USA Wrestling Open letter to the w...

Open letter to the wrestling community from Matguard USA, a USA Wrestling sponsor

By USA Wrestling | Feb. 03, 2014, 12:29 p.m. (ET)

Dear Wrestling Community:
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) proposed rule recently – requiring manufacturers to provide data to support their claims that anti-bacterial products really do work – is something we at MatGuard USA applaud.

Why? First, because it’s the right thing to do to keep consumers protected from bacteria.  They should be confident that when a product says it protects them, that it has the science to back it up. Second, because our company has been calling for these standards to be put in place for years. The proliferation of products that say they deliver that protection -- but don’t have data to prove it -- is mind boggling.  We’ve always believed that a common standard is what everybody needs. And third, because we’re proud to say MatGuard USA’s patented products already meet the FDA’s proposed requirements for safety, efficacy and effectiveness.

FDA’s announcement directly addresses concerns about triclosan, an ingredient in many of those so-called anti-bacterial soaps on the market. Science now shows that triclosan provides no health benefit, and – to the contrary -- may actually carry potential health risks including the potential to be assimilated into the food chain and water supply, creating a superbug resistance to bacteria. Unlike those products, MatGuard USA’s products are alcohol-based antiseptic solutions; to be clear, they contain no triclosan. Just as important, we’ve proven they work with real data that meets FDA standards and Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines.

Just as important once the MatGuard product is done working it evaporates leaving no bio-film or residue that would create an opportunity for bacteria to form a resistance. Alcohol has been used as a very effective antiseptic for hundreds of years. Our science and patented technology have made the use of high- level Alcohol (70%) in our products perform better due to the fact our products are non-drying and non-irritating to skin. Our products can be used every day without fear of dermatitis or xerosis (Drying or severe drying of the skin). If you’d like more information about the science that goes into our products, check out our details at

The Wrestling Community must be pro-active in supporting a call to create a standard for all body and skin protection products. Our recommendation is that all skin products used in wrestling must meet the basic FDA standard for antibacterial claims or cannot be used. Having these proposed standards ultimately serves the needs of every consumer, and every organization that cares about the health and safety of its stakeholders, especially in Wrestling and Athletics. To that point, this week’s FDA news makes USA Wrestling’s decision to name MatGuard USA’s product lines as the "Official Skin Disease Prevention Products" even more strategic and forward-thinking. USA Wrestling knew that MatGuard’s products were approved by the FDA as an antiseptic skin care product and have had success across the market for preventing skin issues.

Whenever efficacy and science are required components of proof, you can rest assured that MatGuard USA will support regulators, and will continue to lead from a position of strength and experience. Our customers, our athletes, and the parents and kids we support deserve nothing less.

Here's to keeping the health and safety or our Wrestler's our Number One Priority!

Tom Bunge
President & CEO
Matguard USA