USA Wrestling Core Curriculum
Olympic Styles Level 1 Curriculum
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1. Neutral Position
      a. Freestyle Stance
            i. Similar to folkstyle
      b. Greco-Roman Stance
            i. Higher elevation follows basic fundamentals
            ii. Waist and up wrestling – not as different as you may think

2. Offense

      a. Take Downs
            i. Blast double leg
            ii. Snatch single leg
            iii. Snap down/front headlock
            iv. 2 on 1 hi-dive
            v. 2 on 1 duck under
      b. Set-ups / control ties
            i. Wrist tie/baseball grip
            ii. 2 on 1
            iii. Arm drags/chops
            iv. Inside tie/elbow tie
            v. Backstep
      c. Finishes
            i. Covering opponents hips
            ii. Turks
            iii. Transitioning to top/par terre
3. Counter Offense
      a. Lines of defense
      b. Down block & sprawl
      c. Stuff head to cheap tilt
      d. Stuff head to crossface
      e. Back step defense
            i. Head and arm
            ii. Arm spin/throw

4. Par Terre Position
      a. Par terre Offense
            i. Gut wrench
            ii. Ankle lace
            iii. Reverse lift
      b. Par Terre Defense
            i. Hips & shoulders square/heavy
            ii. Fight the lock
            iii. Movement on bottom
            iv. Ankle lace defense