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Huge turnout for Evening with Tom Ryan in New York City on October 28

By Anna Zarzecki, Beat the Streets New York | Oct. 30, 2015, 7:36 p.m. (ET)

Photo of Tom Ryan speaking to the large group of guests at Rare View Rooftop by Stephen Alvarado.

Over 120 guests gathered at Rare View Rooftop Wednesday evening, for Beat the Street’s fourth speaker series event, An Evening with Tom Ryan, making it the most well attended speaker event in BTS history.

Guests traveled through the rain to join BTS and the Wrestlers in Business Network NY Metro Chapter (WIBN) for an evening in which wrestlers and friends came together to meet others who share a passion for the sport.

Against an aerial view that only Manhattan can provide, surprise guest speaker John Licata, Executive Director of WIBN, began the speaker portion of the evening with an introduction to the networking organization.

Licata, who was the team captain of the West Chester State College wrestling team, spoke about the grassroots efforts and success of WIBN that he has observed over the past few years. Since its founding, the organization has grown to include over 5,000 wrestlers.

John Dougherty, Founder and Managing Director of Ingalls and Snyder’s Fixed Income Group, spoke next. Dougherty was the 1982 All-Time EIWA Individual Champion during his wrestling career at Syracuse University. During his talk, Dougherty fondly recalled the time he networked his way from working in Chicago to working on Wall Street in New York City. This smooth transition, Dougherty said, was due largely in part to his wrestling contacts at a time before anything like WIBN even existed. He concluded his talk with an observation of success, expressing that successful people have a good attitude and maintain positivity.

Featured Speaker Tom Ryan took the floor by rolling out his silver metal luggage. He opened the luggage and pulled out the 2015 NCAA Team Championship trophy that he led the buckeyes to earn.

Ryan acknowledged Eric Spiegel and Scott Arnel, a few wresters in the audience from his first year coaching at Hofstra. He admitted that his first year of coaching was a mess but that it was thanks to these “first believers” that he is where he is today, a decorated coach.

Ryan spoke about the traits and qualities that he has observed in some of his toughest wrestlers over the years. He said that these athletes didn’t necessarily have a lot of things growing up, but at the same time, coming from strong value based homes, seemed to have it all.

On that note, he segued into an analogy about the redwood trees. Though the root system of the redwood trees is only four feet deep, the trees grow to 100 feet wide, intertwine and grow strong, together. It was clear the audience agreed as there was a family like atmosphere with strong ties among many in attendance. .

The evening concluded with two raffle winners who took home a Dr. Dre Bluetooth speaker and New York Athletic Club luggage, which were presented by BTS Board Member Yoshi Nakamura. The raffle raised $600 for the BTS PSAL Eastern States Classic Tournament Trip.

BTS and WIBN are very appreciative of our event sponsors, Templar Trading Partners and the Long Island Wrestling Association, for helping to make this the most successful speaker series event yet.