USA Wrestling The Finals of Fargo

The Finals of Fargo

By Ted Witulski | Oct. 03, 2002, 12 a.m. (ET)

Every year the largest tournament in the World features America's best Cadet and Junior wrestlers from states across the nation. The Cadet and Junior National Championships have been the proving ground for future wrestling stars. Before they went on to the NCAA's, wrestled in the World Championships, or the Olympics wrestling legends like Lincoln McIlravy, Sammie Henson, Cael Sanderson, and Les Gutches were a part of this renowned tournament. This year the National Coaches Education Program for USA Wrestling has released the Finals of all Championship tournaments of 2002. Over 4,000 wrestlers from over 40 states battled to determine All-American status and the National Champions. No tournament in America has the quality or the quantity of wrestlers and is as closely watched by collegiate coaches from across the country. Tomorrow's wrestling legends may be on this important series of four two-hour videos, featuring the complete matches of this year's championships. These videos feature complete matches with replays of dramatic moves from three different angles and include text titles of the competitors. *Learn the rules of Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling by viewing exciting championship matches. *Expose young wrestlers to the dream of winning a Cadet and Junior National Title. *See America's best young competitors before they wrestle for America's top collegiate programs. The video set includes over four dozen complete matches and costs only $60 (plus $8 shipping and handling). (Please Print Clearly. Only Visa or MasterCard can be accepted.) Name:__________________________________________ Address:______________________________________ City: _______________________________________ State:_________ Zip Code:____________________ Home Phone:__________________________________ Email:_______________________________________ Visa or MasterCard Number:________________________________________________ (Must include additional three numbers from the back of the card.) Name on Card:_______________________________________________ Expiration Date: _________ (Please include Credit Card Billing Address, if different from shipping address.) Make checks payable to USA Wrestling for $68. Return to: USA Wrestling C/O Fargo Finals 6155 Lehman Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80918