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0
160 Dayton Garrett (Oklahoma Blue) over Bret Fedewa (Michigan Blue) TF 20-9
170 Drew Hinkle (Oklahoma Blue) forfeit
182 Dan Baker (Oklahoma Blue) forfeit
195 Zach Marcheselli (Oklahoma Blue) forfeit
220 Gunner Cash (Oklahoma Blue) forfeit
285 Trenton Lieurance (Oklahoma Blue) forfeit
100 Alex Fields (Oklahoma Blue) over Devon Johnson (Michigan Blue) Dec 14-8
106 Ravon Foley (Michigan Blue) over Wyatt Adams (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
113 Dominic LaJoie (Michigan Blue) over Colt Newton (Oklahoma Blue) TF 12-2
120 Jet Taylor (Oklahoma Blue) over Jordan Hamdan (Michigan Blue) TF 10-0
126 Daton Fix (Oklahoma Blue) forfeit
132 James Whitaker (Michigan Blue) over Jacob Butler (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 3:53

BRONZE/COPPER Results (Places 9-16)
1st Place - Missouri
2nd Place - California
3rd Place - North Dakota-Blue
4th Place - Utah Blue
5th Place - Kansas Blue
6th Place - Florida
7th Place - Iowa Blue
8th Place - Washington
1st Place Match - Missouri defeated California 39-28.
3rd Place Match - North Dakota-Blue defeated Utah Blue 37-32.
5th Place Match - Kansas Blue defeated Florida 40-26.
7th Place Match - Iowa Blue defeated Washington 36-35.

RED/BLUE Results
1st Place - Texas Blue
2nd Place - Arizona
3rd Place - Minnesota Blue
4th Place - Nebraska Blue
5th Place - Oklahoma Red
6th Place - Indiana Gold
7th Place - Tennessee
8th Place - Texas Red
1st Place Match - Texas Blue defeated Arizona 36-32.
3rd Place Match - Minnesota Blue defeated Nebraska Blue 39-29.
5th Place Match - Oklahoma Red defeated Indiana Gold 34-33.
7th Place Match - Tennessee defeated Texas Red 61-10.


1st Place - Georgia
2nd Place - Nebraska Red
3rd Place - Arkansas
4th Place - Kansas Red
5th Place - Utah Red
6th Place - North Dakota Red
7th Place - Georgia Blue
8th Place - Michigan Red
1st Place Match - Georgia defeated Nebraska Red 49-20.
3rd Place Match - Arkansas defeated Kansas Red 50-14.
5th Place Match - Utah Red defeated North Dakota Red 37-29.
7th Place Match - Georgia Blue defeated Michigan Red 35-23.

1st Place - Colorado
2nd Place - South Dakota
3rd Place - North Carolina
4th Place - Louisiana
5th Place - Montana
6th Place - Indiana Blue
7th Place - South Carolina
Louisiana defeated South Carolina 29-29.
Colorado defeated Montana 47-24.
North Carolina defeated Indiana Blue 42-16.
South Dakota defeated Louisiana 50-12.
Montana defeated South Carolina 32-15.
Colorado defeated Indiana Blue 55-10.
Colorado defeated Louisiana 61-3.
North Carolina defeated Montana 34-28.
South Dakota defeated Indiana Blue 49-7.
Louisiana defeated Indiana Blue 36-31.
South Dakota defeated Montana 37-25.
North Carolina defeated South Carolina 48-13.
North Carolina defeated Louisiana 43-25.
Colorado defeated South Dakota 50-21.
Indiana Blue defeated South Carolina 22-21.
Montana defeated Indiana Blue 25-21.
South Dakota defeated North Carolina 45-14.
Colorado defeated South Carolina 64-4.
Louisiana defeated Montana 34-29.
Colorado defeated North Carolina 51-13.
South Dakota defeated South Carolina 56-2

A POOL Results
1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Florida
4th Place - Missouri
5th Place - Indiana Gold
6th Place - Texas Red
7th Place - North Dakota Red
8th Place - Georgia Blue
1st Place Match - Illinois defeated Pennsylvania 45-25.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Pennsylvania defeated Florida 49-17.
3rd Place Match - Florida defeated Missouri 39-30.
5th Place Match - Indiana Gold defeated Texas Red 38-27.
7th Place Match - North Dakota Red defeated Georgia Blue 39-20.

B POOL Results
1st Place - Minnesota Red
2nd Place - Oklahoma Blue
3rd Place - Utah Blue
4th Place - Iowa Blue
5th Place - Nebraska Blue
6th Place - Tennessee
7th Place - Kansas Red
8th Place - Michigan Red
1st Place Match - Minnesota Red defeated Oklahoma Blue 35-31.
3rd Place Match - Utah Blue defeated Iowa Blue 32-31.
5th Place Match - Nebraska Blue defeated Tennessee 45-21.
7th Place Match - Kansas Red defeated Michigan Red 42-21.

C POOL Results
1st Place - Ohio
2nd Place - New Jersey
3rd Place - Washington
4th Place - North Dakota-Blue
5th Place - Arizona
6th Place - Texas Blue
7th Place - Georgia
8th Place - Arkansas
1st Place Match - Ohio defeated New Jersey 34-33.
3rd Place Match - Washington defeated North Dakota-Blue 34-30.
5th Place Match - Arizona defeated Texas Blue 47-23.
7th Place Match - Georgia defeated Arkansas 48-21.

D POOL Results
1st Place - Iowa Red
2nd Place - Michigan Blue
3rd Place - California
4th Place - Kansas Blue
5th Place - Minnesota Blue
6th Place - Oklahoma Red
7th Place - Nebraska Red
8th Place - Utah Red
1st Place Match - Iowa Red defeated California 35-34.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Michigan Blue defeated California 36-33.
3rd Place Match - Michigan Blue defeated Kansas Blue 39-31.
5th Place Match - Minnesota Blue defeated Oklahoma Red 36-30.
7th Place Match - Nebraska Red defeated Utah Red 41-23.