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Men’s freestyle preview for U.S. Senior Nationals/Trials Qualifier in Las Vegas

By Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling | Dec. 16, 2015, 5:24 p.m. (ET)

2015 U.S. Open finalists Andrew Howe and David Taylor are both registered for Las Vegas, but at different weight classes. Howe will remain at 74 kg, while Taylor is jumping up to 86 kg. Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors.

Of the three Olympic styles, the men’s freestyle program has qualified the least number of athletes for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials to date with just 17 athletes who have met the qualifying standards so far. Most of these athletes have not registered to compete in Las Vegas this weekend, but four are among those who have signed up, Coleman Scott at 57 kg, Reece Humphrey and Jordan Oliver at 65 kg and Ed Ruth at 86 kg.

There are 42 berths in the Trials available this weekend in men’s freestyle, seven in each of the six Olympic weight classes. This is the largest of the #Road2IowaCity events and the competition for these qualification spots will be very fierce.

This event will be a true test of who will be legitimate contenders at the Olympic Trials in April. There are a number of athletes who have changed weight classes, with some going up and others dropping down. Prominent wrestlers are at new weights include Kyle Dake, David Taylor, Nick Marable, Chris Perry, Daniel Dennis, Tyler Caldwell and others. We will see some new matchups when these guys go against established wrestlers at their new weight class.

57 kg/125.5 lbs.
2015 U.S. Open champion
– Tony Ramos (Titan Mercury WC)
Athletes already qualified for U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Tony Ramos (Titan Mercury WC), Coleman Scott (Sunkist Kids), Tyler Graff (New York AC)

Just three wrestlers have already qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials at 57 kg, including two-time World Team Tony Ramos, who is not registered for Las Vegas. Tyler Graff, who won the Bill Farrell International, is not expected in Vegas either.

However, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Coleman Scott, who is dropping down from 61 kg where he was third on the National Team last year, is signed up for Vegas. It will be the first time he has been this light since way back in his college days, and brings some new intensity to what is already be a strong field of experienced freestylers. There will be a mix from last year’s 57 kg and 61 kg field, with some real uncertainty and some new matchups.

The No. 2 and No. 3 from the 2015 World Team Trials at 59 kg are in the field, Joe Colon and Angel Escobedo. Colon looked very strong last season, taking second at the Trials and fourth at the Open and expanding his international experience. Escobedo, who was fifth in the 2013 World Championships, returned to top form at the World Team Trials, and won a silver at the Pan American Games as a replacement for Ramos. They are the top guys from last year’s 57 kg returnees.

Daniel Dennis, who was No. 2 on the National Team at 61 kg last year, is a great comeback story. After taking a few years off, Dennis is looking both strong and skilled in his freestyle return. He was third at the Bill Farrell International at this weight class, with his only loss to Graff. Also coming down from 61 kg is Jon Morrison, who starred for Oklahoma State and was fifth at the 2015 World Team Trials.

Having one of his best tournaments at this level by winning a silver medal at the Bill Farrell was former Minnesota star Zach Sanders. His seed will be a bit difficult to predict, as he has some losses within the year to others in the field, and he was not a qualifier for the World Team Trials in June.

A pair of past USA Senior team members are registered to compete, 2012 Olympian Sam Hazewinkel and 2013 World Team member Obe Blanc. Both were out of action for a while, and are coming back strong this year. Hazewinkel had a bad run of injuries in recent seasons. They competed at the Bill Farrell and dropped a few matches, but nobody should overlook them as they continue to get back into their top form.

It has been many years since 2004 Olympic silver medal Stephen Abas has been on the scene, but he is back for another run. He was second to Henry Cejudo at the 2008 Olympic Trials, then put his focus on coaching and MMA. Abas was fifth in a tournament in France last month in his international return.

Returning NCAA champion Nathan Tomasello is taking time away from his Ohio State season to compete, and should be right in the hunt. He wrestled at both the 2015 U.S. Open and the Bill Farrell International and beat some veteran guys, including wins over past World Team members Blanc and Nick Simmons. One of the guys who beat Tomasello was Ali Naser, who was fourth at the Bill Farrell. Naser has wins over Coleman Scott, Dan Mitcheff and Sam Hazewinkel within the year, guys expected to do very well this weekend.

Among those who have been strong at 57 kg in recent seasons are Dan Mitcheff and Andrew Hochstrasser, both who will be a tough draw for anybody. Hochstrasser was second at the 2015 U.S. Open but did not compete at the World Team Trials. Mitcheff was sixth at the 2015 U.S. Open and had a win over Graff in the early rounds.

Getting into the top seven will not be easy here. Veterans Frank Perrelli, Kyle Hutter and Brad Pataky have been on the circuit in recent years, and have their share of good performances in this field. Perrelli is a past U.S. Open finalist. Young Alan Waters was sixth at the 2015 U.S. Open at 61 kg. 2015 Junior World bronze medalist Stevan Micic has competed at the Senior level a few times in the last year with some success. Ben Kjar, who has not competed in recent seasons, is another with strong freestyle skills and solid experience.

Matt McDonough, who has done very well against this field, is still recovering from injury and not expected to be ready for this weekend. A few names you won’t see in the brackets are Nick Simmons and Brandon Precin, who announced retirements in the recent weeks. Even without them, this will still be a fiercely contested weight class.

65 kg/143 lbs.
2015 U.S. Open champio
n– Brent Metcalf (New York AC)
Athletes already qualified for U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Brent Metcalf (New York AC), Reece Humphrey (New York AC), James Green (Titan Mercury WC), Jordan Oliver (Sunkist Kids)

The 65 kg division has considerable depth and talent, with numerous contenders who truly believe they are capable of making this year’s Olympic team. Four athletes have already qualified for the Olympic Trials at this weight class. Brent Metcalf, who has been on the last three World Teams, is not expected this weekend. 2015 World bronze medalist James Green, who announced he will drop to this weight for the Olympic Trials, is also not on the registration list.

However, two others who are in the Iowa City field have signed up for Las Vegas, three-time World Team member Reese Humphrey and 2015 World Team Trials runner-up Jordan Oliver. Humphrey competed at 65 kg at the 2014 World Team Trials and early last season, but made the decision to go back to 61 kg where he competed at the World Championships but did not medal. Oliver, who was second behind Metcalf at the Trials, won the Bill Farrell International against many of the athletes entered in Las Vegas. Neither need to be in Vegas, but both have signed up for the challenge.

Jimmy Kennedy, a 2014 World Team member at 61 kg, was third at the World Team Trials at this weight class. He has been very strong at international events, with medals in events in Turkey and Russia within the last year. Kennedy beat four-time NCAA champion and past Junior World silver medalist Logan Stieber in the World Team Trials in Madison. Stieber won silver medals at the Bill Farrell International and the Golden Grand Prix Finals in Azerbaijan this fall, giving him great momentum going into Las Vegas.

Three-time age-group World medalist Aaron Pico decided last year to focus on his quest for a Junior World title, and skipped the U.S. Open and World Team Trials. He has considerable success on the Senior level and has wrestled many of the contenders at this weight. Pico’s only loss at the Bill Farrell was in the third round to Frank Molinaro, who he beat in the bronze-medal bout later in the day.

Molinaro was No. 3 on the National Team in 2014, but lost to Kellen Russell at the World Team Trials last year. Russell, a 2013 U.S. Open champion, was fifth at the World Team Trials. Russell dropped matches to two rising contenders at the Bill Farrell in New York, Jason Chamberlain and Chase Pami, both who have extensive experience against most of the top guys in the weight class.

Nazar Kulchytskyy, a Ukrainian native who was a Div. III national champion for UW-Oshkosh, is now a U.S. citizen and he placed fifth at the World Team Trials up at 70 kg last year. He lost to Oliver and Pico at the Bill Farrell, his first major event down at this weight class. Another new challenger during the past season is former NCAA champion Jayson Ness of Minnesota, who was seventh at the U.S. Open and had a win over Chamberlain at the World Team Trials. He lost to Kulchytskyy at the Bill Farrell this fall.

One of the top challengers at 61 kg in recent season, B.J. Futrell, is entered up at 65 kg for Las Vegas. Twin brothers Chris and Nick Dardanes, who starred for Minnesota, are also among the entries, as is former Oklahoma State standout Josh Kindig. All of these guys add considerable depth to an already deep field.

74 kg/163 lbs.
2015 U.S. Open champion
– David Taylor (Nittany Lion WC)
Athletes already qualified for U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Jordan Burroughs (Sunkist Kids), Dan Vallimont (New York AC)

Superstar Jordan Burroughs has clinched his spot in the finals of the 2016 Olympic Team Trials with his gold at the 2015 Worlds and he is not expected to wrestle in Las Vegas. The only other athlete already qualified to compete in Iowa City, Bill Farrell International runner-up Dan Vallimont, is also not registered to compete. The main question in this weight class is who else will take the challenge to attempt to knock off Burroughs this spring.

This weight class is as much about who is not here, as who will be entered. The No. 2 and No. 3 in last year’s World Team Trials, Kyle Dake and David Taylor, have moved up to 86 kg where they will make a run at the field there. Another top 74 kg wrestler, Tyler Caldwell, has also bumped up and will not compete at his weight.

The main star who has remained is 2012 Olympic Trials runner-up Andrew Howe, who will wrestle in Las Vegas and look to take his place as the leader of this pack. Howe was second to Taylor is the 2015 U.S. Open, and placed fourth at the 2015 World Team Trials.

Also taking another run at Burroughs will be one of the only two wrestlers to ever beat him in a Senior freestyle match, Nick Marable, who moves back to 74 kg after two seasons down at 70 kg. In 2014, Marable made the USA World Team at 70 kg and placed eighth at the Worlds. Last year, he lost to James Green in a Special World Team Wrestle-off, and Green went on to a World bronze medal. Marable beat Burroughs at the 2014 Yasar Dogu in Turkey. He made the 2011 U.S. National Team at 74 kg and was a top challenger for three seasons at this weight class.

Another guy who is stepping up to the challenge is two-time NCAA champion Chris Perry, who had two good freestyle seasons competing up at 86 kg. Perry was fifth at the 2015 World Team Trials at that weight, where he was considered a bit undersized. Perry beat Andrew Howe in the 2014 NCAA finals at 174 pounds. A big question will be how the drop to 74 kg affects his performance this week.

Anthony Valencia, a 2014 Junior World Team member, is on an Olympic redshirt year as a freshman at Arizona State. Valencia looked awesome at the 2015 U.S. Open, where he was third, with only a close loss to Howe on his record. He lost to Howe and Caldwell at the World Team Trials, and fell to Americans Nate Carr, Jr. and Vlad Dombrovskiy at the Bill Farrell International. Dombrovskiy competed at 70 kg last year at the U.S. Open and placed eighth. Carr has been on the national circuit at this weight class in recent seasons and has shown improvement.

Two athletes who had solid runs at the Bill Farrell International were Adam Hall, who placed fourth, and Cyler Sanderson, who lost to Hall in the consolation semifinals in a wild 22-15 shootout. Hall made his run for the USA team at 70 kg last year but has moved up for this season. Another talented athlete who is moving up from 70 kg is Kevin LeValley, who beat Hall, Kulchytskyy and Moza Fay at the World Team Trials last summer.

Quentin Godley has been a U.S. Open All-American and World Team Trials participant at 74 kg the last few years where he has developed into a strong freestyler. Also showing good progress on the national scene have been Nestor Taffur, Michael Moreno and Andrew Sorenson. Taffur was seventh at the 2015 U.S. Open, and had a win over Nate Carr, Jr. at the Bill Farrell this fall. Young Logan Massa has been strong at the age-group levels and is testing the Senior level this year.

86 kg/189 lbs.
2015 U.S. Open champion
– Jake Herbert (New York AC)
Athletes already qualified for U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Jake Herbert (New York AC), Ed Ruth (Sunkist Kids)

Only two athletes have already qualified for the Olympic Trials at 86 kg so far, 2009 World silver medalist and 2015 World Team member Jake Herbert and 2014 World Team member Ed Ruth. Herbert is not registered to compete in Las Vegas this week, but Ruth has entered the tournament even though he does not have to.

Besides the absence of Jake Herbert, all of the best athletes at this weight class are registered and ready for Las Vegas. Not only are the top wrestlers from last year lined up to compete, a number of stars have chosen to move up from 74 kg, giving this weight class exceptional talent and depth. This will be a very difficult weight class to seed and should be unpredictable even in the early rounds.

The No. 2 from last year’s World Team Trials, Ed Ruth, and the No. 3 from last year, Keith Gavin, are entered. Ruth comes off a win at the Bill Farrell International. Gavin, who competed at the 2013 World Championships, has been a consistent member of the National Team in recent seasons. Both are capable of winning this weight class.

The No. 2 and No. 3 from last year’s World Team Trials at 74 kg have moved up in weight to make a run at this weight class, the successful and popular Kyle Dake and David Taylor. Another top 74 kg wrestler is moving up, 2014 University World champion Tyler Caldwell.

Dake, who lost to superstar Jordan Burroughs at the World Team Trials last year, has wrestled once overseas at this class, dropping a bout in Russia in October. Dake amazed the nation when he won four NCAA titles for Cornell at four different weights, an indication that he is unafraid about going up in weight. Taylor, a fierce rival of Dake’s over the years, won the 2015 U.S. Open and was third at the World Team Trials at 74 kg. He also has a foreign experience overseas at 86 kg, placing fifth at the Golden Grand Prix Finals in Azerbaijan. Neither have competed against most of the American athletes at this weight class, giving them few common opponents for seeding.

The national team rankings from the World Team Trials last year in Madison had Clayton Foster at No. 4 and Chris Perry at No. 5. Foster beat Perry at the Trials, then lost to Gavin in a true third-place match. Perry has registered at 74 kg for Las Vegas. Foster has not been sharp this fall, losing a bout to Austin Trotman at the Bill Farrell International before withdrawing, and going 0-1 at the Golden Grand Prix in Azerbaijan. That opens this weight class wide open in regards to seeding.

Jon Reader comes off a strong second place at the Bill Farrell, losing only to Ruth in the finals. His losses at the World Team Trials were to Ruth and Foster. Trotman comes off the win over Foster in New York, with a loss to Richard Perry in the bronze-medal bout there. Richard Perry has been one of the most active 86 kg wrestlers in the last year, with some wins over other top challengers in the weight class. These three have been competing well at this weight class and will feel very confident if they run into any of the tough 74 kg wrestlers who have invaded the weight class.

Caldwell entered the Bill Farrell at 86 kg and dropped matches to Reader and Pat Downey, the past Junior World silver medalist who was a Junior College national champion last year. Downey’s losses in New York were to Richard Perry and Ryan Loder, another talent who can’t be overlooked here. Loder was sixth at the 2015 U.S. Open, and lost to Richard Perry and Trotman at the Bill Farrell.

There are other people to watch closely here. Deron Winn has been one of the top guys in this class in recent seasons, placing fourth at the 2015 U.S. Open where he had wins over Pat Downey, Chris Perry and Ryan Loder. He has a ton of head-to-heads with other entries here. Phil Keddy, another top talent at 86 kg in recent seasons, is not pre-registered for Las Vegas but would be a force if he does wrestle this year. Robert Hamlin, an NCAA runner-up at Lehigh, has been competitive in this weight the last few years. Tyrell Todd, who was ranked high in this weight a few seasons ago, has returned to the circuit and brings strong skills here. Army wrestler Victor Terrell has shown great improvement this year. Junior World Team member Zahid Valencia is already competitive on the Senior level and is unafraid of anybody. You should also be aware of Anthony Jones, Austin Morehead, Ethen Lofhouse and Josh Asper, all capable of winning matches at this level.

No matter how this all shakes out, you can bet that there will be some talented wrestlers who don’t make the top seven in Las Vegas and will need to continue on to other Olympic Trials qualifying events if they want to wrestle in Iowa City.

96 kg/213 lbs.
2015 U.S. Open champion
– Kyle Snyder (Titan Mercury WC)
Athletes already qualified for U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Kyle Snyder (Titan Mercury WC), Jake Varner (Nittany Lion WC), J.D. Bergman (New York AC)

Kyle Snyder exploded onto the Senior World scene last year, winning the U.S. Open, the World Team Trials and the World Championships at the age of 19. Snyder scored three straight wins over 2012 Olympic champion and 2011 World bronze medalist Jake Varner in 2015. One of Snyder’s regular training partners at the Ohio RTC is two-time World Team member J.D. Bergman. These are the top three at 97 kg on the USA National Team. All three have qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. None of these three wrestlers are registered to compete in Las Vegas.

There will be a new U.S. Open champion at 97 kg this year, somebody who will come into the Olympic Trials with momentum and confidence. The next two ranked wrestlers from the 2015 World Team Trials are entered in Las Vegas, No. 4 Dustin Kilgore and No. 5 Enock Francois. Kilgore, a past NCAA champion, has been high as No. 2 on the National Team in the past, and comes off a runner-up finish at the Bill Farrell International, where he lost a close match to Bergman. Francois moved up to 97 kg last year and has been quite competitive, with wins over many of the top contenders who will be competing in Las Vegas.

The Bill Farrell International showcased many of the wrestlers in the Vegas field, with Cayle Byers taking third and Francois placing fourth. Byers has had some up and down performances in the last year, with a gold medal at the Dave Schultz Memorial and a solid fifth place finish at the U.S. Open among his other strong efforts. A veteran who has been on the National Team in the past is Wynn Michalak, who like Byers has not been consistent over the last year at this weight. Michalak has as much international experience as anybody in this field, and is capable of a strong performance.

Stepping onto the national scene at the Bill Farrell was J.T. Felix, who competed at Boise State and is now training in Michigan. Felix won four matches in New York, including a win over Michalak, to show his potential to be a factor here this year. A pair of past NCAA champions for Iowa State, Kyven Gadson and David Zabriskie, are also in the hunt here. Gadson had his first Senior freestyle test at the Bill Farrell, where he beat Felix but lost to Francois and Zabriskie. He is still learning the freestyle game, while Zabriskie has been on the national scene for many years.

Micah Burak has gone back and forth with many in the field. He had wins over Kilgore at the U.S. Open and the Northern Plains, a win over Michalak at the Northern Plains and a win over Zabriskie at this year’s Bill Farrell. He has also lost bouts to Byers, Francois, Michalak and Zabriskie in the past year.

Just coming onto the scene after finishing college is Minnesota All-American Scott Schiller. Someone who has shown good potential at the weight is Kallen Kleinschmidt, who had a win over Zabriskie at the Bill Farrell. A current college star who could be a factor in Iowa City but is not entered in Las Vegas is 2014 NCAA champion J’Den Cox, who was fourth at the 2015 U.S. Open but is busy competing for Missouri right now.

125 kg/275 lbs.
2015 U.S. Open champion
– Tervel Dlagnev (Sunkist Kids)
Athletes already qualified for U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Zach Rey (Lehigh Valley AC), Tervel Dlagnev (Sunkist Kids), Nick Gwiazdowski (New York AC)

America’s top heavyweight in recent years has been 2012 Olympian and two-time World bronze medalist Tervel Dlagnev, last year’s U.S. Open and World Team Trials champion. Dlagnev was injured and could not compete at the 2015 Worlds, replaced by No. 2 Zach Rey, a past NCAA champion who stepped up his game last year. Rey had a nice win at the Pan American Games and medals at other international events. Both are qualified for the Olympic Trials, and neither will be in Las Vegas.

Taking third at the World Team Trials was past Junior World champion Dom Bradley, who has been competitive in this field for the last few seasons. Bradley will compete in Las Vegas. He defeated two-time NCAA champion Nick Gwiazdowski for the final National Team spot at the World Team Trials in Madison. Last month, Gwiazdowski beat Bradley in the finals of the Bill Farrell International to qualify for the Olympic Team Trials. Gwiazdowski is not registered for Las Vegas, busy pursuing his third NCAA title for NC State.

Tyrell Fortune, who was second on the National Team behind Dlagnev during the 2013 season, was fifth at the 2015 World Team Trials. Fortune has been a top challenge for the last few years, and has some good efforts at international events. At the Bill Farrell International in November, Fortune lost twice to two-time NCAA champion Tony Nelson, who has did not qualify for the World Team Trials last year but has inserted himself as a factor in this year’s field.

There is good depth in the heavyweight field, as Eric Thompson, Matt Meuleners and Conner Medbery have been showing strong efforts in the past year. Thompson and Meuleners were multiple national champions on the college level, Thompson in the NAIA and Meuleners in NCAA Div. II. Medbery, a Div. I All-American for Wisconsin, is on an Olympic redshirt year.

Coming onto the Olympic level after a strong college career is Iowa All-American Bobby Telford, who has two big international events under his belt this year. He was fifth at the Intercontinental Cup in Russia, and went a strong 3-1 at the World Clubs Cup in Iran. Telford lost a one-point match to Rey in Russia, the only American he has faced since his entry onto the Senior level this year.

Former Bloomsburg star Justin Grant will be in the mix here as well. Another new talent making his first run at Senior-level success is former Oregon State star Clayton Jack, who was a fifth in the Junior World Championships back in 2008.

2015 U.S. OPEN
Men’s Freestyle results

57 kg/125.5 lbs.

1st – Tony Ramos, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Andrew Hochstrasser, Boise, Idaho (Titan Mercury WC), 7-3
3rd - Nick Simmons, Bloomington, Ind. (Sunkist Kids) tech. fall Joe Colon. Cedar Falls, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC), 10-0
5th - Matt McDonough, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC) inj. dft. Dan Mitcheff, Lakewood, Ohio (NYAC)
7th - Tyler Graff ,Dublin, Ohio (NYAC) inj. dft. Angel Escobedo, Ames, Iowa (NYAC)

61 kg/134 lbs.
1st – Reece Humphrey, Columbus, Ohio (New York AC) dec. Kendric Maple, Norman, Okla. (New York AC), 7-6
3rd - Coleman Scott, Chapel Hill, N.C. (Sunkist Kids) tech. fall Daniel Dennis, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC), 11-1
5th - Jon Morrison, Stillwater, Okla. (Titan Mercury WC) tech fall Alan Waters, Columbia, Mo. (Missouri Wrestling Foundation), 11-0
7th - Darrius Little, Raleigh, N.C. (Wolfpack WC) dec. Kyle Hutter, Virginia Beach, Va. (Titan Mercury WC), 6-3

65 kg/143 lbs.
1st – Brent Metcalf, Iowa City, Iowa (New York AC) dec. Jordan Oliver, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids), 2-1
3rd - Kellen Russell, Ann Arbor, Mich. (NYAC) tech. fall Logan Stieber, Monroeville, Ohio (Titan Mercury WC), 12-2
5th - Frank Molinaro, State College, Pa. (NLWC) dec. Jason Chamberlain, Lincoln, Neb. (Titan Mercury WC), 4-1
7th - Jayson Ness, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) tech. fall Robbie Mathers, Phoenix, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids), 10-0

70 kg/154 lbs.
1st – Nick Marable, Morgantown, W.Va. (Sunkist Kids) dec. Dustin Schlatter, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm), 4-2
3rd- James Green, Willingboro, N.J. (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Kevin LeValley, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm), 13-0
5th - Derek St. John, Fargo, N.D. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Moza Fay, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Army WCAP), 11-6
7th - Adam Hall, Raleigh, N.C. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Vladyslav Dombrovskiy, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Army WCAP), 7-2

74 kg/163 lbs.
1st – David Taylor, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC) dec. Andrew Howe, Norman, Okla. (NYAC), 2-0
3rd - Anthony Valencia, Pico Rivera, Calif. (Sunkist Kids) tech fall over Tyler Caldwell, Stillwater, Okla. (Sunkist Kids),10-0
5th - Colton Sponseller, Edinboro, Pa. (NYAC) dec. Quinton Godley, Raleigh, N.C. (Titan Mercury WC), 6-1
7th - Nestor Taffur, Bound Brook, N.J. (Princeton Amateur Wrestling) inj. dft. over Dan Vallimont, Long Beach, N.Y. (NYAC)

86 kg/189 lbs.
1st – Jake Herbert, Ann Arbor, Mich. (NYAC) dec. Keith Gavin, Charlottesville, Va. (Titan Mercury WC), 5-2
3rd - Edward Ruth, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids) tech. fall Deron Winn, Ames, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC), 12-2
5th - Jon Reader, Brookings, S.D. (Sunkist Kids) tech fall Ryan Loder, Cedar Falls, Iowa (Panther WC RTC), 10-0
7th - Richard Perry, Washington, D.C. (NYAC) dec. Nathaniel Brown, Lewisburg, Pa. (Lehigh Valley AC), 10-9

96 kg/213 lbs.
1st – Kyle Snyder, Woodbine, Md. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Jake Varner, State College, Pa. (Nittany Lion WC), 2-1
3rd – J.D. Bergman, Columbus, Ohio (NYAC) inj. dft. over J`den Cox, Columbia, Mo. (Missouri Wrestling Foundation)
5th - Cayle Byers, Stillwater, Okla. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Wynn Michalak, Champaign, Ill. (Titan Mercury WC), 5-4
7th - Enock Francois, Ithaca, N.Y. (NYAC) dec. Micah Burak, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Titan Mercury WC), 4-1

125 kg/275 lbs.
1st – Tervel Dlagnev, Columbus, Ohio (Sunkist Kids) dec. Zach Rey, Bethlehem, Pa. (Lehigh Valley AC), 3-1
3rd - Dom Bradley, Morgantown, W.Va. (Sunkist Kids WC) forfeit over Nick Gwiazdowski, Delanson, N.Y. (NYAC)
5th - Tyrell Fortune, Phoenix, Ariz. (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Chadwick Hanke, Corvallis, Ore. (Titan Mercury WC), 4-1
7th - Eric Thompson, State College, Pa. (NLWC) inj. dft. over Anthony Nelson, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm)

Outstanding Wrestler – Kyle Snyder, Titan Mercury WC, 97 kg

Div. I – Titan Mercury, 92 pts., 2. NYAC, 70 pts., 3. Army WCAP, 4 pts.
Div. II – Sunkist Kids, 62 pts, 2. Minnesota Storm, 15 pts.
Regional Training Center Cup – 1. Nittany Lion WC, 49; 2. Ohio RTC, 48; 3. Sunkist RTC, 38.5