A GREAT HOLIDAY PURCHASE The 2002 USA Wrestling Coaches Package for Folkstyle is a must for the sch

By Gary Abbott | Dec. 12, 2002, 12 a.m. (ET)

With the holiday season upon us, and the scholastic season heating up, the 2002 USA Wrestling Coaches Package for Folkstyle Wrestling is a gift that can help any program improve their performance. This successful and popular video tape series has already been received by coaches, clubs, high school teams and athletes across the nation. "Our new educational package builds upon the material provided last year, and can help any coach and team to improve their performance," said Dave Bennett, USA Wrestling's Director of Broadcasting and National Freestyle Developmental Coach. Tape One is entitled "Tricks and Tips" and features many of top former college and international wrestling stars demonstrating unique techniques that would fall under the category of tricks. These are not "clinic moves" but are techniques that are fundamentally sound and proved successful in actual competition at all levels Included on this tape are many successful athletes and coaches showing successful tips and tricks, including: * National Freestyle Coach Kevin Jackson (Olympic champion and a NCAA runnerup) demonstrates an unique counter from his feet to a single leg attempt * Olympic Champion Brandon Slay (also a NCAA runnerup) shows his approach to what he calls a "quick out standup." * National Greco-Roman Coach Steve Fraser (Olympic champion and NCAA All-American) shows a counter for a deep waist ride that can lead to a pin. * World Champion Sammie Henson (a two-time NCAA Champion and Olympic silver medalist) demonstrates how to finish a single leg attack when the opponent traps you with a whizzer. * Olympic bronze medalist Lincoln McIlravy (a World medalist and 3x NCAA champion) shows finishing positions for high crotch and single leg attacks. * Olympic and World Team Coach Joe Seay (also coach of NCAA champion teams) teaches a variation on a turk and reverse half that leads to pinning situations. * Three-time NCAA champion Stephen Abas (a member of two U.S. World Teams) teaches a favorite two-on-one to a half nelson that worked during his college career. * NCAA champion Mark Munoz teaches two ways to finish a low single or high crotch attempt when the opponent counters by locking his hands in between your legs. * NCAA runner-up Jared Frayer shows an effective guillotine move that will not be stopped by a referee as potentially dangerous. * National Team Director Mitch Hull (World Team member in both styles and a Div I college coach) shows technique mastered by three-time World champion Lee Kemp to pin many college opponents. * National Freestyle Developmental Coach Dave Bennett (coach of 45 high school champions) shows counters to a single leg attack and to a leg ride from the mat. Tape Two and the accompanying syllabus are directed toward the presentation of a suggested teaching progression for techniques in Junior High and High School wrestling rooms. This tape provides a complete guide for developing and increasing the level of technical skills for your team. In addition, there is a suggested plan to help you peak your high school team for the important "end of season" tournaments. This program of instruction and training has proven successful in scholastic competition. Featured speakers include National Freestyle Coach Kevin Jackson and National Freestyle Resident Coach Lincoln McIlravy providing thoughts on planning for the season and peaking an athlete for the end of the season. National Freestyle Developmental Coach Dave Bennett provides a plan for high school season organization, including the teaching of technique and conditioning. A special bonus are complete coverage of Kevin Jackson's gold-medal victory at the 1995 World Championships and Lincoln McIlravy's triumph at the 2000 Olympic Trials. All of this is available for only $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Don't wait. Send your check, money order or purchase order to: USA Wrestling Folkstyle Coaches Education Package, 6155 Lehman Dr., Colorado Springs CO 80918. Make checks payable to USA Wrestling. Print off this page, fill in the order form below, mail in your payment and the tapes will soon be on their way to you, in time to make a difference this season. ______________________________________________________________ 2002 COACHES PACKET FOR FOLKSTYLE WRESTLING ORDER FORM Name: Address: City/State/Zip: ( ) CHECK HERE FOR VISA OR MASTERCARD: Cardholder name, exactly as it appears on card: Billing Address: Billing City/State/Zip: Mastercard or Visa Account Number: Expiration Date: V-Code: *The V-Code is the three or four digit number printed on the back of the card on the signature area) ( ) CHECK HERE FOR PERSONAL CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ENCLOSED ( ) CHECK HERE FOR SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDER ENCLOSED MAIL TO: USA Wrestling Coaches Packet 6155 Lehman Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918