Silver Certification

Silver is the second of the three part advanced coaches education program. Coaches will be provided with extensive information about the practical applications of coaching theory and will have an opportunity to expand and apply their knowledge through research in the field of wrestling.

This certification is for coaches who have completed the Bronze level and who wish to become superior coaches in all aspects of our profession. For coaches who have considerable coaching experience and desire additional formal research in coaching wrestling.

Participants must be a current member of USA Wrestling and must have a successful background check completed before attending the Silver College portion of this certification.  Please allow 7-10 days for background checks to be completed before attending any USA Wrestling certification course.

Bronze Certification is a pre-requisite for the Silver Certification.

Curriculum & Requirements (4 parts):
1. Coaches must attend a 3 day Silver Coaches College. The site and date will be determined by USA Wrestling. Coaches Colleges will be held at least 2 times annually.

    a. World or Olympic Team Trials

    b. USA Wrestling Fall Coaches Clinic the Olympic Training Center (typically in mid-Oct). 

Announcement of upcoming Silver Coaches Colleges will be made through USA Wrestling publications and related wrestling web-sites. Click here to see info on upcoming Silver College dates and locations:

Coaches will receive advanced instruction regarding nutrition, sports psychology, peak performance principles, risk management, technique, rules and other wrestling related curriculum. 


2. Coaches will be required to successfully complete the 3 Dimensional Coaching Course (online) linked below (this course counts for 8 task credits and will cost the coach $115 minus the 10% USA Wrestling discount). 

3 Dimensional Coaching Online Course (counts for 8 tasks):

The link to the online course is available at:

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Complete the course and provide USA Wrestling NCEP Manager, Mike Clayton, an image of your certificate of completion (including your USA Wrestling Member ID Number) via email to get credits for the course at


For coaches who have started with written tasks (prior to Sept 1, 2016) the 8 task requirements can be completed with written tasks. These tasks are based on each of the 8 Modules of the Bronze Certification course. 

Coaches will prepare one written task in each of these 8 subject areas: (click here for video instructions on how to write a research task):

  1. Philosophy and Ethics
  2. Safety and Injury Prevention
  3. Physical Conditioning
  4. Growth and Development
  5. Teaching and Communication
  6. Sport Skills and Tactics
  7. Organization and Administration
  8. Evaluation


3. The technical certification component is designed to show a coach instructing a series of techniques or intense focus on one particular technical area. This certification will be witnessed by a USA Wrestling staff member and can be done in association with a USA Wrestling age group developmental camp system (ie: 2020 Camp, Big Brother/Future Freestyle, etc.). Silver Technical Certification Grading Sheet

Coaches may also submit video instruction for the technical certification but this must be approved in advance by the USA Wrestling NCEP Manager.

Step 1: Prepare a practice plan
Step 2: Submit the typed plan to USA Wrestling NCEP Manager
Step 3: Review and approval of the practice plan
Step 4: Conduct and video tape your practice
Step 5: Fill out the review sheet – provided by the NCEP Manager
Step 6: Review video with NCEP Manager (via phone or Skype)

Note: There are no waivers for this task based on previous athletic accomplishments as this task analyzes coaching skills and not technique based proficiency.


4. All coaches must co-host a Bronze Certification Course within their state coach education program. Arrangements for the course will be approved by the USAW NCEP Manager (Mike Clayton) and the corresponding State Association's Coaches Education Manager. Contact Mike Clayton ( for your area's coach education manager contact info. NCEP Bronze Co-Instructor's Evaluation Form


Silver College Instructors:
All course instruction will be provided by USA Wrestling approved instructors.

Instructor Resources:
All pertinent materials required by course instructors will be provided by USA Wrestling.

Course Materials:
Provided by USA Wrestling. Research materials and the 3D Online Coaching Course are the participant’s responsibility.

Course Fee:
The cost of the Silver Coaches College will be determined by USA Wrestling. Fees associated with Silver Level Certification and Silver College are the responsibility of the coach. 

Silver Level Coaches will receive a Silver Level Certificate, Silver Level Coaches Card, and Silver Level Certified special edition ASICS brief case with your name and USA Wrestling Silver Level embroidery.

The Silver Certification contains 101 contact hours (24 hours of in person instruction, 5 hours required teaching at a bronze level clinic, 8 hours of technical certification at a USA Wrestling approved camp/clinic and 8 required task submissions consisting of an estimated 8 hours of research and preparation per task). 10 contact hours equates to 1 Continuing Education Unit credits.