USA Wrestling FLASH: Colorado’s Or...

FLASH: Colorado’s Ortega repeats and Estrada named OW at Cadet Women’s Nationals

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | July 18, 2015, 11:29 p.m. (ET)

Jerzie Estrada of Colorado receives the Outstanding Wrestler Award at the Cadet Women’s Nationals in Fargo. Photo by John Sachs,

FARGO, N.D. – It was a rough night for returning champions, as only one of four were able to win again at the Cadet Women’s Nationals, the first tournament in Fargo again this year.

Colorado’s Ashlyn Ortega was the only repeat champion, winning her second straight at 132 pounds. Ortega had a strong first period, jumping to an 8-0 lead, before finishing off a technical fall in the second period over Cassandra Olive of California. Ortega was also a UWW Cadet Nationals champion earlier this year.

Colorado also featured the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler, Jerzie Estrada at 124 pounds. Estrada, a first-year Cadet, scored a key second-period four-point hip toss to win the criteria in a 6-6 match against Teniya Alo of Hawaii. Alo scored a two takedown on the buzzer in a flurry to tie it at 6-6, but was not awarded additional backpoints when the exchange was reviewed by officials.

All three of the returning champions who were defeated in the finals faced talented opponents in highly anticipated finals.

Gracie Figueroa of California beat 2014 Junior Nationals and Cadet Nationals champion Ronna Heaton of South Dakota, 5-0 at 115. Figueroa scored on a pushout in the first period, and scored two takedowns in the second period for the win. Heaton had beaten Figueroa in a number of past USA Wrestling events.

Alleida Martinez of California won her fourth USA Wrestling national title this year, defeating returning Cadet Nationals champion Hailey Horton of Georgia in the finals with a pin in 3:56. Martinez won the Body Bar UWW Cadet Nationals title, and also won both the Cadet and Junior divisions at the USA Wrestling Girls Folkstyle Nationals.

In a rematch of last year’s Cadet Nationals finals, Rachel Bridges of Texas, last year’s runner-up, pinned 2014 Cadet Nationals champion Emily Huerta of North Dakota in 5:26 at 198. Bridges led 3-0 at the break, and was able to counter a Huerta throw for the fall.

The finals started with two quick first period technical fall victories.

UWW Cadet Nationals champion Vayle Rae Baker of Pennsylvania scored a takedown and four ankle lace turns for a technical fall win over Katylyn Butcher of Indiana, 10-0 at 88 pounds.

At 101 pounds, McKayla Campbell of Ohio also took down her opponent, Angelina Gomez of Texas, then hit a series of ankle lace turns for a 10-0 technical fall in the first period. It was Campbell’s fourth national title of the year, to go with a Body Bar UWW Cadet Nationals title, plus both Junior and Cadet National crowns at the USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals.

Scoring the only pin of the finals was Virginia’s Jesse Kirby, who put away Tania Sanchez of California in 40 seconds at 172 pounds.

Alisha Howk of Missouri controlled the action throughout the match for a 6-0 win over Marissa Gallegos of California at 108 pounds.

Paige Amy of Michigan opened up her offense to defeat Body Bar UWW Cadet Nationals runner-up Emily Cue of Colorado in a 12-0 technical fall at 143.

Breaking open a close match in the second period, Abby Lees of Washington scored the final four points for a 9-3 win over Sarah Engedal of Wisconsin at 154 pounds.

California repeated as the team champions with 76 points, followed by Colorado with 42 points and Texas with 28 points.

There was a record 158 entries in the Cadet women’s division this year, up 38 participants from last year’s previous entry record.

At Fargo, N.D., July 18

1st Place - Vayle Rae Baker of Pennsylvania
2nd Place - Katlyn Butcher of Indiana
Round 1 - Vayle Rae Baker (Pennsylvania) won by tech fall over Katlyn Butcher (Indiana) (TF 10-0)
Round 2 - Vayle Rae Baker (Pennsylvania) won by fall over Katlyn Butcher (Indiana) (Fall 0:22)

1st Place - Mckayla Campbell of Ohio
2nd Place - Angelina Gomez of Texas
3rd Place - Jasmine Weaver of Virginia
4th Place - Diona Freitas of California
5th Place - Nikki Mae Sumagang of California
6th Place - Leah Olsen of Washington
7th Place - Raven Guidry of Louisiana
8th Place - Trina Nguyen of California
1st Place Match - Mckayla Campbell (Ohio) won by tech fall over Angelina Gomez (Texas) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Jasmine Weaver (Virginia) won by tech fall over Diona Freitas (California) (TF 12-0)
5th Place Match - Nikki Mae Sumagang (California) won by fall over Leah Olsen (Washington) (Fall 2:04)
7th Place Match - Raven Guidry (Louisiana) won by decision over Trina Nguyen (California) (Dec 13-13)

1st Place - Alleida Martinez of California
2nd Place - Hailey Horton of Georgia
3rd Place - Angel Rios of Colorado
4th Place - Carly Valleroy of Missouri
5th Place - Felicity Taylor of Iowa
6th Place - Amanda Walker of Pennsylvania
7th Place - Zenaida Bresser of Oregon
8th Place - Trinity Oredina of California
1st Place Match - Alleida Martinez (California) won by fall over Hailey Horton (Georgia) (Fall 3:56)
3rd Place Match - Angel Rios (Colorado) won by tech fall over Carly Valleroy (Missouri) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Felicity Taylor (Iowa) won by injury default over Amanda Walker (Pennsylvania) (Inj. 0:00)
7th Place Match - Zenaida Bresser (Oregon) won by fall over Trinity Oredina (California) (Fall 2:55)

1st Place - Alisha Howk of Missouri
2nd Place - Marissa Gallegos of Colorado
3rd Place - Kaden Campbell of Colorado
4th Place - Victoria Borrego of California
5th Place - Kasey Baynon of Georgia
6th Place - Jocelyn Murphy of Illinois
7th Place - Kyleigh Dagostino of Pennsylvania
8th Place - Pearl Fletcher of New York
1st Place Match - Alisha Howk (Missouri) won by decision over Marissa Gallegos (Colorado) (Dec 6-0)
3rd Place Match - Kaden Campbell (Colorado) won by tech fall over Victoria Borrego (California) (TF 10-0)
5th Place Match - Kasey Baynon (Georgia) won by tech fall over Jocelyn Murphy (Illinois) (TF 12-2)
7th Place Match - Kyleigh Dagostino (Pennsylvania) won by fall over Pearl Fletcher (New York) (Fall 3:25)

1st Place - Gracie Figueroa of California
2nd Place - Ronna Heaton of South Dakota
3rd Place - Brenda Reyna of Washington
4th Place - Michaela Beck of New York
5th Place - Nguyet Tran of California
6th Place - Alyssa Aceval of California
7th Place - Hailey Finn of New York
8th Place - Hali Davis of Texas
1st Place Match - Gracie Figueroa (California) won by decision over Ronna Heaton (South Dakota) (Dec 5-0)
3rd Place Match - Brenda Reyna (Washington) won by fall over Michaela Beck (New York) (Fall 1:52)
5th Place Match - Nguyet Tran (California) won by decision over Alyssa Aceval (California) (Dec 11-10)
7th Place Match - Hailey Finn (New York) won by fall over Hali Davis (Texas) (Fall 2:30)

1st Place - Jerzie Estrada of Colorado
2nd Place - Teniya Alo of Hawaii
3rd Place - Alexandria Liles of Texas
4th Place - Brianna Csontos of Virginia
5th Place - Hailey Cox of Utah
6th Place - Clarise Palmer of Maryland
7th Place - Cara Broadus of Connecticut
8th Place - Mckenzie Walker of Virginia
1st Place Match - Jerzie Estrada (Colorado) won by decision over Teniya Alo (Hawaii) (Dec 6-6)
3rd Place Match - Alexandria Liles (Texas) won by tech fall over Brianna Csontos (Virginia) (TF 14-1)
5th Place Match - Hailey Cox (Utah) won by fall over Clarise Palmer (Maryland) (Fall 2:05)
7th Place Match - Cara Broadus (Connecticut) won by tech fall over Mckenzie Walker (Virginia) (TF 10-0)

1st Place - Ashlynn Ortega of Colorado
2nd Place - Cassandra Olive of California
3rd Place - Allicyn Schuster of Nebraska
4th Place - Andreina Rodriguez of New York
5th Place - Jenna Garcia of California
6th Place - Sienna Ramirez of Washington
7th Place - Hannah Ramos of Wisconsin
8th Place - Alexis Gomez of Illinois
1st Place Match - Ashlynn Ortega (Colorado) won by tech fall over Cassandra Olive (California) (TF 10-0)
3rd Place Match - Allicyn Schuster (Nebraska) won by decision over Andreina Rodriguez (New York) (Dec 7-7)
5th Place Match - Jenna Garcia (California) won by fall over Sienna Ramirez (Washington) (Fall 1:24)
7th Place Match - Hannah Ramos (Wisconsin) won by tech fall over Alexis Gomez (Illinois) (TF 12-2)

1st Place - Paige Amy of Michigan
2nd Place - Emily Cue of Colorado
3rd Place - Alexia Foca of New Jersey
4th Place - Shajrianna Turner of Illinois
5th Place - Mackenzie Matta of Pennsylvania
6th Place - Brooke Logan of Arizona
7th Place - Taea Regua of California
8th Place - McKinna Faulkenberry of Iowa
1st Place Match - Paige Amy (Michigan) won by tech fall over Emily Cue (Colorado) (TF 12-0)
3rd Place Match - Alexia Foca (New Jersey) won by tech fall over Shajrianna Turner (Illinois) (TF 14-4)
5th Place Match - Mackenzie Matta (Pennsylvania) won by fall over Brooke Logan (Arizona) (Fall 1:49)
7th Place Match - Taea Regua (California) won by decision over McKinna Faulkenberry (Iowa) (Dec 8-2)

1st Place - Abby Lees of Washington
2nd Place - Sarah Engedal of Wisconsin
3rd Place - Kylie Baker of California
4th Place - Courtney Lillich of Ohio
5th Place - Kyla Keen of Oregon
6th Place - Deidra Valles of California
7th Place - Marlene Salinas of California
8th Place - Karolina Galica of Illinois
1st Place Match - Abby Lees (Washington) won by decision over Sarah Engedal (Wisconsin) (Dec 9-3)
3rd Place Match - Kylie Baker (California) won by decision over Courtney Lillich (Ohio) (Dec 6-0)
5th Place Match - Kyla Keen (Oregon) won by fall over Deidra Valles (California) (Fall 3:40)
7th Place Match - Marlene Salinas (California) won by tech fall over Karolina Galica (Illinois) (TF 16-6)

1st Place - Jesse Kirby of Virginia
2nd Place - Tania Sanchez of California
3rd Place - Megan Lloyd of Texas
4th Place - Sierra Pesnell of Idaho
5th Place - McKyla Kerr of Illinois
6th Place - Starlyn White of Missouri
7th Place - Salma Hussein of New York
8th Place - Megan Houser of Idaho
1st Place Match - Jesse Kirby (Virginia) won by fall over Tania Sanchez (California) (Fall 0:40)
3rd Place Match - Megan Lloyd (Texas) won by fall over Sierra Pesnell (Idaho) (Fall 3:35)
5th Place Match - McKyla Kerr (Illinois) won by tech fall over Starlyn White (Missouri) (TF 14-3)
7th Place Match - Salma Hussein (New York) won by decision over Megan Houser (Idaho) (Dec 6-3)

1st Place - Rachel Bridges of Texas
2nd Place - Emily Huerta of North Dakota
3rd Place - Katelyn Blanchard of California
4th Place - Mackenzie Turner of Indiana
Round 1 - Emily Huerta (North Dakota) won by fall over Katelyn Blanchard (California) (Fall 1:29)
Round 1 - Rachel Bridges (Texas) won by decision over Mackenzie Turner (Indiana) (Dec 5-0)
Round 2 - Rachel Bridges (Texas) won by tech fall over Katelyn Blanchard (California) (TF 10-0)
Round 2 - Emily Huerta (North Dakota) won by decision over Mackenzie Turner (Indiana) (Dec 6-0)
Round 3 - Katelyn Blanchard (California) won by fall over Mackenzie Turner (Indiana) (Fall 5:31)
Round 3 - Rachel Bridges (Texas) won by fall over Emily Huerta (North Dakota) (Fall 5:26)

Team Standings

1. California, 76.0
2. Colorado, 42.0
3. Texas, 28.0
4. Virginia, 20.0
5. Washington, 20.0
6. Pennsylvania, 17.0
7. Missouri, 16.0
8. New York, 15.0
9. Illinois, 14.0
10. Ohio, 13.0
11. Indiana, 12.0
12. Georgia, 11.0
13. Wisconsin, 9.0
14. Michigan, 8.0
15. Hawaii 7.0
16. North Dakota 7.0
17. South Dakota 7.0
18. Idaho 6.0
19. Nebraska 6.0
20. New Jersey 6.0
21. Oregon 6.0
22. Iowa 5.0
23. Utah 4.0
24. Arizona 3.0
25. Maryland 3.0
26. Connecticut 2.0
27. Louisiana 2.0