USA Wrestling URGENT: Coaches, off...

URGENT: Coaches, officials, leaders must take USOC Safe Sport course to have access to Olympic Training Centers

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Jan. 08, 2016, 12 p.m. (ET)

The U.S. Olympic Committee has taken a leadership role in educating the sports community on the best strategies to provide a safe environment for those participating in sports at all levels. As part of this commitment, the Safe Sport online course has been developed to assist those in a variety of roles within the sports community to make their sports environment safer for all who participate.

As part of this program, all National Governing Bodies, including USA Wrestling, “must require safe sport education and training for ‘individuals it formally authorizes, approves to a position of authority over, or to have frequent contact with athletes.’”

This will be enforced at all U.S. Olympic Training Centers, including the USOTC in Colorado Springs, Colo., where USA Wrestling conducts programs and activities regularly. According to a USOTC policy now in force, “non-athletes (coaches, medical staff, managers, etc.) will not be permitted to check-in or otherwise utilize the facilities if they have not completed this requirement.”

These non-athletes will include coaches, officials, medical personnel, national staff members and others who will participate any activity at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers, including training, competitions, education and other programs there.

This is especially important with the Dave Schultz Memorial International coming to the USOTC in Colorado Springs, January 27-30. Any non-athlete who will be participating in one of roles covered by this requirement must take the Safe Sport course before arriving at the Olympic Training Center.

The online course can be completed in approximately 90 minutes, and entails watching a variety of videos and taking some short quizzes about the information from the course. Anyone with access to the internet can take this course.

As part its involvement and support of Safe Sport, USA Wrestling will encourage all non-athletes with authority or frequent contact with athletes to take this course. Even if you are not going to access the Olympic Training Centers, you are asked to take this course as part of your involvement and leadership within USA Wrestling.

To complete the course, you will need your USA Wrestling ID number, then must register through the Safe Sport website, which will then allow you access to the Safe Sport course, is offered free of charge.


1. Before going online, please have your USA Wrestling ID number. (It is the USAW ID number you use to access your membership through USA Wrestling’s online membership system).

2. Click the link below (or type it into the URL of your web browser)

3. On the first Safe Sport screen, click ADD TO BAG

4. In the BAG screen, click CHECKOUT.

5. In the Team USA account screen, click REGISTER.

6. In the Register screen, fill out the required fields, including an email and a personalized password, then click SAVE.

7. In the Bag screen, click CHECKOUT. The price for this should say Free and $0.00.

8. In the Order Details screen, click ACTIVATE.

9. In the Safe Sport screen, click LAUNCH COURSE.

10. Take the course. When completed, print off the course certificate, and have with you when you go to an Olympic Training Center.

For additional assistance in this process, see the screen captures below.