Four USA Wrestling state associations develop online registration with Active com

By Gary Abbott | Jan. 25, 2001, 12 a.m. (ET)
USA Wrestling is excited to announce that four of its state associations have chosen to initiate online membership registration programs, partnering with The four state associations who are participating in this pilot program include Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Tennessee. These state associations will receive the technical support necessary to sign up members and clubs over the internet, including receiving membership payments online. Others state associations may also participate in the program, and will be announced when finalized. is a national sponsor with USA Wrestling. is the world's leading online registration company for participatory sports and recreational activities. With unmatched technology, content and management experience in the recreational sports market, is redefining the way sports organizations manage their clubs and tournaments and the way athletes experience them. "USA Wrestling is excited to use today's technology to assist state associations in the process of registering USA Wrestling members," said Mark Scott, Director of State Services. "Becoming a USA Wrestling member online will become easier and more widespread as the pilot program progresses nationwide in the next year. This new tool will allow USA Wrestling to potentially reach thousands of new individuals who wish to become members of the organization." "Minnesota is very excited and anxiously awaiting the arrival of online registrations," said Jean LeBeau of Minnesota/USA Wrestling. "Having online registrations available to the State organization and its members will definitely be a time-saver for everyone. It will allow our organization to become efficient. It will also offer our members the flexibly and ease to secure an immediate membership at their own convenience, twenty-four hours a day. Giving our members another option for the registration process has been well received. With so many of our members already seeking information online through our web site and various other sites, we anticipate a good number of registrations being done through this process. and USA Wrestling have been very helpful and cooperative in ensuring that our needs and suggestions are met. We are very excited and anticipate that is will be available for our members and organization very soon." "We admire what USA Wrestling has done for the sport of wrestling, " said Dave Alberga, president and chief executive officer of "We're looking forward to sharing the benefits of our new partnership with wrestlers of all ages." The state associations in Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Tennessee bring various levels of development, size and programming into the pilot program. This program is designed to allow wrestling to move forward into the new technology age.