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World Championships preview in men's freestyle at 61 kg/134 lbs.

By Craig Sesker USA Wrestling | Aug. 19, 2015, 11:51 a.m. (ET)

VIDEO: Reece Humphrey vs. Daniel Dennis at 2015 U.S. World Team Trials

Date of competition: Friday, Sept. 11

The non-Olympic freestyle weight class of 61 kg/134 lbs. could be there for the taking at the World Championships.

Two of the four returning medalists have moved into Olympic weight classes and numerous countries may not put much emphasis on this weight at this year’s Worlds.

The World Championships are set for Sept. 7-12 in Las Vegas.

Russia has two of the top three ranked wrestlers at 61 kilos with No. 1 Aleksander Bogomoev and No. 3 Bekhan Goigereev.

Goigereev won Worlds at 60 kilos in 2013. Bogomoev was ninth at the 2014 Worlds, but he won the European Games this year and may be the Russian entry in Vegas.

Armenia’s Volodya Frangulyan is ranked second by United World Wrestling after recently winning the Stepan Sargsyan International event.

Nyam-Ochir Enkhsaikhan of Mongolia is a returning World bronze medalist.

Beka Lomtadze of Georgia is ranked fourth in the World and Behnam Ehsanpoor of Iran is ranked fifth in this division.

Returning World champion Haji Aliyev of Azerbaijan placed third at the European Games this summer at 61 kilos, but he’s ranked No. 10 now at 65 kg/143 lbs.

Past 55 kg World champion and Olympic medalist Radoslav Velikov of Bulgaria is ranked No. 17 at 61 kilos.

American Reece Humphrey has made his third U.S. World Team and he is a legitimate medal threat.

Humphrey placed ninth at the 2011 Worlds and eighth at the 2013 Worlds at the old weight class of 60 kg/132 lbs. He is a talented wrestler with a big-move arsenal.

Humphrey is unranked, but he’s looked very good after moving down from 65 kilos. He is capable of having a very good performance in Vegas.

61 kg/134 lbs.

1. Aleksander Bogomoev (Russia)
2. Volodya Frangulyan (Armenia)
3. Bekhan Goigereev (Russia)
4. Beka Lomtadze (Georgia)
5. Behnam Ehsanpoor (Iran)
6. Dyamal Otarsultanov (Russia)
7. Daulet Niyazbekov (Kazakhstan)
8. Vladimir Dubov (Bulgaria)
9. Masakazu Kamoi (Japan)
10. Muenir Recep Aktas (Turkey)
11. Vasyl SHUPTAR (UKR)
12. Nachyin Kuular (Russia)
13. Murshid Mutalimov (Russia)
14. Nyam-Ochir Enkhsaikhan (Mongolia)
15. Bajrang Bajrang (India)
16. Iman Sadeghikoukandeh (Iran)
17. Radoslav Velikov (Bulgaria)
18. Krzystztof Bienkowski (Poland)
19. Andrei Perplelita (Moldova)
20. Nomin Batbold (Mongolia)


2014 World Championships

61 kg/134 lbs. – Gold – Haji Aliyev (Azerbaijan); Silver – Masoud Esmaeilpoorjouybari (Iran); Bronze – Yowlyz Bonne Rodriguez (Cuba); Bronze – Nyam-Ochir Enkhsaikhan (Mongolia); 5th – Andrei Perpelita (Moldova); 5th – Artas Sana (Kazakhstan); 7th – Vladimir Dubov (Bulgaria); 8th – Krzysztof Bienkowski (Poland); 9th – Aleksander Bogomoev (Russia); 10th – Jimmy Kennedy (USA)

2013 World Championships
60 kg/132 lbs. – Gold – Bekhan Goigereev (Russia); Silver – Vladimir Dubov (Bulgaria); Bronze – Bajrang Bajrang (India); Bronze – Masoud Esmailpoorjouybari (Iran); 5th – Nyam-Ochir Enkhsaikhan (Mongolia); 5th – Artur Arakelyan (Armenia); 7th – Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico); 8th – Reece Humphrey (USA); 9th – Ivan Guidea (Romania); 10th – Vladimer Khinchegashvili (Georgia)

2012 Olympic Games
60 kg/132 lbs. – Gold – Toghrul Asgarov (Azerbaijan); Silver – Besik Kudukhov (Russia); Bronze – Coleman Scott (USA); Bronze – Yogeshwar Dutt (India); 5th – Kenichi Yumoto (Japan); 5th – Ri Jong Myong (North Korea); 7th – Masoud Esmailpourjouybari (Iran); 8th – Hassan Ibrahim Madani (Egypt); 9th – Malkhaz Zarkua (Georgia); 10th – Tim Schleicher (Germany)

2011 World Championships
60 kg/132 lbs. – Gold – Besik Kudukhov (Russia); Silver – Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico); Bronze – Kenichi Yumoto (Japan); Bronze – Dauren Zhumagazyyev (Kazakhstan); 5th – Didier Pais (France); 5th – Malkhaz Zarkua (Georgia); 7th – Alejandro Valdez Tobier (Cuba); 8th – Zalimkhan Huseynov (Azerbaijan); 9th – Reece Humphrey (USA); 10th – Rizvan Gadzhiev (Belarus)

2010 World Championships
60 kg/132 lbs. – Gold - Besik Kudukhov (Russia); Silver – Vasyl Fedoryshin (Ukraine); Bronze – Sayed Morad Mohammadi (Iran); Bronze – Zalimhkan Huseynov (Azerbaijan); 5th – Ulan Nadyrbek Uulu (Mongolia); 5th – Ersin Cetin (Turkey); 7th – Alejandro Valdes (Cuba); 8th – Seung-Chul Lee (Korea); 9th – Malkhaz Kurdiani (Georgia); 10th – Artur Arakelyan (Armenia)

2009 World Championships
60 kg/132 lbs. – Gold – Besik Kudukhov (Russia); Silver – Zalimkhan Huseynov (Azerbaijan); Bronze - Dilshod Mansurov (Uzbekistan); Bronze – Vasyl Fedoryshin (Ukraine); 5th – Shogo Maeda (Japan); 5th – Sayed Mohammadi (Iran); 7th – Artur Arakelyan (Armenia); 8th – Maikel Perez Gonzales (Cuba); 9th –
Bazar Bazarguruev (Kyrgyzstan); 10th – Anatolie Guidea (Bulgaria)