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Rockwell Watches provides OW awards for the Schultz Memorial, featuring figure of samurai Miyamoto Musashi

By USA Wrestling | Jan. 30, 2014, 1:28 p.m. (ET)

At the conclusion of each day of the Dave Schultz Memorial International, the wrestlers capturing the Outstanding Wrestler awards will receive special customized watches produced by Rockwell Watches.

Each watch displays the image of Miyamoto Musashi, a warrior who lived in the 16th century and left a legacy of strategy, tactics and philosophy that inspired the late World and Olympic Champion Dave Schultz.

This quote is attributed to the book “Musashi” written by Eiji Yoshikawa and is said to have motivated Dave Schultz on his own path as a wrestling warrior:

“I wouldn’t say Musashi is ordinary. But he is. That’s what’s extraordinary about him. He is not content to rely on whatever natural gifts he may have. Knowing he is ordinary, he is constantly trying to improve himself. No one appreciates the agonizing effort he’s had to make. Now that his years of training have yielded such spectacular results, everybody’s talking about his ‘God-given talent.’ That’s how men who don’t try very hard comfort themselves.”

Nancy Schultz, Dave Schultz’ wife and a major leader in wrestling, was grateful for Rockwell’s effort.
“I want to give a sincere thank you to Rockwell Watches for helping us honor these great champions here at the Dave Schultz Memorial International,” she said.

The Founder of Rockwell Watches and former BYU wrestler Rich Eggett has a great respect for the sport and Schultz’ legacy.

“I have always been a fan of the Schultz brothers. I personally have the Dave Schultz, Musashi poster and love the quote. It is an honor personally and for Rockwell to associate with a champion like Dave Schultz,” said Eggert.

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