NEW Greco Roman World Team Arrives in Patras Greece Ready for Competition

By Heather Van | Dec. 03, 2001, 12 a.m. (ET)
The U.S. Greco-Roman World Team arrived in Patras, Greece late Monday night. They had been training for the 2001 World Championships in Paris, France the week before to help with the acclamation process. They looked anxious and ready to go. Everyone has waited a long time since September to get the competition started. U.S. National Coach Steve Fraser believes the team is ready for the task at hand. "I think we are really ready for the competition," said Fraser. "Besides a couple of bumps and bruises, we are ready. Everyone has waited for awhile since September 11 and now it's finally here." Something the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Wrestling were very secure in getting figured out was the security for the athletes and delegation. It has definitely been very secure. The delegation had a police escort during the four-hour bus ride from the Athens airport to Patras and will continue to have escorts throughout the week. "The security has been wonderful," said Andy Seras, Head World Team Coach. "We feel very safe and have been able to go on with our training as usual which is very helpful." A lot of the wrestlers have had to re-train and change their training for the later date of the tournament. But the United States is ready. "It's a good feeling, and I"m exited to be here and get my world medal," said Keith Sieracki. "I think the time helped me, it gave me time to think about what I was really going for and gave me more time to prepare the proper way." "Training in Paris was good," said 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist Matt Lindland. "My training was great. I really didn't expect to get a whole lot better between now and Paris, but I'm ready. I didn't have a problem getting re-focused. I really wanted to wrestle in New York City, I didn't want to be in Europe, that was disapointing, but I'm here now and I'll make the best of it and hopefully get a medal." The team is preparing Tuesday for the first set of weigh-ins on Wednesday for 54 kg, 63 kg, 76 kg and 97 kg.