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Approaches to help wrestlers and parents respect officials

By Responsible Sports | July 14, 2010, 11:49 a.m. (ET)

Real life examples of officials and respect,

Remember your outrage over Armando Galarraga being denied his perfect game due to an admitted wrong call by the first-base umpire? Or has that memory faded a bit?

Are you a little less incensed than you were about World Cup referees denying the U.S. team an apparent game-winning goal against Slovenia? Have you stopped losing sleep over the call that deprived England of its apparent goal against Germany and the goal Argentina scored against Mexico despite appearing to be offside?


Time heals all wounds. And if you can maintain your poise as a Responsible Coach when you are frustrated with officials, there are many benefits for you, your wrestlers, the fans, the officials, the opponents , and yes, even the sport as a whole.

Coaches who find a way to get over their objections about officiating can focus on the game at hand, model behavior that will help their players prepare for the next play (rather than worrying about the what-might-have-beens from the last play), and ensure that they don't fan the flames that a questionable call can ignite among spectators.

Keep reading for ideas and tips to help maintain your poise as a Responsible Coach.

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