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U.S. teams to compete in FILA Cadet World Championships in Snina, Slovakia, July 15-20

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | July 14, 2014, 3:15 p.m. (ET)

The United States will send three talented young teams to the FILA Cadet World Championships in Snina, Slovakia, July 15-20. FILA Cadets are athletes age 15-17 years old.

The competition starts off with Greco-Roman, July 15-16, followed by women’s freestyle, July 17-18, and finish with men’s freestyle, July 19-20.

The U.S. team will feature a pair of 2013 Cadet World bronze medalists, Cade Olivas of Fontana, Calif. in men’s freestyle and Teshya Alo of Honolulu, Hawaii in women’s freestyle.

Last year, Olivas won his World bronze medal in Greco-Roman at 42 kg/92.5 lbs. This year, Olivas made the team in freestyle, and will move up to the 46 kg/104.4 lbs. division.

Alo won her Cadet World bronze medal at 56 kg/123.5 lbs., the same weight class she will compete in this summer.

There will be four other athletes who competed in last summer’s FILA Cadet World Championships who will return this year, Spencer Lee of Saegertown, Pa. in men’s freestyle at 50 kg/110 lbs., Sariyah Jones of Modesto, Calif. at 46 kg/101.25 lbs. in women’s freestyle, Taylor LaMont, Mapleton, Utah at 58 kg/127.75 lbs. in Greco-Roman and Gabrielle Garcia of Anaheim, Calif. in 52 kg/114.5 lbs. in women’s freestyle. Lee was seventh last year, while Jones, LaMont and Garcia did not earn a placement.

One athlete will be competing in both styles this year, Mason Manville of Blairstown, N.J. at 69 kg/152 lbs.

Five U.S. FILA Cadet World team members also won gold medals at the FILA Pan American Championships earlier this spring.

Olivas and Manville were double Cadet Pan American champions, winning both the men’s freestyle and Greco-Roman titles, along with Daton Fix of Sand Springs, Okla. at 54 kg/119 lbs. Also claiming a women’s freestyle Pan American Cadet title this year was Hailey Cox of Mapleton, Utah at 43 kg/94.75 lbs.

At Snina, Slovakia, July 15-20

U.S. men’s freestyle roster

42 kg/92.5 lbs. – Gavin Teasdale, Rices Landing, Pa.
46 kg/104.4 lbs. – Cade Olivas, Fontana, Calif.
50 kg/110 lbs. – Spencer Lee, Saegertown, Pa.
54 kg/119 lbs. – Daton Fix, Sand Springs, Okla.
58 kg/127.75 lbs. – Carter Happel, Lisbon, Iowa
63 kg/138.75 lbs. – Jarod Verkleeren, Perryopolis, Pa.
69 kg/152 lbs. – Mason Manville, Blairstown, N.J.
76 kg/167.5 lbs. – Mark Hall, Apple Valley, Minn.
85 kg/187.4 lbs. – Hunter Ritter, Perryville, Md.
100 kg/220 lbs. – Jordan Wood, Gilbertsville, Pa.
Coach – Jamill Kelly, Raleigh, N.C.

U.S. Greco-Roman roster
42 kg/92.5 lbs. – Jason Holmes, Mesa, Ariz.
46 kg/104.4 lbs. – Dack Punke, Eureka, Ill.
50 kg/110 lbs. – Drew West, Riverside, Iowa
54 kg/119 lbs. – Jacob Spiess, Delta, Ohio
58 kg/127.75 lbs. – Taylor LaMont, Mapleton, Utah
63 kg/138.75 lbs. – Domonick Demas, Columbus, Ohio
69 kg/152 lbs. – Mason Manville, Blairstown, N.J.
76 kg/167.5 lbs. – Nick Reenan, Dallas, Texas
85 kg/187.4 lbs. – Timothy Young, Aurora, Ill.
100 kg/220 lbs. – Ethan Andersen, Des Moines, Iowa
Coach – Rob Prebish, Richmond, Va.
Coach – Shawn Sheldon, West Palm Beach, Fla.

U.S. women’s freestyle roster
43 kg/94.75 lbs. – Hailey Cox, Mapleton, Utah
46 kg/101.25 lbs. – Sariyah Jones, Modesto, Calif.
49 kg/108 lbs. – Theresa Rankin, Grass Lake, Mich.
52 kg/114.5 lbs. – Gabrielle Garcia, Anaheim, Calif.
56 kg/123.25 lbs. – Teshya Alo, Honolulu, Hawaii, bronze medal
60 kg/132.25 lbs. – Koral Sugiyama, Pocatello, Idaho
65 kg/143.25 lbs. – Katerina Lobsinger, Concord, Calif.
70 kg/154.25 lbs. – Kendall Reusing, Riverside, Calif.
Assistant National Women’s Coach – Erin Tomeo, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Coach - Brent Barnes, Lake Stevens, Wash.
Coach – Donnie Stephens, Williamsburg, Ky.

Team Leader – Mitch Hull, Madison, Wis.

Medical – Terry Grindstaff, ATC, LaVista, Neb.

Official – Michael Jordan, Newark, Del.
Official – Jerry Kuntz, Yukon, Okla.
Official – Rusty Davidson, Grants, N.M.

Cadet World Championships schedule

Tuesday, July 15
Greco-Roman (50 kg, 54 kg, 58 kg, 63 kg, 100 kg)

Wednesday, July 16
Greco-Roman (42 kg, 46 kg, 69 kg, 76 kg, 85 kg)

Thursday, July 17
Women’s Freestyle (38 kg, 43 kg, 49 kg, 56 kg, 65 kg)

Friday, July 18
Women’s Freestyle (40 kg, 46 kg, 52 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg)

Saturday, July 19
Men’s Freestyle (42 kg, 50 kg, 58 kg, 69 kg, 85 kg)

Sunday, July 20
Men’s Freestyle (46 kg, 54 kg, 63 kg, 76 kg, 100 kg)