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Maroulis leads Women’s Wrestling Week social media campaign, March 2-8

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | March 01, 2015, 10:46 a.m. (ET)

Two-time World medalist Helen Maroulis is leading a social media campaign during Women’s Wrestling Week in the United States from March 2-8.

Maroulis was selected as one of eight ambassadors from around the world for the United World Wrestling Super 8 campaign, the international federation’s two-month campaign to raise awareness for women’s wrestling and grow female participation at all levels of the sport.

As part of Women’s Wrestling Week, any female athlete who is not a member of USA Wrestling is invited to come out and try the sport at a chartered club practice. USA Wrestling will provide a complimentary membership for March 2-8, the time covered by Women’s Wrestling Week.

Additionally, female athletes with prior wrestling experience who would like to participate in a USA Wrestling sanctioned event may do so on both weekends of March 8-9 and March 15-16.

“Often times when I tell people I wrestle and explain my life, they respond with, ‘Oh, my daughter, sister, wife or girlfriend would have made a great wrestler if only she had the opportunity.’ Well, now here is their chance. Even if it’s just for one workout, every girl and woman should try out this wonderful sport,” said Maroulis.

United World Wrestling has established the hashtag #EachOneBringOne for its Super 8 campaign.

Maroulis is asking those in the American wrestling community who have brought a girl or young woman to a wrestling activity for the first time to post a photo or video of themselves and the newcomer on social media, using the #EachOneBringOne hashtag.

USA Wrestling has designed a PDF form that may be printed off and filled out with club location and practice times to be given to females trying out the sport. Those who are inviting newcomers to wrestling are encouraged to use this invitation within their local community. Download the invitation at the URL below:

Helen Maroulis and USA Wrestling are working to create even more social media buzz for women’s wrestling during the week by asking people to post their favorite pictures and videos of girls and women wrestlers on social media.

These photos and videos can be action images of females in competition, shots of females during wrestling practice, poses of female wrestlers in their wrestling uniforms, group shots of teams or clubs with female wrestlers and other fun and interesting images of women involved in wrestling.

All are asked to post these photos and images on social media using the hashtag #Super 8.

USA Wrestling will monitor the women’s wrestling social media postings during the week, and use a variety of them on the organization’s social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Help Helen Maroulis and USA Wrestling make women’s wrestling trend on social media by posting during Women’s Wrestling Week using #EachOneBringOne and #Super8.