USA Wrestling Core Curriculum
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1) Drills and Activities
      a. Gymnastics & Tumbling
            i. Forward Rolls
            ii. Forward Diving Rolls
            iii. Alternating Shoulder Rolls
            iv. Backward Rolls
            v. Backward Rolls with Extension
            vi. Cart Wheels
            vii. Head Springs
            viii. Round Offs
      b. Jumping & Explosion
            i. One Leg Hops
            ii. Knee Explosions to Feet
            iii. High Knees
            iv. Backward High Knees
            v. A-Skips
            vi. Butt Kickers
            vii. Forward Skip
            viii. Backward Skip
            ix. Bounding Skip
            x. Standing Broad Jump
            xi. Knee Ups
            xii. 360 Jumps
      c. Agility & Foot Speed Drills
            i. Bunny Hops
            ii. Carioca
            iii. Sprint
            iv. Backward Sprint
            v. Lateral Glides
      d. Core & Coordination Drills (Lines)
            i. Walking on hands (with partner if needed)
            ii. Bear crawl
            iii. Crab walk
            iv. Knee running (hands off of mat)
            v. Sideways plank walk (side winder)
            vi. Seal crawl
            vii. Army crawl
            viii. Duck Crawl
      e. Skills Based Activities
            i. Stance & motion
            ii. Scramble to stance
            iii. Mirror drill
            iv. Limbo level change
            v. Jolt drill
            vi. Stand up returns
            vii. Back step summersault
            viii. Cricket & Wicket
            ix. Spin drill
            x. Crawl under and arch-overs
            xi. Wall walk
            xii. Back Arch
            xiii. Wall Bridge
            xiv. Wall Flip Over
            xv. Rockover
      f. Strength Based Drills (scatter & partner)
            i. Tip up
            ii. Neck bridges & walk around
            iii. Iron cross
            iv. Front bridge kickovers
            v. Clock
            vi. Push ups
            vii. Sit ups
            viii. Buddy carry
            ix. Fireman’s buddy carry
            x. Flip over
            xi. Bridges - front & back

2) Wrestling Specific Games
      a. Switcher
      b. Wrestlers Handshake
      c. Caged Up
      d. Coiled Spring
      e. Bull Riding
      f. Fox Tail
      g. Spinning Bear
      h. Crack The Whip
      i. Bone Fight
      j. Face Off
      k. Scramble to Attack
      l. Cricket & Wicket
      m. Sneaky Snap
      n. Whizzer
      o. Log Lift
      p. Stuck In Mud
      q. Turk Step Chase
      r. Switcheroo
      s. Toe Tackle
      t. Toe Tag
      u. Spider Fight
      v. Sock Game
      w. Logs Rolls

3) Live Wrestling Activities
      a. One on one – minimal w/younger ages during practice
      b. Shark Bait
            i. Groups of four to five. One person stays in middle while others feed in after a specified time. Number yourselves 1-5.
      c. Group of 3
            i. Three person rotations with each person staying out two goes. Number yourselves 1-3.
      d. Situation wrestling
            i. The coach will define a starting position and then have the wrestlers go live on the signal. Helps to put wrestlers in a predetermined position and then learn to wrestle from that point.
      e. Circle Par Terre / Referees Position
            i. Group according to size (max 10 lb w/novice)
            ii. Make group as big as you want
            iii. Have facing outside of circle – creates movement away from one another

4) Games
      a. Power Ball
            i. Get a taped up towel or t-shirt for the ball.
            ii. Play length & width of room – two steps max – pass to teammate
            iii. Ball hits floor – goes to other team
            iv. Goal is scored by touching ball to designated goal area
      b. Soccer
      c. Speed Ball
            i. Played feet – three steps only. Touchdown scored by teammate catching ball in end zone
      d. Norske Ball
            i. Played on knees – two teams. Goal is garbage can – ball that hits the can is worth one point – ball that goes in is worth two points
      e. Quarter Deck
            i. Three decks – quarter, main, and poop. Coach announces what deck to be on – last one there is out. Tests wrestlers’ listening skills as well
      f. Knee Tag
            i. Neutral position – move around and tag the inside of partner’s knees
      g. Sharks & Minnows>
            i. Two teams – try to get other team members to your side
      h. Rescue Mission
            i. Four person groups – relay race to see who can get the other three teammates to a point on the mat
      i. Relay races
            i. Wheel barrel, crab walk, walking on hands, running on knees, etc.
      j. Chicken
            i. Stand on one foot and try to knock each other over or make them lose hold on their foot.
      k. Oregon Kings
            i. Two teams – pick a king for each team (not announced) – team up and pin opponents team members – king can come to feet and flee – when king is pinned that team loses