USA WRESTLING JOB OPPORTUNITY: National Freestyle Developmental Coach

July 05, 2010, 12:26 p.m. (ET)

updated 7/2/10


The Assistant National Coach and National Freestyle Developmental Coach will oversee the programs intended to improve the quality and quantity of athletes before the Senior level in the men's program. This person will also be responsible for the performance and development of our elite teams at all levels in cooperation with National Teams and Resident Coaches and to expand and improve quality of volunteer coaches.


1. Cadet and Junior Development:
Provide training opportunities, including Developmental Camps, Future Freestyle Olympian Camps, Cadet, Junior World and University World Team training camps, to prepare athletes for international competitions. Serve on the coaching staff for all age group World Championships in a similar role to that of the National Freestyle Coach in Senior Athlete Competitions. Serve as one of the primary teachers of current techniques and tactics in freestyle wrestling to grassroot coaches around the country.

2. Assistant to National Coach:
Assist with training and preparation of National Team athletes when schedule allows. Remain extremely knowledgeable both technically and tactically in freestyle wrestling. Assist at World and Olympic training camps and National camps when no scheduling conflicts. Serve as an assistant coach for international tournaments when available.

Current Responsibilities:

1. Organize and secure Big Brother Future Freestyle Camp dates at the OTC.
2. Organize and secure elite summer camp dates for Duals and Fargo Preparation. (2016 Future Olympian Camp)
3. Set up training program and camp for Junior World and University World Athletes.
4. Coordinate Pan Am Junior Team
5. Conduct Clinics and Seminars for State Services and Coaches Education when called upon.
6. Set up and Run Fall Coaches Clinic for Grassroots Coaches at the OTC.
7. Attend State Camps where possible.
8. Video for individual athletes.
9. Coach a winter tour when needed by National Teams.
10. Provide assistance to National Teams Director when requested.
11. Acquire Individual training specials at OTC for those age group athletes that are qualified and willing to take advantage of them.
12. Identify and communicate with top age group athletes regards training and competition opportunities.
13. Attend Age Group Nationals to witness athlete performance and meet and greet All-Americans to explain opportunities available to them as a funded access athlete.
14. Recruit and coach elite age group athletes to the resident program at the Olympic Training Center or as an option regular training special attendance when their time allows.
15. Attend Resident Practices whenever possible to aid the Resident Coach. Integrate the Resident Coach and his athletes into the Future Freestyle Olympian Program and Big Brother Future Freestyle training. Cover resident practices when the Resident Coach is not available to lead them.

Qualifications: Two years of coaching experience and college degree preferred.

USA Wrestling is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Application deadline is July 15, 2010.

Please send resume and contact information for three references to:
Mitch Hull
USA Wrestling
National Teams Director
6155 Lehman Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
719-598-9440 FAX Email