Update on Beasey Hendrix s Recovery

By Ted Witulski | Oct. 02, 2001, 12 a.m. (ET)
Beasey Hendrix continues to recover from a near fatal illness relating to diabetes. Hendrix is in good spirits, despite having to return to surgery on Wednesday to remove his gull bladder. Hendrix appreciates the wonderful display of support that he has received from his friends in the wrestling community. According to Hendrix, "I've received numerous phone calls and messages from wrestlers and coaches that I've worked with through the years. It means a lot to me to hear from all these people that care about me." Having survived such a serious trauma, Hendrix knows that he has work to do to fully recover. "The doctors and nurses want to get me back up and moving around as soon as possible." But staying in form as an impassioned wrestling fan and coach, he hopes to make it to the Sunkist Tounament the last weekend in October in Tempe, Arizona. "How many weeks is it till Sunkist, just three? Shoot, it looks like I got some work to do," said Hendrix. Beasey Hendrix one of USA Wrestling's most dedicated volunteers, is recovering from a serious illness relating to diabetes. Beasey Hendrix a National Coaches Education Program Gold Level Coach is well known for his mental skills work with wrestlers from the elite level down to the youth levels. He has worked with many top U.S. athletes including World Champion Dennis Hall and Olympic Gold Medallist Rulon Gardner. Hendrix has authored to highly regarded books relating to wrestling: Wrestle To Win! and Wrestle Your Perfect Match! Each book offers wrestlers insight into the mental skills it takes to be a champion. Hendrix struggles with diabetes, and slipped into a diabetic coma on or about Friday, September 14th. He was discovered unconscious on Thursday, September 20th in his apartment. Rob Morrow a Silver Level Coach for USA Wrestling in Georgia found Hendrix and summoned paramedics. Once taken to the hospital Hendrix was treated for his diabetes and extreme dehydration and malnutrition. It was necessary for the doctors to remove part of Hendrixs' leg at the mid-calf. He has stabilized and is able to communicate with visitors. USA Wrestling's staff and volunteers wish for a speedy recovery for Beasey, during this very difficult time in his life. If you would like to pass along a note of encouragement to Beasey please send cards to Emory Cartersville Medical Center Room 306, 960 JFH Parkway, Cartersville GA 30120 ********************************************************** (Dennis Hall speaks about Beasey Hendrix's system called the Perfect Match.) "Back in 1994, I was introduced to a concept called the "perfect match". I believe it was this concept that helped me turn the corner in my wrestling career. Up until this point, my best world placing was 8th place in the 1992 Olympic Games. Since I began using this concept, I have won three world medals including a World Title in 1995." Dennis Hall 1995 Greco-Roman World Champion 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist