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World Teamers Martinez and Figueroa capture individual Cadet crowns, lead California to team title

By Taylor Miller, USA Wrestling | July 16, 2016, 11:04 p.m. (ET)

101-pound Cadet national champion Alleida Martinez of California.
Photo: John Sachs,
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FARGO, N.D. – Cadet World silver medalist Alleida Martinez of California won her second-straight Cadet women’s freestyle national championship on Saturday night, sticking Angelina Gomez of Texas in the 101-pound final in 2:02.

The win is Martinez’s fourth USA Wrestling national title of the year, adding to her wins at the Body Bar UWW Cadet Nationals and both the Cadet and Junior Girls Folkstyle Nationals. Martinez has now accomplished this feat in back-to-back years.

“I felt like I wrestled good,” Martinez said. “I was kind of nervous. Now you’ve got to push yourself more, even harder than you have been, so you can try to get where I want to be.”

Two other wrestlers captured their second-consecutive Cadet national championship on Saturday night at the Fargodome.

Gracie Figueroa of California, a two-time Cadet World Team member, edged out New York’s Michaela Beck, 4-0, in the 124-pound finals, scoring a pair of takedowns to ice the match. In similar fashion as Martinez, Figueroa notched her fourth national championship this year as she won the Cadet and Junior division at the Girls Folkstyle Nationals in addition to the UWW Cadet Nationals.

Figueroa was named the Outstanding Wrestler of the competition. She notched two tech falls and two pins on the day.

“My coach just kept telling me to create angles, so I tried my best,” Figueroa said. “Just taking it as any other tournament, pretending like I didn’t win it last year. I’m just no one coming back trying to make a name for myself again. It’s really fun.”

Virginia’s Jesse Kirby picked up her second-consecutive Cadet national crown by way of first-period pin over Corey Burton, who at one point led the bout, 4-0.

The finals got off to a quick start with four of the first five matches ending in either a pin or technical fall.

The first to claim a Cadet national championship was Caitlyn Walker of Pennsylvania, who defeated Abigail Nelson of Wisconsin in the 88-pound finals. The match lasted less than two minutes as Walker stormed to a 10-0 technical fall.

Emily Shilson of Minnesota kept her match short and sweet as she defeated Autumn Hohn in the 95-pound finals with a fall in 50 seconds. Shilson did not surrender a single point all day, outscoring her opponents 32-0 en route to her first Cadet national championship.

At 108 pounds, Macey Kilty knocked off returning champion Alisha Howk with a 7-0 win to earn her fourth USA Wrestling national title this year.

“Just wrestle my style, not wrestle my opponents style cause that’s where I get caught up in headlocks and all that,” Kilty said. “Instead, just wrestle my style and I’ll be fine. Always attacking and setting up my shots. Two isn’t enough, just keep going.”

Cara Broadus became the first Cadet women’s freestyle national champion from Connecticut courtesy of her championship performance at the 115-pound weight class. Broadus defeated Cameron Guerin in the finals, taking a quick lead with a takedown and two sets of exposure points. She sealed the deal with a big four-point throw to end it in 54 seconds.

Alexandria Liles of Texas earned her first Cadet national championship, winning a close bout against 2016 Cadet World Team member Alara Boyd of Indiana, 8-5. Boyd struck first, scoring on a step out, but Liles responded with a four-point move and never lost the lead. The two exchanged points, but it was Liles who came out on top at 132 pounds.

Jayden Laurent of Wisconsin won the title at 143 pounds with and exciting finals match that featured three feet-to-back takedowns to end the match in 1:23 with a 12-0 technical fall over Alexis Gomez of Illinois.

Wisconsin’s Hannah Ramos and Colorado’s Emily Cue lit up the 154-pound final with points coming from all directions. Ramos led the bout 5-0 at the break, but Cue cut the lead to 5-4 after executing a solid body lock. Ramos responded, scoring 11 points in the second period to earn a 16-6 tech fall.

New York’s Hailey Cancelleri won her first Cadet national championship, defeating Kaylee Seabolt of Georgia in the 172-pound final. Cancelleri was on fire, scoring takedown after takedown. She led the match 8-0 before turning a four-point throw into a pin to end it in 4:25.

California took the team title, scoring 61 points, leading second-place Wisconsin by 12 points. California has now taken top prize at the last five women’s freestyle Cadet National Championships.

There was a record 201 entries in the Cadet women’s division this year, up 43 participants from last year’s previous entry record.

At Fargo, N.D., July 16

Cadet WM - 88
1st Place - Caitlyn Walker of Pennsylvania
2nd Place - Abigail Nelson of Wisconsin
Round 1 - Caitlyn Walker (Pennsylvania) won by tech fall over Abigail Nelson (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)
Round 2 - Caitlyn Walker (Pennsylvania) won by tech fall over Abigail Nelson (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)

Cadet WM - 95
1st Place - Emily Shilson of Minnesota
2nd Place - Autumn Hohn of Wisconsin
3rd Place - Kayla Kehr of Pennsylvania
4th Place - Katalina Bartelt of Florida
5th Place - Jaine Stephens of Georgia
6th Place - Alexandra Puzon of Washington
7th Place - Jaclyn McNichols of Texas
8th Place - Alyssa Sequeira of California
1st Place Match - Emily Shilson (Minnesota) won by fall over Autumn Hohn (Wisconsin) (Fall 0:51)
3rd Place Match - Kayla Kehr (Pennsylvania) won by fall over Katalina Bartelt (Florida) (Fall 1:30)
5th Place Match - Jaine Stephens (Georgia) won by decision over Alexandra Puzon (Washington) (Dec 4-2)
7th Place Match - Jaclyn McNichols (Texas) won by tech fall over Alyssa Sequeira (California) (TF 10-0)

Cadet WM - 101
1st Place - Alleida Martinez of California
2nd Place - Angelina Gomez of Texas
3rd Place - Tilynne Vasquez of Montana
4th Place - Felicity Taylor of Iowa
5th Place - Trina Nguyen of California
6th Place - Bailey Hoshino of Hawaii
7th Place - Mia Rodriguez of Illinois
8th Place - Josie Bartishofski of Wisconsin
1st Place Match - Alleida Martinez (California) won by fall over Angelina Gomez (Texas) (Fall 2:02)
3rd Place Match - Tilynne Vasquez (Montana) won by tech fall over Felicity Taylor (Iowa) (TF 14-3)
5th Place Match - Trina Nguyen (California) won by decision over Bailey Hoshino (Hawaii) (Dec 9-8)
7th Place Match - Mia Rodriguez (Illinois) won by tech fall over Josie Bartishofski (Wisconsin) (TF 10-0)

Cadet WM - 108
1st Place - Macey Kilty of Wisconsin
2nd Place - Alisha Howk of Missouri
3rd Place - Stefana Jelacic of Arizona
4th Place - Amanda Walker of Pennsylvania
5th Place - Tiare Ikei of Hawaii
6th Place - Jasmine Weaver of Virginia
7th Place - Victoria Borrego of California
8th Place - Demetra Yancopoulos of New York
1st Place Match - Macey Kilty (Wisconsin) won by decision over Alisha Howk (Missouri) (Dec 7-0)
3rd Place Match - Stefana Jelacic (Arizona) won by fall over Amanda Walker (Pennsylvania) (Fall 0:00)
5th Place Match - Tiare Ikei (Hawaii) won by tech fall over Jasmine Weaver (Virginia) (TF 13-2)
7th Place Match - Victoria Borrego (California) won by fall over Demetra Yancopoulos (New York) (Fall 0:22)

Cadet WM - 115
1st Place - Cara Broadus of Connecticut
2nd Place - Cameron Guerin of Washington
3rd Place - Viktorya Torres of Washington
4th Place - Jessica Sanchez of California
5th Place - Marissa Gallegos of Colorado
6th Place - Randi Robison of Illinois
7th Place - Mya Kretzer of Kansas
8th Place - Xochitl Mota-pettis of Texas
1st Place Match - Cara Broadus (Connecticut) won by tech fall over Cameron Guerin (Washington) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Viktorya Torres (Washington) won by decision over Jessica Sanchez (California) (Dec 5-1)
5th Place Match - Marissa Gallegos (Colorado) won by decision over Randi Robison (Illinois) (Dec 14-5)
7th Place Match - Mya Kretzer (Kansas) won by decision over Xochitl Mota-pettis (Texas) (Dec 10-6)

Cadet WM - 124
1st Place - Gracie Figueroa of California
2nd Place - Michaela Beck of New York
3rd Place - Brianna Csontos of Virginia
4th Place - Savannah Vierra of California
5th Place - Kaylee Moore of Washington
6th Place - Zoe Buteau of Maine
7th Place - Alexandra Baudhuin of Texas
8th Place - Joye Levendusky of New York
1st Place Match - Gracie Figueroa (California) won by decision over Michaela Beck (New York) (Dec 4-0)
3rd Place Match - Brianna Csontos (Virginia) won by tech fall over Savannah Vierra (California) (TF 12-2)
5th Place Match - Kaylee Moore (Washington) won by decision over Zoe Buteau (Maine) (Dec 12-3)
7th Place Match - Alexandra Baudhuin (Texas) won by decision over Joye Levendusky (New York) (Dec 8-0)

Cadet WM - 132
1st Place - Alexandria Liles of Texas
2nd Place - Alara Boyd of Indiana
3rd Place - Ginamarie Santiago of Puerto Rico
4th Place - Grace Kristoff of Illinois
5th Place - Kiana Pugh of Wisconsin
6th Place - Jerzie Estrada of Colorado
7th Place - Dalia Garibay of California
8th Place - Genesis Miranda of California
1st Place Match - Alexandria Liles (Texas) won by decision over Alara Boyd (Indiana) (Dec 8-5)
3rd Place Match - Ginamarie Santiago (Puerto Rico) won by decision over Grace Kristoff (Illinois) (Dec 8-0)
5th Place Match - Kiana Pugh (Wisconsin) won by injury default over Jerzie Estrada (Colorado) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Place Match - Dalia Garibay (California) won by tech fall over Genesis Miranda (California) (TF 18-8)

Cadet WM - 143
1st Place - Jayden Laurent of Wisconsin
2nd Place - Alexis Gomez of Illinois
3rd Place - Mahealani Lewis of Hawaii
4th Place - McKenzie Cook of Alaska
5th Place - Hailey Finn of New York
6th Place - Jillian Bruno of Pennsylvania
7th Place - Adelyhda Perez of Texas
8th Place - Destiny Bailey of New Mexico
1st Place Match - Jayden Laurent (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Alexis Gomez (Illinois) (TF 12-0)
3rd Place Match - Mahealani Lewis (Hawaii) won by decision over McKenzie Cook (Alaska) (Dec 12-5)
5th Place Match - Hailey Finn (New York) won by fall over Jillian Bruno (Pennsylvania) (Fall 3:27)
7th Place Match - Adelyhda Perez (Texas) won by tech fall over Destiny Bailey (New Mexico) (TF 10-0)

Cadet WM - 154
1st Place - Hannah Ramos of Wisconsin
2nd Place - Emily Cue of Colorado
3rd Place - Olivia Rondeau of Maryland
4th Place - Tyra Bailey of New Jersey
5th Place - Kelani Corbett of Hawaii
6th Place - Emmaline Reusing of California
7th Place - Alexis Young of California
8th Place - Ashley Weatherford of Georgia
1st Place Match - Hannah Ramos (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Emily Cue (Colorado) (TF 16-6)
3rd Place Match - Olivia Rondeau (Maryland) won by fall over Tyra Bailey (New Jersey) (Fall 4:28)
5th Place Match - Kelani Corbett (Hawaii) won by injury default over Emmaline Reusing (California) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Place Match - Alexis Young (California) won by decision over Ashley Weatherford (Georgia) (Dec 8-0)

Cadet WM - 172
1st Place - Hailey Cancelleri of New York
2nd Place - Kaylee Seabolt of Georgia
3rd Place - Natalie Kemp of Wisconsin
4th Place - Elisa Robinson of Kansas
5th Place - Adrienne Dominguez of California
6th Place - Sandra Castrejon of California
7th Place - Nia Crosdale of New York
8th Place - Rebecca Hamilton of Utah
1st Place Match - Hailey Cancelleri (New York) won by fall over Kaylee Seabolt (Georgia) (Fall 4:25)
3rd Place Match - Natalie Kemp (Wisconsin) won by decision over Elisa Robinson (Kansas) (Dec 8-0)
5th Place Match - Adrienne Dominguez (California) won by fall over Sandra Castrejon (California) (Fall 5:35)
7th Place Match - Nia Crosdale (New York) won by fall over Rebecca Hamilton (Utah) (Fall 2:33)

Cadet WM - 198
1st Place - Jesse Kirby of Virginia
2nd Place - Corey Burton of California
3rd Place - Alexandera Castillo of California
4th Place - Victoria Alloggio of New York
5th Place - Megan Houser of Idaho
6th Place - Shaina Gowan of Florida
7th Place - Evelin Valenzuela of Minnesota
1st Place Match - Jesse Kirby (Virginia) won by fall over Corey Burton (California) (Fall 2:17)
3rd Place Match - Alexandera Castillo (California) won by tech fall over Victoria Alloggio (New York) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Megan Houser (Idaho) won by fall over Shaina Gowan (Florida) (Fall 2:44)
7th Place Match - Evelin Valenzuela (Minnesota) received a bye

Team Scores (Top 10)
1. California 61.0
2. Wisconsin 49.0
3. New York 28.0
4. Pennsylvania 22.0
5. Texas 22.0
6. Washington 20.0
7. Hawaii 17.0
8. Illinois 17.0
9. Virginia 17.0
10. Colorado 14.0