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Results from the World Universities in Edmonton Canada

By UL | June 22, 2002, 12 a.m. (ET)

EDMONTON - Iran's Hamid Saifi and Osman Ozgun of Turkey could be headed for a gold-medal showdown today in the men's freestyle 96-kilogram division at the fifth world university wrestling championships. Saifi outscored his opponents 29-1 in three consecutive wins Friday at the University of Alberta's main gym. Ozgun outscored his opponents 22-3, also in three straight wins.  Young Ho Jung of Korea and China's Fu Fangming had similar performances in the 60-kg division. Fangming included wins by a fall and superiority. Ahto Raska of Estonia, Olympic gold medallist Ali Reza Dabir of Iran, Masahiko Nagashima of Japan and Ruslan Bodisteanu of Moldavia each had two wins and no losses in the 66-kg division. Dabir, 24, is also a four-time World Cup champion, the 1998 world champion at 58 kg and a two-time world championship silver medallist. He was a gold medallist at the 1998 world university championships and a silver medallist at the 1996 world university championships. Mehdi Baraati of Iran, Fahrettin Ozata of Turkey and Andrew Hrovat of the U.S. are each 2-0 in the 74-kg division. Abdol Reza Kargar of Iran and Turkey's Fatih Cakiroglu are each 2-0 in the 120-kg division. Iran's Babak Nourzad has three wins and one loss to lead the 55-kg division. The 84-kg division is the most closely contested, with five competitors with 2-1 records. Saifi defeated Japan's Akihito Tanaka 7-1, Mark Cocker of Great Britain and Canada's Mark Snyders by superiority, the latter two each by 11-0. Osgun beat Israel's Yan Virin 6-1, Juan Carlos of Mexico by superiority, also 11-0, and Jon Trenge of the U.S. 5-2. Jung defeated Chris Fleeger of the U.S. 9-8 in overtime, Daishi Matsuo of Japan by superiority, 10-0, and Mehdi Nikmanesh of Iran 6-1. Fangming beat Roshan Dissanayake of Sri Lanka by fall, Nikmanesh 5-4 and Jesse Saunders of Canada by superiority, 10-0. The medal matches will be today. The first women's freestyle competition in the world university championships will occur Sunday. The men's Greco Roman will be Monday and Tuesday.  Following are Friday's men's freestyle results from the fifth world university wrestling championships in Edmonton: 55 kg Babak Nourzad, Iran defeated Michael Stitt, Canada (Sherwood Park, Alta.) 8-3 Tomohiro Matsunaga, Japan def. Hyo-Sub Kim, Korea by fall Ramazan Demir, Turkey def. Mike Silengo, U.S. 5-1 Ghenadie Tulbea, Moldova def. Nourzad 11-8 Kim def. Khom Ratanak Mony, Cambodia by superiority, 11-0 Jose Manuel Viramontes, Mexico def. Silengo 14-6 Tulbea def. Stitt 9-2 Matsunaga def. Mony by fall Demir def. Viramontes by superiority, 11-0 Nourzad def. Kim 6-5 in overtime Nourzad def. Viramontes by superiority, 12-2 Kim def. Viramontes by superiority, 10-0 60 kg Daishi Matsuo, Japan def. Mustafa Biger, Turkey 4-1 Young-Ho Jung, Korea def. Chris Fleeger, U.S. 9-8 in overtime Fu Fangming, China def. Roshan Dissanayake, Sri Lanka by fall Jesse Saunders, Canada (Abbotsford, B.C.) def. Mehdi Nikmanesh, Iran 4-3 in overtime Fleeger def. Biger by superiority, 13-2 Jung def. Matsuo by superiority, 10-0 Fangming def. Nikmanesh 5-4 Saunders def. Dissanayake by superiority, 10-0 Jung def. Biger 6-1 Fleeger def. Matsuo 5-2 Fangming def. Saunders by superiority, 10-0 Nikmanesh def. Dissanayake by forfeit (injury) 66 kg Jeremy Spates, U.S. def. Luis Delgado, Mexico by superiority, 11-0 Rob Lang, Canada (Regina) def. Ilhami Orhan, Turkey 4-1 in overtime Ahto Raska, Estonia def. Yong-Pil Cho, Korea 3-2 Jouni Rosenlof, Finland def. Radoslaw Wierzbicki, Poland 9-3 Ali Reza Dabir, Iran def. Delgado by superiority, 11-0 Masahiko Nagashima, Japan def. Orhan 7-3 Raska def. Marc Viardot, Germany 3-2 Ruslan Bodisteanu, Moldova def. Rosenlof 7-0 Dabir def. Spates 10-3 Nagashima def. Lang 3-2 in overtime Cho def. Viardot by superiority, 11-0 Bodisteanu def. Wierzbicki 8-1 74 kg Xu Xuanchong, China def. Sebastien Bourdin, France 9-4 Andrew Hrovat, U.S. def. Daniel Dancak, Slovakia by superiority, 12-2 Youn-Ho Kim, Korea def. David Kooperberg, Canada (Calgary) 7-5 Mehdi Baraati, Iran def. Bourdin by fall Hrovat def. Kazuyuki Nagashima, Japan 3-2 Fahrettin Ozata, Turkey def. Kooperberg by superiority, 10-0 Baraati def. Xuanchong 3-0 Kazayuki Nagashima, Japan def. Dancak by superiority, 10-0 Ozata def. Kim 3-0 Xuanchong def. Nagashima 5-3 Xuanchong def. Kim 5-2 Kim def. Nagashima by fall 84 kg Dante Berlingeri, Canada (Oshawa, Ont.) def. Fang Xiaosheng, China in overtime, by officials' decision Majid Khodaei, Iran def. Gokhan Yavaser, Turkey 5-2 Katsutohi Semba, Japan def. Nandana Jayabahu, Sir Lanka by fall Sergei Kolesnikov, Israel def. Damion Hahn, U.S., by superiority, 13-3 Xiaosheng def. Yavaser 5-4 Khodaei def. Berglingeri 9-0 Kolesnikov def. Jayabahu by fall Hahn def. Semba by fall Xiaosheng def. Khodaei 7-6 Yavaser def. Berlingeri 3-0 Hahn def. Jayabahu by fall Semba def. Kalesnikov 4-3 in overtime 96 kg Steve Snyders, Canada (Calgary) def. Mark Cocker, Great Britain 8-3 Hamid Saifi, Iran def. Akihito Tanaka, Japan 7-1 Jon Trenge, U.S., def. Juan Carlos Delgado, Mexico by fall Osman Ozgun, Turkey def. Yan Virin, Israel 6-1 Saifi def. Cocker by superiority, 11-0 Snyders def. Tanka by superiority, 10-0 Ozgun def. Delgado by fall Trenge def. Virin 9-2 Tanaka def. Cocker by fall Saifi def. Snyders by superiority, 11-0 Virin def. Delgado 5-1 Ozgun def. Trenge 5-2 120 kg Andrew Bowlby, U.S., def. Carlo Panaro, Canada (Edmonton) 7-0 Abdol Reza Kargar, Iran def. Li Jinlong, China 4-0 Fatih Cakiroglu, Turkey def. Bowlby 8-0 Kargar def. Naoki Swada, Japan 9-0 Cakiroglu def. Panaro 5-0 Jimlong def. Swada 7-0