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Quotes from USA v Cuba dual 2003 Titan Games

By Gary Abbott | Feb. 14, 2003, 12 a.m. (ET)

U.S. quotes from the Titan Games USA vs. Cuba dual Sara McMann, 63 kg Women's Freestyle "We didn't have a strong performance at first. I had to be a little bit off with the way I wrestled to change things. I kept scoring for the Americans so we can win this dual meet. I have faith in our guys. This event is a blast. It was exciting when I got up in this match. She had to try to take it to me then, and I could take advantage and win the match." Chris Bono, 66 kg Men's Freestyle "I just wrestled my game. I go hard the whole six minutes. That's what I train for. Six minutes is not anything for me. I just have to start faster. I have a lot of work to do. This event is great. I love being here. We are treated like kings. Wrestlers don't get treated like that often. This is a great event." Cael Sanderson, 84 kg, Men's Freestyle "He's a guy I have to beat to win the Olympic Games. It's a good match for me. I'll have to learn from my mistakes and improve from them. He was different; he's real explosive and strong. He is real defensive. I had a hard time getting to his legs. That is my first time in the clinch ever. I got there twice. That's good. I'll need to be there in the future, also." Tim Hartung, 96 kg Men's Freestyle "I was concentrating on my par terre defense. With his stance, it was hard to see any openings. I go two shots off and scored once. He has been around awhile. He knows how to wrestle. It's always fun to get good matches. You always want to win it in regulation, but that's how it goes sometimes." Kerry McCoy, 120 kg Men's Freestyle "I had a feeling we would go in the clinch. I know I hadn't worked in the clinch as much as I should. We are in the middle of a college season. I knew I could give up one point from the clinch, and still keep wrestling. I knew he couldn't keep my pace. After the escape, it was 'go, go, go.' It was only two more minutes. I got the fleeing the hold call at the end to win." Rulon Gardner, 120 kg Men's Greco-Roman "He got me on the two-point gutwrench. That's where he was tough last week. He just out-gutted me. It was so tough to think about all the things he can do out there. He has a great attack. I didn't think he could gut me, though." (about why he lost) "It's just mat time. Darn it, he is tougher than hell. I have to get tougher, so tough that nobody can turn me. After tonight, I believe I'm just a little rusty. Right now, I'm wrestling in my third weekend in a row of competition. That has some bearing on how I wrestled. It's like a smack in your face. That's good; I wanted to push myself like that."