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UPDATE: Ahmadi, Aliakseyenka win golds, as eight U.S. freestylers medal at Veterans Worlds

By Gary Abbott USA Wrestling | Aug. 26, 2014, 8:34 p.m. (ET)

Action photo of Veterans World champion Eduard Aliakseyenka in the freestyle finals, as well as photo of Veterans World champion Shirzad Ahmadi with his arm raised in victory, taken by Robbert Wijtman.

The United States had two individual champions and came home with seven medals in freestyle wrestling on the first day of action at the Veterans World Championships. Three age divisions were contested, Div. B, Div. E and Div. F.

Capturing gold medals were Shirzad Ahmadi of Coventry, Conn. (Div. F, 63 kg) and Eduard Aliakseyenka of Bryn Maur, Pa.,(Div. B, 85 kg).

For Ahmadi, it was his 10th career Veterans World gold medal. He won a five-athlete round-robin competition with a 4-0 record, defeating two opponents from Russia, an American and an Azerbaijani.

Aliakseyenka won four matches on the way to the title, defeating Islam Guliyev of Azerbaijan in the finals. It was his first Veterans World title. Aliakseyenka won his first three matches against Russian opponents.

The USA had a pair of silver medalists, Kevin Hejnal of Modesto, Calif. (Div. E, 76 kg) and Craig Johnson of Broomfield, Colo. (Div. E, 69 kg).

Hejnal was pinned in the finals by Artur Mouraov of Russia in the finals in the first period, and finished with a 2-1 record. Johnson went 3-1 in a five-athlete roundrobin, with wins over Turkey, Russia and the United States.

Claiming bronze medals were four Americans:
• Kurt Beinlich, Hudson, Wis. (Div. E, 69 kg)
• Steve Barkman, Bloomsbury, N.J. (Div. F, 63 kg)
• Bruce Moe, Hillsboro, N.D. (Div. E, 76 kg)
• Chris Brown, Boyds, Md. (Div. E, 85 kg)

More complete results will be posted when available.

A live webcast and results are posted on the following website in Belgrade:

Photos are being captured by U.S. wrestling photographer Robbert Wijtman, and displayed on his website at

Freestyle continues on Wednesday, with the Div. C and Div. D competition.

At Belgrade, Serbia

Freestyle Champions

Div. B
58 kg – Semen Sorkomov (Russia)
63 kg – Rikiya Katsume (Japan)
69 kg – Vladimir Kunz (Germany)
76 kg – Reza Haddad Iraei (Iran)
85 kg – Eduard Aliakseyenka (USA)
97 kg – Mikhail Kondratov (Russia)
130 kg – Mahdi Moradi (Iran)

Div. E
58 kg – Yevgeniy Lim (Kazakhstan)
63 kg – Sergei Maltsev (Russia)
69 kg – Erhard Pocher (Germany)
76 kg – Artur Mouraov (Russia)
85 kg – Willem Putter (South Africa)
97 kg – Nikolay Kazakov (Russia)
130 kg – Akhmedula Abdulkhanov (Russia)

Div. F
58 kg – Munko-Zhargal Chimitdorzhiev (Russia)
63 kg – Shirzad Ahmadi (USA)
69 kg – Uladzimir Mialkou (Belarus)
76 kg – Bernd Kurt Radestock (Germany)
85 kg – Siegfried Jozlowski (Germany)
97 kg – Kartar Singh (India)
130 kg – Abouei Rahim (Iran)

U.S. men’s freestyle performances

Div. B

63 kg – Chad Shilson, Maple Grove, Minn., 5th
WIN Mohammad Ahmadi (Iran)
LOSS Rikiya Katsume (Japan), 0-10
LOSS Kumar Suresh (India), 2-4

69 kg – Kazemka Muniz, Lancaster, Pa., 7th
LOSS Vladimir Kunz (Germany), pin
LOSS Almas Bamukhanov (Kazakhstan), 4-8

85 kg – Eduard Aliakseyenka, Bryn Maur, Pa., 1st
WIN Pavel Denisov (Russia), pin
WIN Alikhan Karatsev (Russia), pin
WIN Sergey Pogorelov (Russia), 9-2
WIN Islam Guliyev (Azerbaijan), 7-3

130 kg – Mark Trice, Poway, Calif., 5th
WIN Ivan Radic (Croatia), pin
LOSS Mehdi Moradi (Iran), 0-10
LOSS Miktad Birer (Turkey), 1-4

Div. E

69 kg – Kurt Beinlich, Hudson, Wis., 3rd
LOSS Ehrhard Pocher (Germany), 0-4
WIN Isadidiz Isaev (Russia), 2-2
WIN Fikret Demirci (Turkey)
LOSS Craig Johnson (USA), 1-4

69 kg – Craig Johnson, Broomfield, Colo., 2nd
WIN Fikret Demirci (Turkey), 4-0
WIN Isadidiz Isaev (Russia), 2-0
LOSS Ehrhard Pocher (Germany), 0-5
WIN Kurt Beinlich (USA), 4-1

76 kg – Kevin Hejnal, Modesto, Calif., 2nd
WIN Hassan Samamoglu (Turkey), pin
WIN Bruce Moe (USA), 11-3
LOSS A. Mouraov (Russia), pin 2:12

76 kg – Bruce Moe, Hillsboro, N.D., 3rd
WIN Nikolai Grigorev (Russia), 6-2
LOSS Kevin Hejnal (USA), 3-11
WIN Hassan Samamoglu (Turkey), 11-0

85 kg – Chris Brown, Boyds, Md., 3rd
WIN Don Pavel (Kazakhstan), 10-0
LOSS Willem Putter (South Africa), 0-11
WIN Istvan Jaszkai (Hungary), pin

Div. F

63 kg – Shirzad Ahmadi, Coventry, Conn., 1st
WIN Viktor Cirkov (Russia), 5-0
WIN Vasilii Pakhomov (Russia), 5-0
WIN Steve Barkman (USA), 2-2
WIN Ali Aliyev (Azerbaijan), tech fall

63 kg – Steve Barkman, Bloomsbury, N.J., 3rd
WIN Ali Aliyev (Azerbaijan), 6-3
LOSS Shirzad Ahmadi (USA), 2-2
WIN Vasilii Pakhomov (Russia), 10-2
LOSS Viktor Cirkov (Russia), 0-10