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USA Wrestling Releases 2001 Coaches Education Video Package

By Gary Abbott | Oct. 05, 2001, 12 a.m. (ET)

USA WRESTLING RELEASES ITS 2001 COACHES EDUCATION PACKAGE, FEATURING VIDEO TAPES AND WRITTEN SCHOLASTIC SYLLABUS USA Wrestling is pleased to announce a new project designed to help scholastic coaches to improve the performance of their athletes and teams. The 2001 USA Wrestling Folkstyle Coaches Education Package has been developed, and will be available for delivery during the first week of November, right on time to assist in the preparation for the new season. Included in the package are four specialized video tapes, as well as a complete written syllabus for coaches. This includes: 1. A video of wrestling highlights featuring high action and crowd excitement for international, collegiate and women's wrestling. This video can be copied and played in various venues and settings to create interest and enthusiasm for the sport. This should prove to be a good recruitment tool for coaches within their school system and community. 2. A video demonstrating warm-up activities as well as games, skills and drills for individuals, partners and groups. This video features tools to enhance the basic skills essential for success in the sport. 3. A video dedicated exclusively to "on the mat" wrestling. A series of techniques (including riding, escapes, reversals and pins) have been selected by the USA Wrestling national coaching staff, including National Coach Kevin Jackson, that have been proven to work at all levels of the sport. 4. A video discussing important coaching topics, ranging from teaching mat strategies and mentally toughening your athletes, to thoughts on proper techniques for coaching from the corner. Included are the 2000 Freestyle Olympic Coaches, all of whom are either currently coaching at the NCAA Div. I level now or have done so in the past. This includes Dan Gable, former Head Coach of Iowa; John Smith, Head Coach of Oklahoma State Univ.; Greg Strobel, Head Coach of Lehigh Univ.; and Bruce Burnett, former National Freestyle Coach and now Head Coach of the U.S. Naval Academy. 5. A written syllabus to aid coaches in the preparation of their practice plans. Included is a suggested guideline for the order of teaching technique. Another feature is a sample journal for young wrestlers to keep, which aids coaches in evaluating daily habits and performance. The syllabus provides a key to the videos included. Also featured are articles on nutrition and strength training, as well as an instructional section for using "The Palestra," an online database with examples from real competition of techniques they are learning. This collection of video tapes, combined with the included syllabus, is designed to help coaches develop their folkstyle programs and hone their coaching skills. This is the first in a series of materials on folkstyle wrestling that USA Wrestling plans to release prior to each new season. Order now and all of this can be yours for an introductory offer of $79.95 plus shipping and handling. The Delivery is scheduled for the first week of November for all those that order prior to October 31, 2001. The 2001 USA Wrestling Folkstyle Coaches Education Package is valued at $120, so those who order now will receive a considerable discount. "As a former high school coach myself, I know many coaches arrange for purchase of these kinds of educational aids ahead of time," said Dave Bennett, USA Wrestling*s Director of Broadcasting and National Freestyle Developmental Coach. "We announce this outstanding offer at this time to give coaches ample time to arrange to benefit from this package in recruitment efforts, as well as seasonal and practice plan development for this year*s team." Coaches can order the 2001 USA Wrestling Folkstyle Coaches Education Package in advance, and will receive the materials at the earliest possible date. See the order blank attached. You may purchase this package now through out secure online order system
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