Gold Certification

Gold Certification, the highest level of certification with the National Coaches Education Program, represents years of education, training, research, self-reflection, and a long-term commitment to athlete-centered excellence in coaching the sport of wrestling. The Gold Level program is for coaches with extensive involvement within the coaching profession. Coaches must attain international experience with USA Wrestling’s Coaches Apprentice Program (CAP trip costs @ $4,000) or with selection as a staff member of a USA Wrestling age group tour overseas as a key component to Gold Level Certification as well as other tasks gaged at self-reflection, improving coaching knowledge, and learning what quality coaching really embodies. Check your ego at the door, this certification is designed to ensure Gold level coaches are athlete-centered and building quality young men and women and stronger communities through sport. 


Prerequisites and Curriculum:

Participants must be a current coach member of USA Wrestling (requiring a successful background check and three-part SafeSport certification - both accessed from your membership profile) before attending any clinic (either in-person or online).  Please allow 7-14 days for your background check to be completed before planning to attend a certification course. The SafeSport course is free and lasts 90 minutes. It is also accessed from your membership profile. All participants are required to have no less than five years of documented coaching experience.

The Gold Certification contains 154 contact hours (56 hours of technical certification with the Coaches Apprentice Program (CAP), 2 hours required teaching at a Silver College, and other required task submissions). 10 contact hours equates to 1 Continuing Education Unit credits.

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Awards and Continuing Education Credits:

Participants completing the Gold Certification through the National Coaches Education Program (NCEP) of USA Wrestling will receive a new USA Wrestling membership card (showing your Gold Certification), and a gift of our appreciation that will be sent to the address you list on your membership profile (please allow 8-18 weeks for processing and delivery of these awards). USA Wrestling will update your coach profile with the certification (typically within 2-3 business days). Once we update your profile, you’ll be notified via email that you can now print a membership card online from your profile as proof of certification and membership. 

The Gold Certification contains 154 contact hours (10 contact hours typically equate to 1 Continuing Education Unit credit).

Note: There are no waivers for this task based on previous athletic accomplishments as this task analyzes coaching skills and not athletic proficiency.

Please contact Mike Clayton at 719.265.3631 if you have questions regarding the online course.