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NCWA to create women s collegiate style wrestling division

By Tabitha Wilson | July 20, 2007, 5:09 p.m. (ET)

Dallas, Texas, July 20, 2007 -- The National Collegiate Wrestling Association has officially announced the addition of a Women's Collegiate Division for the upcoming 2007-2008 season. This monumental addition will provide the only post high school collegiate style venue for women, thus catering to a deeply underserved wrestling population.

"We are excited to lead the way and act as pioneers for women's wrestling" said NCWA Executive Director, Jim Giunta. "Women's wrestling is rapidly growing across the nation on the youth and high school level, but there are very few options for them on the college level."

Currently there are just under 5,000 girls wrestling in high school nationwide. Only a total of six colleges offer women's freestyle teams and until this announcement, absolutely zero post high school opportunities to wrestle women's collegiate style wrestling.

Going into its 11th year, the NCWA currently has nearly 150 colleges and universities across the nation with successful men's wrestling programs. With a strong core structure already in place, adding a women's division to run along side the men's should allow for a seamless and well received inaugural first year.

The NCWA is committed to providing and expanding athletic leadership opportunities through involvement in collegiate style wrestling.

With a strong commitment to providing and expanding collegiate style wrestling opportunities, the NCWA's Goal is to have over 300 Universities actively competing intercollegiately by 2012. That's more teams than the NCAA DI, DII and DIII currently have combined. With a bold Goal, so comes a bold Vision. The Vision of having a team at every college…every private, every public, every junior, every community college, every trade school, every secondary institution that wants to grow leaders.

Although the men's and women's wrestling divisions will be conducted separately, they will operate under almost identical rules and regulations as set forth by the National Collegiate Wrestling Association and the team's respected institutions.

Since 1997, NCWA events have provided over 100,000 additional college matches to over 9,000 student athletes. These graduates would not have been afforded college competition without the expanded opportunities provided by NCWA member institutions' coaches and volunteers.

The National Collegiate Wrestling Association is committed to providing and expanding Athletic Leadership Opportunities through involvement in Collegiate Style Wrestling.

The NCWA is designed to be a spawning ground for America's Leaders. NCWA Students not only excel athletically and compete well with their NCAA counterparts, but NCWA Wrestlers take athletics to another level. NCWA Student Athletes learn more than just how to wrestle, they Learn Leadership skills. Through a wrestling team model students not only learn, but get practical applied leadership skills. Some of which include: group organizational management, business budgeting, proposal and presentation planning, fund raising, motivational speaking, winning attitude, transportation coordination, and many other leadership skills necessary to make their team a success both on and off the mat.

NCWA Administration is 100% Volunteer. From the Executive Director and Board to the Conference Chairmen and Committees, the NCWA is the only National Wrestling Association that is 100 % Volunteer. That means 100% of any money earned goes to work providing serious opportunities for today's young people.