USA Wrestling APRIL 2003 TRIVIA AN...


By Gary Abbott | May 06, 2003, 12 a.m. (ET)

1. Name the wrestler who won the most U.S. national championships on the Olympic level. A: Bruce Baumgartner, 2. Name the wrestler from the United States who won the most World Cup gold medals. A: Bruce Baumgartner. 3. In the 1989 World Freestyle Championships finals at 163 pounds, two of the world's greatest wrestlers met in the gold-medal finals. Name the athletes and who won the match. A. 1988 Olympic champions Kenny Monday of the United States and Arsen Fadzaev of Russia met in the 163-pound gold medal finals. The winner was Monday. 4. John Smith won two Olympic gold medals. Name the athletes he beat in the Olympic finals in 1988 and 1992. A: Stepan Sarkissian of the Soviet Union (1988), Askari Mohammadian of Iran (1992). 5. Bruce Baumgartner won two Olympic gold medals. Name the athletes he beat in the Olympic finals in 1984 and 1992. A: Robert Molle of Canada (1984) and Jeff Thue of Canada (1992). 6. Who defeated Zeke Jones of the USA in the 114.5 pound gold medal finals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics? A: Hak-Son Li of North Korea. 7. Name the U.S. athlete who lost three matches at the 1991 World Championships, yet claimed a silver medal. A: Mark Coleman at 220 pounds. He lost once in his pool, once in his round-robin and in the finals match against Leri Khabelov of the Soviet Union. 8. Who was named the head wrestling coach of the new program at Utah Valley State College? A: Cody Sanderson. 9. What year did the United States win its first team title at the Freestyle World Cup? Give yourself a bonus if you can name the head coach of the team. A: 1980. The head coach of the team was Dan Gable. 10. Name the members of the 2002 U.S. Greco-Roman World Team, and the state where they attended high school. A: Brandon Paulson (Minnesota), Jim Gruenwald (Wisconsin), Kevin Bracken (Illinois), T.C. Dantzler (Illinois), Brad Vering (Nebraska), Garrett Lowney (Wisconsin), Dremiel Byers (North Carolina). 11. Name the members of the 2002 U.S. Women's World Team, and the state where they attended high school. A: Patricia Miranda (California), Stephanie Murata (California), Tina George (Ohio), Lauren Lamb (Michigan), Sara McMann (North Carolina), Kristie Marano (New York), Toccara Montgomery (Ohio). 12. Name the members of the 2002 U.S. Freestyle World Team, and the state where they attended high school. A: Stephen Abas (California), Eric Guerrero (California), Chris Bono (Florida), Joe Williams (Illinois), Cael Sanderson (Utah), Tim Hartung (Wisconsin), Kerry McCoy (New York). 13. Name the Canadian wrestler who lost in the finals of the 1995 World Championships and the 1996 Olympic Games to wrestlers from the United States at 125.5 pounds. A: Giuvi Sissaouri, who was beaten by Terry Brands in the 1995 World finals and by Kendall Cross in the 1996 Olympic finals. 14. The 1996 U.S. Olympic freestyle team featured a unique combination. On the squad was an athlete who had been coached in college by one of his 1996 Olympic teammates. Name this coach-student combination. A: Lou Rosselli (114.5) and Bruce Baumgartner (286). When Rosselli was a college wrestler at Edinboro Univ., Baumgartner was his head coach. 15. Who beat Randy Lewis of Iowa in the NCAA 126 pound finals in 1978? A: Mike Land of Iowa State. Tie breaker No. 16: Name all 21 runners-up from the 2002 World Team Trials event held in St. Paul, Minn. (seven in freestyle, seven in Greco-Roman, seven in women) Freestyle - Teague Moore (121), Jesus Wilson (132), Jamill Kelly (145.5)*, Casey Cunningham (163), Lee Fullhart (185), Chad Lamer (211.25), Tommy Rowlands (264.5); Greco-Roman - Lindsay Durlacher (121), Glenn Nieradka (132), James Shillow (145.5), Keith Sieracki (163), Ethan Bosch (185), Justin Ruiz (211.25), Corey Farkas (264.5); Women - Clarissa Chun (105.5), Katie Kunimoto (112), Stephanie Murata (121), Brandy Rosenbrock (130), Kristie Marano (138.75), Mollie Keith (147.5), Iris Smith (158.5). Note: The winner of the Trials at 145.5 FS, Chris Bono, needed a Special Wrestle-off to claim the team spot because No. 1 Bill Zadick took an injury extension. Kelly ended up ranked No. 3 after this wrestle-off was held. Dennis F. Thompson of Edmond, OK won the contest for April, with 12 of the 15 correct. The questions he had wrong were No. 2, No. 11 and No. 14.