Updated 2000 NWCA Div I Wrestling Academic Teams announced

By Gary Abbott | May 17, 2000, 12 a.m. (ET)

The National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) has announced the 2000 NWCA Division I Wrestling Academic Teams. This is an update of a previously published release which left off some deserving athletes and teams.

The top 30 Div. I wrestling teams, based upon academic performance, are recognized. In addition, a First Team, Second Team and Honorable Mention Team of individual Academic All-Americans are also honored.

The top Division I Wrestling Academic team during the 2000 year is Princeton, with a GPA of 3.3735 for the team members. Stanford ranks No. 2, with a 3.3080 GPA, followed by Brown with a 3.1767 GPA, Boston College with a 3.1407 GPA and Drexel with a 3.1018 GPA. Rounding out the top ten teams are Campbell, Cleveland State, Harvard, Duquesne and Ohio University.

The First Team is led by a pair of NCAA Champions, Cael Sanderson of Iowa State and Brad Vering of Nebraska. Sanderson, the 184-pound champion as a sophomore, has a 3.02 GPA in Art and Design. Vering, the 197-pound champion as a junior, has a 3.07 GPA in Diversified Ag. Studies.

Iowa State has the most First Team members with three, including Cael Sanderson, his older brother Cody Sanderson and Joe Heskett. Others on the First Team include Robert Rohn of Lehigh, Brandon Eggum of Minnesota, Richard Springman of Pennsylvania, Kirk White of Boise State, Larry Quisel of Boise State, Nick Muzashvili of Michigan State, Zachary Breitenbach of North Carolina State and Mark Munoz of Oklahoma State.

Iowa State also had the most total Academic All-Americans with five. A total of 30 universities had at least one Academic All-American this year.



1. Princeton University, 3.3735

2. Stanford, 3.3080

3. Brown University, 3.1767

4. Boston College, 3.1407

5. Drexel University, 3.1018

6. Campbell University, 3.0746

7. Cleveland State University, 3.0692

8. Harvard University, 3.0650

9. Duquesne University, 3.0599

10. Ohio University, 3.0561

11. Marquette University, 3.0308

12. Lock Haven University, 3.0250

13. Central Michigan University, 3.0192

14. U.S. Naval Academy, 3.0167

15. University of Pennsylvania, 3.0100

16. Northwestern University, 3.0075

17.Colombia University, 3.0067

18. Clarion University, 2.9679

19. Penn State University, 2.9483

20. Oklahoma State University, 2.9457

21. James Madison University, 2.9249

22. University of Nebraska, 2.9200

23. Seton Hall University, 2.9036

24. North Carolina State University, 2.8883

25. Michigan State University, 2.8776

26. Lehigh University, 2.8767

27. University of Pittsburgh, 2.8750

28. Bucknell University, 2.8682

29. Cornell University, 2.8667

30. Syracuse University, 2.8501




Cody Sanderson, Sr., Iowa State, Pre-Med, 2nd NCAA, 3.5

Cael Sanderson, So., Iowa State, Art and Design, National Champ, 3.02

Joe Heskett, So., Iowa State, Speech Communication, 2nd NCAA, 3.15

Brad Vering, Jr., Nebraska, Diversified Ag. Studies, National Champ, 3.07

Robert Rohn, So., Lehigh, Accounting, 5th NCAA, 3.53

Brandon Eggum, Sr., Minnesota, APEC, 3rd NCAA, 3.15

Mark Munoz, Jr., Oklahoma State, Health Promotion, 3rd NCAA, 3.223

Richard Springman, Jr., Pennsylvania, Mechanical Engineering, 5th NCAA, 3.25

Kirk White, Sr., Boise State, PE/Secondary Education, 5th NCAA, 3.53

Larry Quisel, Sr., Boise State, Civil Engineering,, 2nd NCAA, 3.173

Nick Muzashvili, Sr., Michigan State, Supply Chain Management, 4th NCAA, 3.000

Zachary Breitenbach, Jr., N.Carolina State, Zoology, 3.992


Kevin Baltz, Jr., UT-Chattanooga, Law, NCAA Qualifier, 3.833

Jeff Ragan, Sr., Oklahoma State, Mathematics, 6th NCAA, 3.488

John Cristian, Jr., Campbell, Psychology, NCAA Qualifier, 3.87

Billy Greene, Sr., Campbell, Mathematics, NCAA Qualifier, 3.8

Brandon Dansie, Sr., Wyoming, Economics, 2nd Western Reg., 3.763

Matthew Picarsic, Jr., Harvard, Economics, 3rd EIWA, 3.93

Zane Stickel, Sr., U.S. Naval Academy, Computer Science, 3rd EIWA, 3.89

Corey Hamrick, Sr., Wyoming, Phys. Ed. - Teaching, NCAA Qualifier, 3.667

Eric Schmiesing, Jr., Hofstra, Applied Economics, 5th NCAA, 3.04

Bryan Snyder, So., Nebraska, Communication, 5th NCAA, 3.08

John Lockhart, So., Illinois, Kinesiology, 7th NCAA, 3.28

Nathan Rickman, Jr., James Madison, Intgr. Science & Technology, NCAA Qualifier, 3.696

Clayton Hackerman, Sr., Stanford, Linguistics, 3.72


Clint Osborn, So., North Carolina, English/Economics, NCAA Qualifier, 3.64

Carl Fronhofer, Fr., Pittsburgh, Undecided, NCAA Qualifier, 3.64

David Dietrich, So., Drexel, Elementary Education, NCAA Qualifier, 3.56

Daniel Bednar, Jr., Ohio, Chemical Engineering, NCAA Qualifier, 3.514

Joe Henson, So., Nebraska, Social Sciences, NCAA Qualifier, 3.51

Jeff Knupp, So., Penn State, Chemical Engineering, NCAA Qualifier, 3.53

Rudy Ruiz II, Sr., Stanford, Linguistics, NCAA Qualifier, 3.52

Kevin Kurtz, Sr., Harvard, Economics, 4th EIWA, 3.5

Gregory Sawyer, So., Seton Hall, Special Ed/Elementary Ed, 2nd ECWA, 3.511

Nick Mengerink, Jr., Pittsburgh, Biological Science, NCAA Qualifier, 3.43

Jamie Groudle, Sr., North Carolina, Business, 3rd ACC, 3.39

Tony Wieland, Sr., Northern Iowa, Junior HS Science Teaching, NCAA Qualifier, 3.44

Steven Pregiato, Jr., Boston College, Accounting, 3rd ECWA, 3.356

Gerald Harris, So., Cleveland State, Undecided, 3.28

Owen Elzen, So., Minnesota, Pre-Kinesiology, NCAA Qualifier, 3.27

Mike Fickell, Jr., Pennsylvania, Finance & Management, NCAA Qualifier, 3.29

Jonathan Gough, Sr., Pennsylvania, Biological Basis of Behavior, NCAA Qualifier, 3.156

Dionisios Papadatos, Jr., Hofstra, Exercise Specialist, NCAA Qualifier, 3.294

Dawid Rechul, So., Harvard, Biology, 2nd EIWA, 3.25

Charles Sageman, Fr., Michigan State, Electrical Engineering, 3.214

Jeremy Sell, Sr., Wyoming, Chemical Engineering, 2nd WAC, 3.298

Raymond Stofko, Sr., Drexel, Business and Administration, NCAA Qualifier, 3.31

Phillip Mansueto, So., Cleveland State, Education, 3.21

Kyle Hansen, So., Northern Iowa, Construction Management, NCAA Qualifier, 3.15

David Ilaria, So., Seton Hall, Undecided, 3rd ECWA, 3.22

Ed Mosley, Sr., Harvard, Biology, NCAA Qualifier, 3.15

Karl Nadolsky, Jr., Fr., Michigan State, Pre-Medical, NCAA Qualifier, 3.22

Brad Wright, Sr., Ohio, Business, NCAA Qualifier, 3.22

Travis Kraft, So., Eastern Michigan, Communications, 4th Mid-Amer, 3.116

Mark Knauer, Jr., Iowa State, Agriculture Education, NCAA Qualifier, 3.13

Cole Sanderson, Jr., Iowa State, Dietetics, NCAA Qualifier, 3.1

Fikret Darzanoff, Jr., Seton Hall, Criminal Justice, 2nd ECWA, 3.176

Shane Hartzler, Jr., Ohio, Education, 3rd Mid-Amer, 3.1146

K.C. Rock, Sr., Boise State, PE/Secondary Education, NCAA Qualifier, 3.076