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Transcripts now available for the Chicago Title IX Town Hall Meeting via the internet

By Gary Abbott | Oct. 02, 2002, 12 a.m. (ET)

Anyone in the general public can now print off a copy of the official transcript from the second meeting of the Commission on Opportunities in Athletics, which was held in Chicago, Ill., Tuesday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 18. This federal commission is reviewing Title IX, and will be holding four Town Hall meetings that will include public comment. The transcripts are posted as text documents on the webpage of the Commission on Opportunities in Athletics. Visit the page at: There are two separate files, one for the hearings on Tuesday September 17 and one for the hearings on Wednesday, September 18. Also available for review are the transcripts for the first hearing, held in Atlanta, Ga., August 27-28. You can choose either PDF or Word format for your download of the Atlanta transcripts. The Commission has stated that the transcripts for all four meetings will be posted on its webpage shortly after each hearing. The two other hearings are set for Colorado Springs, Colo. (October 22-23) and San Diego, Calif. (November 20-21). Those that wish to speak during the public portion of those hearings should contact Gary Abbott of USA Wrestling for details at e-mail - , as well as office phone 719-598-8181 or cell phone 719-338-7226.